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2 Still may I cleave to thee,

And never more depart;
But watch with godly jealousy

Over my evil heart.
3 Tbus may I pass my days

Of sojourning beneath,
And languish to conclude my race,

And render up my breath. 4 In humble love and fear,

Thine image to regain,
And see thee in the clouds appear,

And rise with thee to reign!

Hyınn 262. S. M.

IPatch ye, therefore, and pray always. Luke

xxi. 36.
IN e Goswind faith draw near :

fellowship alone,
Approach his courts, besiege his throne,

With all the power of prayer. 2 Go to his temple, go;

Nor from his altar more;
Let every house his worship know,

And every heart bis love. 3 To God your spirits dart,

Your souls in words declare;
Or groan to bim who reads the heart,

Th'ungtterable prayer.'


4 His mercy now implore,

And now show forth his praise;
In shouts, or silent awe, adore
His miracies of grace.

Hymn 263. S. M.
I exhort, therefore, that first of all, supplica-

tions, prayers, intercessions, and giring of
thanks, be made for all men. 1 Tim. ij. I.
Pour out your souls to God,

And bow them with your knees;
And spread your hearts aud hands abroad,

And pray for Zion's peace.
2 Your guides and brethren bear,

For ever on your mind;
Extend the arms of mighty prayer,

And grasp in all mankind.
3 From strength to strength go on;

Wrestle, and fight, and pray:
Tread all the pow'rs of darkness down,

And win the well-fought day. 4 Still let the Spirit cry,

In all his soldiers," come;"
Till Christ the Lord descends from high,
And takes the conqu'rors home.

Hymn 264. P. M.

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It shall bruise thy head Gen. iii. 15.

, , Pray always and not faints

With the word a power convey,

To utter our complaint:
Quiet we shall never know,

Till we from sin are fully freed;
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head ! 2 We have now begun to cry,

And we will never end,
Till we find salvation nigh,

And grasp the sinner's Friend:
Day and night we'll speak our wo,

With thee importunately plead;
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head! 3 Speak the word, and we shall be

Froro all our bands releas'd;
Only thou canst set us free,

By Satan long oppressid:
Now thy power almighty show;

Arise the woman's conqu’ring Seed!
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head! 4 To destroy his work of sin,

Thyself in us reveal; Manifest thyself within

Our flesh, and fully dwell With us, in us, here below;

Enter and diake us free indeed; O avenge us of our foc,

And bruise the serpent's bead ! 5 Stronger than the strong man, thou

His fury canst control;

Cast him out by entering now,

And keep our ransom'd soul:: Satau's kingdom overthrow,

On all the powers of darkness tread: O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise' the serpent's head!" 6 Come, O come, all-glorious Lord!

No longer now delay;
With thy Spirit's two-edy'd sword,

The crooked serpent slay!
Bare thine arm and give the blow,

Root out and kill the corrupt seed:
avenge us of our foe,
And Cruise' the serpent's head!

Hymn 265. S. M.

Against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Eph. vi. 12.

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Who still in streugth excel; Your secret, sworn, eternal foes,

Countless, invisible.
2 But shall believers fear?

But shall believers fy?
Or see the bloody cross appear,

And all their powers defy? 3 Jesu's tremendous name,

Puis all our foes to flight;
Jesus, the meek, the conqu’ring Lamb,

Shall quell the powers of night.

4 Our Captaio loads us on;

He beckons from the skies,
And reaches out a starry crown,
And bids us take the prize.
Hymn 266. P. M.
God of peace sanctify you wholly:

1 Thess. .v. 23.

grace me,

The very


JHelp my soulS'infirmity?


Grant the supplicating grace ;

Give me power to seek thy face. 2 Hear a fecble șinner groan,

Burden'd with a heart of stone;
Take the heart of stone away,

Give me will and power to pray. 3 Help a poor and needy soul,

Make the wilderness a pool;
Pour thy Spirit from above,

Bless me with a flood of love. 4 For thy mercy's sake alone

Let the miracle be done :
Take my heart of stone away,
Give me will and power to pray.

Hymn 267. C. M.
What thing soever ye desire when ye pray, be-

lieve that ye receive their. Mark xi. 24. 1 THY

My heart shall be tby 'throne;

shall 611;

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