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2 Him Prophet, and King, and Priest, we pro

claim; We triumph and sing of Jesus's name :. Poor idiots he teaches to show forth his

praise, And tell of the riches of Jesus's grace. 3 The wayfaring men, though fools, shall not

stray ;
His method so plain, so easy the way:
The simplest believer his promise may prove,
And drink of the river of Jesus's love.

Hymn 87. C. M.

He talked with us by the way. Luke xxiv. 32.



VALK with us, Lord, thyself reveal,

Wbile bere o'er earth we rovej
Speak to our hearts, and let us feel

The kindlings of thy love.
2 With thee copversing, we forget

All time, and toil, and care;
Labour is rest, and pain is sweet,

If thou, my God, art here.
3 Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay,

And bid ny heart rejoice;
My bounding heart shall own thy sway,

And echo to thy voice.
Thou callest me too seek thy face;

'Tis all I wish to seek:
T attend the whispers of thy grace,

And hear thee inly speak.


3 Let this toy every hour employ,

Till I thy glory see,
Enter into iuy Master's joy,
And find my heaven in thee.

Hymn 88. C. M.

Looking unto Jesus. Heb. xii. 2. 1

, On whom my help is laid; Oppress'd by sins, I lift my eye,

And see the shadows fade. 2 Soon as I find myself forsook,

The grace again is given :
A sigh can reach thy heart, a lock

Can bring thee down from heaven? 3 Believing on my Lord, I find

A sure and present aid;
On thee alone my constant mind

Be every moment stay'd.
4 Jesus, my strength, my hope, my rest,

On thee will I depend,
Till summond to the marriage-feast,
Where faith in sight shall end.

Hymn 89. P. M. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and a his law doth he meditate day and night.

Psalm i. 2..
1 COW happy, gracious Lord, are we!

Divinely drawn to follow thee:
Whose hours divided are.


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Betwixt the mount and multitude:
Our day is spent in doing good,

Our night in praise and pray’r.
2 With us no melancholy void;
No moment lingers unemploy'd,

Or unimprov'd below;
Our weariness of life is gone,
Who live to serve our God alone,

And only thee to know.
3 The winter's night and summer's day,
Glide imperceptibly away,

Too short to sing thy praise ;
Too few we find the happy hours,
And haste to join those heavenly powers,

In everlasting lays.
4 With all who chant thy name on high,
And holy, holy, holy, cry,

A bright harmonious throng!
We long thy praises to repeat,
And ceaseless sing around thy seat
The new eternal song.
Hymn 90. P. M.

. Christ iir you the hope of glory. Col. i. 27. * ATY Jesus, wy hope, when will he ap

pear, A soul to lift up that waits for him bere, Jn much tribulatiod, in troubles excess, In height of temptation, and depth of dis

tress? 2 0,when shall I see an end of my pain, And triumph in thee, my Saviour, again?

Lord, hasten the hour, thy kingdom bring in,
And give me the power to live witbout sip.
3 O Jesus, thou know'st my sorrowful load,
And seest that my trust is all in thy blood;
Thou wilt bave compassion, my burden re-

move, Thy name is salvation, thy nature is love. 4 Thy nature and name my portion shall be, Who humbly lay claim to all things in thee: The days of my mourning and painful dis.

tress, Shall at thy returning eternally cease.

Hymn 91. C. M. The Lord God, merciful and gracious, long

suffering, and abundant in goodness and

truth. Exod. xxxiv. 6.
REAT God, to me the sight afford,

To him of old allow'd;
And let my faith behold its Lord

Descending on a cloud.
-2 In that revealing Spirit come down;

Thine attributes proclaim:
And to my inmost soul make known

The glories of thy name.
3 Jehovah, Christ, I thee adore,

Who gav'st my soul to be! Fountain of being and of power,

Apd great in majesty. 4 The Lord, the mighty God thou art,

But let me ratber prove

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"That name inspoken to my beart,

That fav'rite name of love.
5 Merciful God, thyself proclaim,

In this polluted breast;
Mercy is thy distinguish'd name,

Which suits a sinner best.
6 Our misery doth for pity call,

Our sin implores thy grace,
And thou art merciful to all

Our lost, apostate race.

Hymn 92. L. M.


With my soul have I desired thee. Isa. Ixvi.9. 1 VAIN would I go to thee, my God,

Thy mercies, and my wants to tell ; To feel any pardon seal'd in blood:

Saviour, thy love I wait to feel. 2 Freed from the power of cancelld sin,

When shall my soul triumphant prove ? Why breaks not out the fire within,

In fames of joy, and praise, and love? 3 Jesus, to thee my soul aspires;

Jesus, to thee I plight my vows; Keep me from earthly, base desires,

My God, my Saviour, and my spouse. 4 Fountain of all-sufficient bliss,

Thou art the good I seek below: Fulness of joy in thee there is;

Without 'tis misery all, and wo.

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