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Hymn 93. C. M.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm li. 7.

MY God, my God, to thee I cry,

Thee only would I know;

Thy purifying blood apply,

And wash me white as snow.

2 Touch me, and make the leper clean,
Purge my iniquity:

Unless thou wash my soul from sin,
I have no part in thee.
3 But art thou not already mine?
Answer, if mine thou art!

Whisper within, thy love divine,
And cheer my drooping heart.

4 Behold, for me the victim bleeds,
His wounds are open wide;

For me the blood of sprinkling pleads,
And speaks me justified.

Hymn 94. L. M.

And quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. Lam. iii. 26.

1 MY soul before thee prostrate lies,

To thee, her source, my spirit flies:
My wants I mourn, my chains I see;
O let thy presence set me free!
2 Jesus, vouchsafe my heart and will
With thy meek lowliness to fill!
No more her power let nature boast,
But in thy will may mine be lost.

3 And well I know thy tender love,
Thou never canst unfaithful prove;
And well I know thou stand'st by nie,
Pleased from myself to set me free. *
4, Still will I watch and labour still
To banish every thought of ill;
Till thou in thy good time appear,
And sav'st me from the fowler's snare.
5 Already springing hope I feel,
God will destroy the power of hell :
God, from a land of wars and pain
Leads me, where peace and safety reign.
6 One only care my soul shall know,
Father, all thy commands to do;

And feel (what endless age shall prove,)
That thou, my Lord, my God, art love.

Hymn 95. L. M,

And I will take away the stony heart, and will give you a heart of flesh. Ezek. xxxvi. 26.

10 FOR a glance of heavenly days

To take this stubborn heart away;

And thaw with beams of love divine
This heart, this frozen heart of mine!

2 The rocks can rend; the earth can quake: The seas can roar; the mountains shake; Of feeling all things show some sign,

But this unfeeling heart of mine.

3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt,
O Lord, an adamant would melt;
But I can read each moving line,
And nothing moves this heart of mine.

Sanctification of Believers, &c. 87

4 Thy judgments too, unmoved I hear, '
(Amazing thought!) which devils fear,
Goodness and wrath in vain. combine,
To stir this stupid heart of mine.
5 But something yet can do the deed;
And that blest something much I need;
Thy Spirit can from dross refine,
And melt and change this heart of mine.


For this is the will of God even your sanctification. 1 Thess. iv. 3.

Be ye therefore perfect. Matt. v. 48.
Hymn 96. P. M.

Isaiah xxxy.

1H Ever faithful to thy word!

[EAVENLY Father, Sovereign Lord!

Humbly we our seal set to,

Testify that thou art true,
Lo! for us the wilds are glad,
All in cheerful green array'd;
Op'ning sweets they all disclose,
Bud and blossom as the rose.

2 Ye that tremble at his frown,
He shall lift your hands cast down;
Christ, who all your weakness sees,
He shall prop your feeble knees.


Ye of fearful hearts, be strong,

Jesus will not tarry long;

Fear not lest his truth should fail,
Jesus is unchangeable.

3 God, your God, shall surely come,
Quell your foes, and seal their doom;
He shall come, and save you too:
We, O Lord, have found thee trae!
Blind we were, but now we see:
Deaf; we bearken now to thee:
Dumb; for thee our tongues employ:
Lame; and io! we leap for joy

4 Faint we were, and parch'd with drought,
Water at thy word gush'd out:
Streams of grace our thirst refresh,
Starting from the wilderness:

Still we gasp thy grace to know!

Here for ever let it flow:
Make the thirsty land a pool,
Fix the Spirit in our soul.

5 Where the ancient dragons-lay,
Open for thyself a way;
There let holy tempers rise,
All the fruits of paradise ;
Lead us in the way of peace,
In the path of righteousness;
Never by the sinner trod,
Till he feels the cleansing blood

6 Jesus, mighty to redeem,

Let our lot be cast with them;
Far from earth our souls remove,
Ransom'd by thy dying love:

Leave us not below to mourn,

Fain we would to thee return,
Crown'd with righteousness, arise
Far above these nether skies.

7 Come, and all our sorrows chase,
Wipe the tears from every face!

Gladness let us now obtain,
Partners of thy endless reign.
Death, the latest foe, destroy;
Sorrow then shall yield to joy;
Gloomy grief shall flee away,
Swallow'd up in endless day.

Hymn 97. P. M.

Thou art fairer than the children of men; grace is poured into thy lips. Psalm xlv. 2.

JESUS, source of calm repose,
nor man for knows,

Fairest among ten thousand fair!
E'en those whom death's sad fetters bound,
Whom thickest darkness compass round,
Find light and life if thou appear.

2 Renew thine image, Lord, in me,

Lowly and gentle may I be;

No charms but these to thee are dear:

No anger may'st thou ever find,

No pride in my unruffled mind,

But faith and heaven-born peace be there

3 A patient, a victorious mind,

That, life and all things cast behind,
Springs forth obedient to thy call:

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