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2 Who, who, my Saviour, this bath done

Who could thy sacred body wound? No guilt thy spotless heart hath known,

No guile hath in thy lips been found. 31, I alone have done the deed!

'Tis I thy sacred flesh bave torn, My sins have caus'd thee, Lord, to bleed;

Pointed the nail, and fix'd the thorn. 4 My Saviour, how shall I proclaim ?

How pay the mighty debt I owe? Let all I have, and all I am,

Ceaseless to all thy glory show. 5 Too much to thee I cannot give :

Too much I cannot do for thee, Let all thy love, and all thy grief,

Grav'n on my heart for ever be! 6 Still let thy tears, thy groans, thy sighs,

O'erflow my eyes, and heave my breast; Till loose from flesh and earth I rise, And ever in thy bosom rest.

Hymn 28. L. M. And they that passed by railed on kim, wagging their heads. Mark XV. 29.

PART FIRST. 1 Y that

pass by, bebold the man! TE

The man of griefs condemn'd for you! The Lamb of God for sinners slaio,

Weeping to Calvary pursue. 2 See how his back the scourges tear,

While to the bloody pillars boned:

The ploughers make long furrows there,

Till all his body is one wound. 3 See there! his temples crown'd with thorn!

His bleeding hands extended wide! His streaming feet transfixt, and torn!

The fountain gushing from his side! 4 At thy last gasp the graves display'd

Their horrors to the upper skies :
O that my soul might burst the shade,
And, quick’ned by thy death, arise!

Hymn 29. L. M.
And when they had crucified him. Mark xv. 24.


How doth thy heart to sinners move;
Help me to catch thy precious blood,

Help me to taste thy dying love! 2 The rocks could feel thy pow'rful death,

And tremble, and asunder part: Orend with thy expiring breath

The harder marble of my heart! 3 My stony heart thy'voice shall rent,

'Thou wilt, I trust, the veil remove; My utmost bowels shall relent,

The yearnings of thy dying love. 4 The grace I surely shall receive;

Thy death hath bought the grace for me! This is my whole desire to live,

To live, and then to die in thee.

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Hymn 30. P. M.

I have trodden the wine press alone. Isa. Ixiii. 3. 1 ESUS drinks the bitter cup,


Tears the graves and mountains up

By his expiring groan;
Lo, the powers of heaven he shakes,

Nature in convulsion lies,
Earth's profoundest centre quakes,

The great Jehovah dies. 2 O my God, he dies for me,

I feel the mortal smart!
See him hanging on the tree,

A sight that breaks my heart!
O that all to thee might turn!

Sioners, ye nay love him too,
Look on him ye pierc'd, and mourn

For one who bled for you. 3 Weep o'er your desire and hope,

With tears of humblest love!
Sing, for Jesus is gone up,

And reigns enthron'd above!
Lives our head to die no more,

Pow'r is all to Jesus given;
Worshipp'd as be was before,

The immortal king of heaven.
4 Lord, we bless thee for thy grace

And truth, which never fail : Hast’ning to behold thy face

Without a dimming veil.


We shall see our heavenly King,

All thy glorious love proclaim,
Help the augel choirs to sing
Our blest triumphant Lamb.

Hymn 31. P. M.
For the redemption of their soul is precious,

and it ceaseth for ever. Psalm xlix. 8. WHERE bhall

my wond'ring soul begin?

A slave redeem'd from death and sin,

A brand pluck'd from eternal fire!
How shall I equal triumphs raise,

Or sing my great Deliv'rer's praise ? 2 O how shall I thy goodness tell,

Father, which thou to me hast show'd?
That I, a child of wrath and hell,

I should be call’d a child of God,
Should know, should feel my sins forgiven,

Blest with this antepast of Heaven.
3 And shall I slight my Father's love?

Or basely fear his gifts to own?
Unmindful of his favours prove?

Shall I the hallow'd cross to shun,
Refuse his righteousness t' impart,

By hiding it within my heart?
4 Outcasts of men, on you I call,

Harlots, and publicans, and thieves !
He spreads his arms t'embrace you all,

Sinners alone his grace receives :
No need of him the righteous have:
He came the lost to seek and save.


5 Come, O my guilty brethren, come,

Groaning beneath your load of sin: His bleeding heart shall make you room,

His open side shall take you in : He calls you now, invites you home,

Come, O my guilty brethren, come. 6. For you the purple current flow'd

In pardons from his wounded side: Languish'd for you the Son of God,

For you the Prince of glory died: Believe, and all your sin's forgiven, Only believe and yours is heaven.

Hymn 32. L. M. Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, and how myself before the high GOD? Micah vi. 6. 1 CHEREWITH, O Lord, shall I draw

W ? (,

How in thy purer eyes appear :

What shall I bring to gain thy grace? ? Will gifts delight the Lord most high?

Will multiplied oblations please? Thousands of rams his favour búy,

Or slaughter'd hecatombs appease? 3 Can these assuage the wrath of God ?

Can these wash out my guilty stain? Rivers of oil, and seas of blood,

Alas! they all must flow in vain! 4 Whoe'er to thee themselves approve,

Must take the path thy word bath show'd; Justice pursue, and mercy love,

And humbly walk by faith with God:

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