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3 We share our mutual woes;

Our mutual burdens bear; And ofteu for each other flows

The sympathizing tear. 4 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain,
But we shall still be join'd in heart,

And hope to meet again. 5 This glorious hope revives

Our courage by the way;
While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day. 6 From sorrow, toil, and pain,

And sin, we shall be free;
And perfect love and friendship reign

Through all eternity.


LORD'S SUPPER. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us.

1 Cor, v. 7. For as oft as ye eat this bread, and drink this

cup, ye do show the Lord's death till he come. 1 Cor. xi. 26.

Hymn 166. L. M. But this man, because he continueth ever, hath

an unchangeable priesthood. Heb. vii. 24. 10 ,

A sacrifice for guilty man,

By the eternal Spirit made

An offerivg in the sinner's stead : 2 Our everlasting Priest art thou,

And plead'st thy death for sinners pow;
Thy oft"ring still continues new,

Thy vesture keeps its bloody hue. 3 O that our faith may never more,

But stand upsbaken as thy love,
Aud view thee bleeding on the tree,
My God, who diest for me, for me!



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Having our hearts sprinkled from an evil cor

science. Heb. x. 22.




3 Let


1 YOME, thou everlasting Spirit,

Bring to every thankful mind, All the Saviour's dying merit,

All his suff'rings for mankind: True recorder of his passion,

Now the living fire impart, Now reveal bis great salvation,

Preach his gospel to our heart. . 2 Come, thou Witoess of his dying,

Come, Remembrancer divine: Let us feel thy power applying

Christ to every soul and mine: Let us groan thine inward groaning,

Look on him we pierc'd, and grieve, All receive the grace atonings

All the sprinkled blood receive.

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Hymn 168. P. M.
My peace I give unto you. John xiv. 27.
| LAMB of God, whose dying love,
Send the answer from above,

And let us mercy find;
Think on us, who think on thee,

And every struggling soul release!
O remeniber Calvary,

And bid us go in peace. 2 By thine agonizing pain,

And bloody sweat, we pray,
By thy dying love to man,

Take all our sins away :
Burst our bonds and set us free,

From all iniquity release;
remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.
3 Let thy blood by faith applied,

The sipner's pardon seal, Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness héal : By thy passion on the tree,

Let all our griefs and troubles, cease : O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace. 4 Never will we hence depart,

Till thou our wants relieve: Write forgiveness on our heart,

And all thine image give :

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Still our souls shall cry to thee,

Till perfected in holiness,
O remember Calvary,
And bid us go in peace.

Hymn 169. C. M I am the living bread. John vi. 51. 1

COME Saviour, det thy tokens prove,
As channels to convey thy love

To every faithful heart.
2 The living bread sent down from heaven,

In us vouchsafe to be;
Thy flesh for all the world is given,

And all may live by thee.
3 Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,

And let us drink thy blood,
Till all our souls are fill'd below,

With all the life of God.
4 Determin'd nothing else to know

But Jesus crucified,
I will not from my Jesus go,
Or leave his wounded side,

Hymn 170. P. M.
But we will give ourselves continually to prayer,

and to the ministry of the word. Acts vi. 4. 1 E servants of God, whose diligent care,

Is ever employ'din watching and prayer, With praises unceasing, your Jesus proclaim, Rejoicing and blessing his excellent dame.

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2 'Tis Jesus commands, come all to his house, And lift up your hands, and pay him your vows, And while you are giving your Maker bis due, The Lord out of heaven shall sanctify you.

Hymn 171. L. M. And again another Scripture saith, they shall

look on him whom they pierced. John xix. 37. 1 N Tow let our mournful songs record

The dying sorrows of our Lord, When he complain'd in tears and blood,

As one forsaken of his God.
2 Oh!'barb'rous people, cruel priests!

How they stand round like savage beasts !
Like lious gaping to devour,

When God had left him in their power.
3 They wound his head, his hands, bis feet,

Till streams of blood each other meet :
By lot his garments they divide,

Ard mock the pangs in which he died.
4 But God, the Father, heard him cry;
Rais'd from the dead, he reigns on high ;
The nations learn bis rightcousness,
And bumbled sinners taste his grace.

Hymn 172. L. M.
He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood,

duelleth in me, and I in him. John vi. 56. 2

THE blest memorials of thy grief,

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