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A heart that no desire can move,
But still to adore, believe, and love,
Give me, my Lord, my life, my all.

Hymn 98. P. M.
Let this mind be in you, which was also in

Christ Jesus. Phil. ii. 5.


JESUS, shall I never be


Firmly grounded upon thee? Never by thy work abide,

Never in thy wounds reside? 3 O how wav'ring is my mind !

Toss'd abcut with every wind!
O how quickly doth my heart

From the living God derart! 3 Jesus, let my nature feel,

Thou art God unchangeable;

Speak unto my soul thy name.
4. Grant that every moment, I
May believe and feel thee nigh;
Steadfastly behold thy face,

'Stablish'd with abiding grace. 5 Plant, and root, and fix in me,

All the mind that was in thee;
Settled peace I theo shall find;

Jesu's is a quiet mind.
6 Anger I no more sball feel,

Always even, always still:
Meekly on my God reclin'd;
Jesu's is a gentle mind.

Hymn 99. P. M. But we have the mind of Christ. 1 Cor. ii. 16.


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1 SHALL suffer and fulfil

All my Father's gracious will;
Be in all alike resign'd ;,
Jesu's is a patient mind.
3.When 'tis deeply rooted here,

Perfect love sball cast out fear;
Fear doth servile spirits hind;

Jesu's is a noble mind.
3 When I feel it fix'd within,

I shall have no mind to sin;
How shall sin an entrance find ?

Jesu's is a spotless mind.
4 I shall nothing know beside

Jesus, and hini crucified ;
I shall all to him be join'd;

Jesu's is a loving mind.
5 I shall triumph evermore,

Gratefully my God adore :
God so good, so true, so kind;

Jesu's is a thankful mind.
6 Lowly, loving, meek, and pure,

I shall to the end endure;
Be no more to sin inclin'd;

Jesu's is a constant mind. 7 I shall fully be restor'd

To the image of my Lord,
Witnessing to all inankind,
Jesu's is a constant mind,

Hymn 100. C. M. I am the way, tke truth, and the life; no man

cometh unto the Father but by ine. John xiv. 6. 1 JESUS, the life, the truth, the way,

In I ,
As taught by thee in faith I pray,

Expecting to receive.
2 Thy will by me on earth be done,

As by the powers above,
Who always see thee on thy throve,

And glory in thy love.
3 I ask in confidence the grace,

That I may do thy will,
As angels who behold thy face,

And all thy words fulll. 4 Surely I shall, the sinner I

Shall serve thee without fear;
If thou my nature sanctify
In answer to my prayer.

Hymn 101. C. M.
My son, give me thine heart. Prov. xxiii. 26.
Comer Eierd, and claim me for thine own,

And thyself in ;
In my poor heart erect thy throne,

And make me truly free.
2 The day of thy great power I feel,

And pant for liberty;
I loathe myself, deny my will,

And give up all for Thee..


3 I hate my sins, no longer mine,

For I renounce them too:
My weakness with thy strength I join,

Thy strength shall all subdue.
4 So shall I bless thy pleasing sway,

And sitting at thy feet,
Thy laws with all my heart obey,

With all my soul submit.
5 Thy love the conquest more than gains,

To all I shall proclaim,
Jesus the King, the conqu’ror reigos,

Bow down to Jesu's name,
6 To thee shall earth and hell submit,

And every foe shall fall,
Till death expires beneath thy feet,

And God is all in all.

Hymn 102. C. M.

But was strong in faith, giving glory to God.

Rom. iv. 20.

N hope, against all human hope,

Self-desp'rale I believe;
Thy quick'ning word shall raise me up,

Thou shalt thy Spirit give.
2 The thing surpasses all my thought :

But faithful is my Lord;
Through unbelief i stagger not,

For God hath spoke the word. 3 To thee, the glory of thy power

And faithfulness, I give!

I shall in Christ at that glad hour,

And Christ in me shall live.
4 Obedient faith that waits on thee,

Thou never wilt reprove;
But thou will form thyself in me,
And perfect me in love.

Hymn 103. L. M.
For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by

thy words thou shalt be condemned. Mati.

xii. 37. 1 HAT! never speak one evil word,

O how shall 1, most gracious Lord,

This mark of true perfection find? 3 With wisdom pure of worldly art,

With harmless undesigning love, .
Meeken, yet fortify my heart,

And blend the serpent with the dove. 3 Saviour, I long to testify

The fulness of thy gracious power:
O might thy Spir't the blood apply,

Which bought for me thy peace, and more. 4 Forgive, and nake my nature whole;

My inbred malady reniove;
To perfect health restore my soul,
To perfect boliness and love.

Hyınn 104. L. M. Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. Matt. xv. 13. 0 Jeses, let the dying cry

Pierce to the bottom of my heart;

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