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3 The day of small and feeble things

I know thou never wilt despise : I know, with healing in his wings,

The Sun of righteousness shall rise. 4 With labour faint thou wilt not fail,

Or wearied, give the sinner o'er,
Till ou this earth thy judginents dwell,
And, born of God, I sin no more.
Hymn 80. P. M.

. I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts. Heb. viii. 10.

Reveal the beauties of thy face,
The middle wall remove :
Appear, and banish my complaint;
Come, and supply my every want,

Fill-all my soul with love!
2 0! conquer this rebellious will:
Willing thou art, and ready still,

Thy help is always nigh:
The stony from my heart remove, .
And give me, Lord, O give me love,

Or at thy feet I die.
3 To thee I lift my mournful eye:
Why am I thus? O tell me, why

I cannot love my God?
The bind'rance must be all in me;
It cannot in my Saviour be;

Witness that streaming blood:

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4 It cost thy blood my heart to win:
To buy me from the power of sin,

And make me love again :
Come then, my Lord, thy right assert,
Take to thyself my ransom'd heart,
Nor bleed, nor die in vain !

Hymn 81. P. M.

Teach us to pray. Luke xi. 1. 1 JES [ESUS, as taught by thee I pray ;

Preserve me till I see thy light;
Still let me for thy coming stay;

Stop a poor wand'riog sinner's flight,
Till thou my full Redeemer art,
O keep, in mercy keep my heart.
O might I bear the turtle's voice,

The cooing of the gentle dove!
The call thai bids my heart rejoice;

u Arise and come away, my love! " The storm is gone, the winter's o'er:

“ Arise, for thou shalt weep no more!" 3 Give me to bow with thee my head,

And sink into the silent grave;
To rest among the quiet dead,

Till thou display thy power to save,
Thy resurreetion power exert,
And rise triumphant in my heart!

Hymn 82. L. M.
Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; whu
croroneth thee with loving-kindness. Ps. ciii. 4.
God of my life, what just return

Can sinfal dust and ashes give?


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I only live my sin to mourn:

To love my God I only live. 2 To thee, almighty God of power,

L.consecrate my lengtheo:d days; While mark'd with blessings every hour,

Shall speak thy far-extended praise. 3 Be all my added life employ'd

Thine image in my soul to see; Fill with thyself the mighty void!

Enlarge my heart to compass thee. 4 O give me, Saviour, give me more;

Thy mercies in my soul reveal! Alas! I see their endless store !

But 0, I cannot, cannot feel!
The blessings of thy love bestow,

For this my cries shall never fail;
Wrestling, I will not let thee go;
I will not, till my suit prevail.

Hymn 83. L. M.
Deep calleth unto deep. Psalm xliii. 7.
TILL in the depth of my complaint

To thee I ever, ever cry:
With longing, sick; with groaning, faint;

O give me Christ, or else I die.
2 Come then, my hope, my life, my Lord,

And fix in me thy lasting home! Be mindful of thy gracious word:

Thou, with thy promis'd Father, come. 3 Prepare and then possess niy heart!

take me, seize me from above!

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Thee may I love; for God thou art!

Thee may I feel ; for God is love. 4. For mercy and redeeming grace,

Still on my Saviour I depend, Till in his strength I gain the race, And thro' his wounds to beaven ascend.

Hymn 84. C. M. Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any

man hear my voice. Rev. iii. 20.

COME, let us who in Christ believe,

Our Saviour
To him, with joyful voices, give

The glory of his grace.
2. He now stands knocking at the door

Of every sinner's beart:
The worst need keep him out no more ;

Nor force him to depart.
3 Through grace we bearken to thy voice,

Yield to be sav'd from sin;
In-sure and certain hope rejoice.

That thou wilt enter in.
4 Come quickly in, thou heavenly guest,

Nor never hence remove;
But sup with us, and let the feast
Be everlasting love.

Hymn 85. P. M.
He that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God, and

God in him. 1 John iv, 16.
THOU hidden source of calm repose,


My help and refuge from my foes,

Secure I am if thou art mine:
And lo! from sin, and grief, and shame,

I hide me, Jesus, in thy name. 2 Thy mighty name salvation is,

And keeps my happy soul above : Comfort it brings, and power, and peace,.

And joy, and everlasting love :
To me with thy great name are given

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven. 3 Jesus, my all in all thou art,

My rest in toil, my case in pain; The med'cive of iny broken heart,

In war, my peace: in loss, my gain; My smile beneath the tyrant's frown,

In shame, ny glory and my crown; 4 In want, my plentiful supply,

In weakness, my almighty power;
In bonds, my perfect liberty,

My light, in Satan's darkest hour ;
In grief, my joy unspeakable,
My life in death, my all in all.

Hymn '86. P. M.
Rejuice in the Lord always. Phil. iv. 4.

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We lift up our voice, and call him our

His joy is to bless us, and free us from thrall,
From all that oppress us, he rescues us all.

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