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3 Blest are the meek, who stand afar,

From rage and passion, noise and war:
God will secure their happy state,

And plead their cause against the great. 4 Blest are the souls that thirst for grace,

Hunger and long for righteousness!
They shall be well supplied and fed

With living streams and living bread.
5 Blest are the men whose bowels move,

And melt with sympathy and love:
From Christ the Lord shall they obtain

Like sympathy and love again.
6 Blest are the pure whose hearts are clean

From the defiling power of sin;
With endless pleasures they shall see
A God of spotless purity.
7 Blest are the men of peaceful life,

Who quench the coals of growing strife:
They shall be call'd the heirs of bliss,

The sons of God, the God of peace. 8 Blest are the sufførers who partake

Of pain and shame for Jesu's sake:
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord,
Glory and joy are their reward.

Hymn 133. P. M. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin.

1 John iji. 9.
can it be that I should prove

For ever faithful to thy love,
From sin for ever cease?



I thank thee for the blessed hope,
It lists my drooping spirits up,

It gives me back my peace.
2 lo thee, O Lord, I put my trust :
Mighty, and merciful, and just,

Thy sacred word is past:
And I who dare thy word believe,
Without committing sin shall live,

Shall live to God at last.
3 I rest in thine almighty power,
The name of Jesus is my tower,

That bides my life above :
Thou canst, thou wilt my helper be;
My confidence is all in thee,

The faithful God of love.
4 Wbile still to thee for help I call,
Thou wilt not suffer me to fall,

Thou wilt not let me sin;
And thou shalt give me power to pray,
Till all my sins are purg'd away,

And all thy mind brought in.
5 Wherefore in never-ceasing prayer,
My soul to thy continual care

I faithfully commend :
Assur'd that thou through life wilt save,
And show thyself beyond the grave
My everlasting Friend.

Hymn 134. P. M.
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and

honour, and power. Rey. iv. 11. CESUS, Lord of life and peace,

To thee we list our voice,

1 JE

Teach us at thy holiness

To tremble and rejoice. Sweet and terrible thy word:

Thou and thy word are both the sanie; Holy, holy, holy Lord,

We love thy holy name.

2 Sbining seraphs round thy throne,

Beyond all brightness bright, Bow their humble heads, and own

Their own diminish'd light, Worthy thou to be ador'd,

Lord God Almighty, great I AM! Holy, holy, holy Lord,

We love thy holy name.

3 Saints in whom thy Spirit dwells,

Poar out their souls to thee;
Fach his love in secret tells !

And sighs to be set free.
Christ admir'd, themselves abhorr'd,

They cry with awe, delight, and shame,
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

We love thy holy name.

4 Just and righteous is our King,

Glorious in holiness :
Though we tremble wbile we sing,

We would not wish it Jess.
Souls by whom the truth's explor'd,

Wonders of mercy best proclain,
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

We love thy holy name.

Hymn 135. L. M. For sin shall not hare dominion over you : for

ye are not under the law, but under grace.

Rom. vi, 14. 1

THAT the grace were now applied!

Bring in, O Lord, thy purer flood; Open the fountain of thy side,

And purge out all our tajated blood. 2 Sin shall not in our flesh remain,

The sanctifying word is sure,
We shall be purg'd from every stain,

And pure as God himself is pure.
3 Till thou from all our sins shall cleanse

And perfectly renew our heart, Thy glory be our sure defence,

Nor ever from our souls depart. 4 Lead us, till all our toil is past,

Till all thy faithfulness we prove, And gain the promis'd land at last,

The Cavaan of thy perfect love.


FELLOWSHIP. Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in

the bond of peace. Eph. iv. 3. By whom ye were called unto the folloroship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Cor. i. 9.

Hymn 136. P. M. Glory to God in the highest. Luke ii. 14. 1

God from whom all blessings flow,

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Make we mention of his love,

Publish we his praise below:
Call'd together by his grace,

We are met in Jesu's name;
See with joy each other's face,

Foli'wers of the bleeding Lamb. 2 Let us then sweet counsel take,

How to make our calling supe;
Our election how to make,

Past the reach of hell secure;
Build we each the other up,

Pray we for our faith's increase;
Solid comfort, settled hope,

Constant joy, and lasting peace. 3 More and moro let love abound:

Let us never, never rest,
Till we are io Jesus found,

Of our paradise possest :
He removes the flaming sword,

Calls us back, from Eden driver:
To his image here restor'd,
Soon he takes us up to heaven!

Hymn 137. S. M.
Pray for one another. James v. 16.


AVIOUR of sinful men,

Thy goodness we proclaim, Which brings us here to meet again,

And triumph in thy name. 2 Thy mighty name hath been

Our safeguard and our tow'r,

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