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5 O wretched state of deep despair,

To see my God remove,
And fix my doieful station where
I must not taste his love!

Hymn 317. P. M.
When the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from

heaven with his mighty angels. 2 Thess. j. 7. 1 L IFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus,

Partners in his patience here, Christ, to all believers precious, Lord of lords, shall soon appear :

Mark the tokens

of his heavenly kingdom near! 2 Hear all nature's groans proclaiming

Nature's swift approaching doom : War, and pestilence, and faraine, Signify the wrath to come :

Cleaves the centre,

Nations rush into the tomb! 3 Close behind the tribulation

of the last tremendous days;
See the flaming revelation,
See the universal blaze !

Earth and heaven

Melt before the Judge's face.
4 Sun and moon are both confounded,

Darken'd into endless night,
When with angel hosts surrounded,
In his Fatber's glory bright,

Beams the Saviour,
Shines the everlasting Light.

5 See the stars from heaven falling,

Hark! on earth the doleful cry, Men on rocks and mountains calling, While the frowning Judge draws nigh;

Hide us, bide us,

Rocks and mountains, front bis eye: 6 With what different exclamation

Shall the saints his banper see! By the nion'ments of his passion, By the niarks receiv'd for ne!

All discern him,

All with shouts cry out, “ 'Tis HE!" 7 Lo! 'tis HE! our heart's desire,

Come for his espous'd below,
Come to join us with the choir,
Come to make our joys o'erflow:

Palmıs of victory,

Crowns of glory, to bestow.
8 Yes, the prize sball sure be given,

We his open face shall see ;
Love, the earnest of our heaven,
Love our full reward shall be :

Love shall crown us
Kings through all eternity.

Hynn 318. C. M. All these things shall be dissolved. 2 Pet. iii. 11. 1 THY should this earth delight us so

Wby should we fix our eyes
On these low grounds, where sorrows grow

And every pleasnre dies?

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2 While death his sbarpest teeth prepares

Our comforts to devour,
There is a land above the stars,

And joys above his power.
3 Nature shall be dissolo'd and die,

The sun mast end bis race, The earth and sea for ever fly

Before my Saviour's face. 4 When will that glorious morning rise,

When the last trump shall sound ! Shall call the nations to the skies From underneath the ground?

Hymn 319. P. M. Behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet

him. Matt. xxv. 6, 1 CE virgin souls arise,


Unto salvation wise,

Oil in your vessels take; Upstarting at the midnight cry,

Behold the heav'vly Bridegroom nigh. 2 He comes, he comes to call

The nations to his bar,
And raise to glory all

Who fit for glory are :,
Made ready for your full reward,

Go forth with joy to meet your Lord. 3 Go meet him in the sky,

Your everlasting Friend;
Your Head to glorify,

With all his saints ascend:


Ye pure is heart obtain the grace,

To see without a veil bis face! 4 Ye that have here receiv'd

The unction from above,
And in his Spirit liv'd

Obedient to his love;
Jesus sball claim you for his bride:

Rejoice with all the sanctified: 5 The everlasting doors

Shall soon the saints receive,
Above yon angel pow'rs,

In glorious joy to live:
Far from a world of grief and sin,

With God eternally shut in. 6 Then let us wait to hear

The trumpet's welcome sound;
To see our Lord appear

Watching let us be found;
When Jesus doth the heavens bow,
Be Cound, as, Lord, thou find'st us now.

Hymn 320. C. M.
And the seventh angel poured out his vial into

the air. Rev. xvi. 17.
to the men on earth who dwell,

Nor dread th' Almighty's frown;
When God doth all his wrath reveal,

And shower his judgments down.
2 Sinners, expect those heaviest show'rs,

To meet your God prepare !
For lo! the seventh angel pours

His vial on the air.


3 Lo! from their seats the mountains leap:

The mountains are not found : Transported far into the deep,

And in the ocean drown'd!
4 Who then shall live, and see the throne,

Anå face the Judge severe?
When hear'n and earth are fled and gone,

where shall I appear?
5 Now, only now, against that bour,

We may a place provide!
Beyond the grave, beyond the power

Of hell our spirits hide.
6 Firm in the all-destroying shock,

May view the fatal scene : For lo! the everlasting Rock

Is clest to take us ia.

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And the lead in Christ shall rise first.

1 Thess. iv. 16.

ESUS, faithful to his word,

Shall witb a shout descend :
All heaven's host their glorious Lord

Shall joyfully attend.
Christ shall come with dreadful noise,

Lightnings swist, and thunders lond;
With the great archangel's voice,

And with the trump of God. First the dead in Christ shall rise;

Then we that yet remain,

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