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PAGE Saviour of all, what hast thou done...... 39 Saviour of all, to thee we bow..... 131 Saviour of men, thy searching eye. 170 Saviour of sinful meu.ic.

122 Saviour, Prince of Israel's race,..

49 Saviour, with us assembled here.. 125 See how great a flame aspires.

.... 183 See now the morning sun.

199 See, Lord, with pity see...

236 Sce, sinners in the gospel glass ..

12 Sinners, believe the gospel word..

13 Sinpers, the call obey.

18 Sinners, the voice of God tegard........ 28 Since the Son bath made me free........ 98 Shall I, for fear of feeble man..

169 Shepherd of souls, the great, the good 183 Shepherd of souls, with pitying eye. . 8 Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive... 159 Should bounteous nature kindly pour.... 280 Shrinking from the cold hand of death.. 256 Son of thy Sire's eternal love...

187 Spirit of faith come down..

65 Steel me to shame, reproach, disgrace. 181 Still in the depth of my complaint. Still Lord i languish for thy grace...... Still out of the decpest abyss....

277 Sweet is the work, my God, wy King. 156

T TALK with us, Lord, thyself reveal.... 80 That awful day will surely come....

.. 261 That doleful night before his death.

148 The blest memorials of thy grief.... 147 The counsels of redeeming grace..



*... 227

The crowd, the poor unthinking crowd.. 243
The church in her militant state... 250
The day of Christ, the day of God...... 152
The earth is the Lord's, and all it contains 128
The great archangel's trump shall sound 260
The King of heaven his table spreads.. 151
The Lord is King, and earth submits.. 170
The Lord my Shepherd is...

The Lord of life this table spread.... 149
The Lord, the Judge, the church he warns 270
The morning flowers display their sweets 257
The men who slight thy faithful word.... 20
The power to bless my house.... 211
The Saviour meets bis flock to-day...... 157
The Spirit of thy word impart........
The veil of night is now withdrawn.... 197
Thee, Jesus, thee, the sioner's friend.... 71
Therefore shall ye draw with joy...... 194
Thou Almighty Lord, my Saviour, &c. 214
Thou God that answerest by fire...... 107
Thou hidden source of calm repose......
Thou, Lord, on whom I still depend.... 109
Thou seest my feebleness....
Thus far the Lord bath led me op...... 206
Tby presence, Lord, the place shall fill.. 221
'Tis Jesus calls my soul away.

........ 281
To myriads, Lord, thy church increase.. 196
To thee let my first offerings rise...... 198
To the hills I lift mine eyes.......... 232
"Twas on that dark, that solemn night.. 149
Two are better far than one..........

UNCHANGEABLE, almighty Lord.... 129
Upright both in heart and will... 45


...... 213




.. 153

VAIN man, thy fond pursuits forbear.. 258

WE by bis Spirit prove...

We know, by faith we know...... 248
Welcome, sweet dar of rest.
What are these array'd in white..... 254
What could your Redeemer do........
What is our calling's glorious hope... 102
What! aever speak one evil word. 94
When from the dust of death I rise.. 172
When my relief will most display. ... 58
When, my Saviour, sball I be...

When shall I see the welcome hour.. 117
When shall thy love constrain...

Where sbal my wondering soul begin.. 33
Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw dear.. 34
While dead in trespasses I lie..... 68
Why do we mourn for dying friends.... 253
Why should this earth delight us so,.. 263
Would Jesus have the sipner die.... 40
Wo to the men on earth who dwell... 265
Wretched, helpless, and distrest .... 54

YE different sects, who all declare...
Ye neighbours and friends, &c.....
Ye servants of God, whose diligent care..
Ye thirsty for God, to Jesus give ear. 3
Ye that pass by, behold the pan.... 36
Ye virgin souls,

Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor 15.
Yet must I, Lord, to thee complain.
Yet still the Lord, the Saviour reigas... 26
Young men and maidens, raise, roce

he follonping BOOKS are published under the patronage, and for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church, win the United States of America, and to be had of J. SOULE and T. MASON, No. 41 John-street, New York, Su perintendants of the Book Business for the said Methodist Church, and of the Ministers

and Preachers in their several Circuits. Coke's Commentary on the New

Testament, 2 vols...
Wesley's Notes on do. 2.vols. in l.s...

Quarto Bible....
Wesley's Sermons, 2 vols a new edition,

including thirteen Sermons more
than have been published in Ame-

Wood's Dictionary of the Bible, 2 vols. 5
Fletcher's Checks, 6 vols.

5 Benson's Serruons, 1 vol. octavo.

2 Wesley on Original Sin...

1 124 Benson's Life of Fletcher.... Portraiture of Methodism...

1 Experience of several eminent Metho

dist Preachers, a new and eplarged

1 The Experience and Ministerial La

bours of several eminent Metho.
dist Preachers. . .

1 The Saint's Everlasting Rest.... 1 Methodist Hymns, two books bound together..

87 Hervey's Meditations.


Rogers.... Law's Serious Call to a Holy Life.... 75 Doctrinal Tracts..

75 Fletcher's Appeal to Matter of Fact and Common Sense..

75 Abbot's Life Introduction to Christianity:

75 Alleine's Alarm and Baxter's Call... 50 Family Adviser and Primitive Physio. 50 Youth's Manual....

50 Sellon's Arguments on General Redemption...

50 Memoir of Mrs. Mary Cooper.

50 Methodist Discipline. ...

37 Extract from Joho Nelson's Journal. 37 Confessions of James Lackington... 25 Truth Vindicated....

311 Thomas a Kempis, or Christiau's Pattern 43: History of Jesus, and Tokens for children 31 Mrs. Rowe's Devout Exercises, abridged 31 A Scriptural Catechism,....

61 Instructions for Children.....

As the profits of the above-mentioned BOOKS are for the benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, and to be applied to religious purposes, it is recommended to the Ministers and members of the said Church to promote the sale of the said Books; and not to puchase any books which we publish, of any other person than the aforesaid, J. SOULE and T. MASON, and the Methodist Ministers and Preachers, or such persons as sell them by their consent.

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