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The Lamb is their light and their sun,

And lo! by reflection they shine; With Jesus ineffably one,

And bright in effulgence divine. 5 The saints in his presence receive

Their great and eternal reward: In Jesus in heaven they live;

They reign in the smiles of their Lord. The flame of angelical love

Is kindled at Jesus's face:
And all the enjoyment above
Consists in the rapturous gaze.

Hymn 298." P. M. There the accary be at rest. Job iii. 17. 1 LESSING, lionour, thanks, and praise,


Thou in thine abundant grace, .

Givest us the victory :
True and faithful to thy word,

Thou hast glorified thy Son ;
Jesus Christ, our dying Lord;

He for us the fight hath won. 2 Lo, the pris'ner is releas'd,

Lighten'd of his fleshy load;
Where the weary are at rest,

He is gather'd unto God.
Lo, the pain of life is past,

All bis warfare now is o'er :
Death and hell behind are cast,

Grief and suff'rings are no more,

3 Yes the Christian's course is run,

Ended in the glorious strife: Fought the fight, the work is done,

Death is swallow'd up in life;
Borne by angels on their wings,

Far from earth the spirit flies:
Finds his God, and sits, and sings,
Triumphant in paradise.

Hymn 299.
And they sung a new song. Rer. v. 9:

IN we then with one accord,

In the new, the joyful song :
Absent from our loving Lord

We shall not continue long;
We shall quit the house of clay,

We a better lot shall share,
We shall see the realms of day,

Meet our happy brother there. 2 Let the world bewail their dead,

Fondly of their loss complain;
Brother, friend, by Jesus freed,

Death to thee, to us, is gain.
Thou art enter'd into joy:

Let the unbelievers mours :
We in songs our lives employ,
Till we all to God return.

Hymn 300. C. M. We.have a building of God, a house not onade with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 Cor. v. 1 1 WE know, by faith we know,

If this vile house of clays.

d up

This tabernacle sink below,

In ruinous decay,
2 We have a house above,

Not made with mortal hands;
And firul as our Redeemer's love

The heavenly fabric stands. 3 O were we enter'd there!

To perfect bliss restor'd!
O were we all caught up to share

The triumph of our Lord! 4 Full of immortal hope,

We urge the restless strife, And liasti-n to be swallow'd Of everlasting life.

Hymn 301. S. M. Whilst we are at home in the body, we are ab

sent from the Lord. 2 Cor. v. 6. 1

We in the body mourn;
Aud pine to quit this mean abode,

And languish to return. 2 Jesus, regard our vows,

And change our faith to sight;
And clothe us with our gobler house

Of everlasting light! 3 O let us put on Thee!

In perfect holiness;
And rise, prepar'd thy face to see,
Tby bright unclouded face.

4 Thy grace with glory crown,

Who hast the earnest given ;
And now triumphantly come down,
And take our souls to heaven!

Hymn 302. P. M. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord,

from henceforth. Rev. xiv. 13. 1 HAR

ARK! a voice divides the sky;

Happy are the faithful dead! In the Lord who sweetly die,

They from all their toils are freed : Them the Spirit hath declar'd,

Blest, unutterably blest: Jesus is their great reward,

Jesus is their endless rest.
2 Follow'd hy their works, they go

Where their Head is gone before!
Reconcil'd by grace below,

Grace hath open'd mercy's door: 'Justified through faith alone,

Here they know their sins forgiven; Here they laid their burden down, Hallow'd and made meet for heaven.

Hymn 303. P. M. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Rev. xxii. 20. 1 THE Church in her militant state,

The saints in an agony wait,

To see him again in the air!.

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The Spirit invites in the bride,

Her heavenly Lord to descend;
And place her, enthron'd at his side,

In glory that never shall end.

2 The news of his coming I hear,

And join in the catholic cry;
O Jesus, in triumph appear;

Appear on the clouds of the sky!
Whom only I languish to love,

In fulness of majesty come;
And give me a mansion above,

And take to thy heavenly home!

Hymn 304. C. M.

Horai the pious dead;

That they may rest froin their labours, and

their works do follow them. Rev, xiv. 13. 1 EAR what the voice from heaven pro

[claims, Sweet is the savour of their names,

And soft their sleeping bed.
2 They die in Jesus, and are blessid:

How kind their slumbers are!
From suff'rings and from pain releas'd,

And freed from every snare.
3 Far from this world of toil and strife,

Now present with the Lord;
The labours of their mortal life

End in a large reward.

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