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Hymn 230. P. M.

Isaiah xii.


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The glad day of gospel grace!
Thee, my Lord, (thou then wilt say,)

Thee will I for ever praise:
Though thy wrath against me buru'd,

Thou dost comfort me again;
All thy wrath aside is turn'd,

Thou hast blotted out my sin. 2 Me! behold! thy mercy spares !

Jesus my salvation is,
Hence my doubts; away my fears!

Jesus is become my peace :
Jah Jehovah is my Lord,

Ever merciful and just;
I will lean upon his word;

I will on his promise trust. 3 Strong I am, for he is strong:

Just in righteousness divine;
He is my triumphant song ;

All he has, and is, is mine:
Mine; and yours; whoe'er believe;

On his name whoe'er shall call,
Freely shall his grace receive;

He is full of grace for all.

Hymn 231. P. M.

Isaiah xii.


THEREFORE shall ye draw with joy,

Water from salvation's well; Praise shall your glad tongues employ,

While his streaming grace ye tell.
Each to each, ye then shall say,

“Sinners, call upon his name: “O rejoice to see his day!

“See it, and his praise proclaim!" 2 Glory to his name belongs!

Great, and marvellous, and high ;
Sing unto the Lord your songs,

Cry to every nation, cry!
Wondrous things the Lord hath done :

Excellent his name we find;
This to all mankind is known;

Be it known to all mankind.

3 Zion, shoot thy Lord and King;

Israel's Holy One is He!
Give him thanks, rejoice and sing;

Great he is, and dwells in thee.
O the grace unsearchable!

While eternal ages roll, God delights in man to dwell,

Source of each believing soul.

Hymn 232. L. M. God is able of these stones to raise up children

unto Abraham. Luke iii. 8.


VLORY to God, whose sov'reigo grace,

Call'd us to stand before his face,

Aud rais'd us into Abrah'm's sons. 2 The people that in darkness lay,

(lo sin and crror's deadly shade,) Have seen a glorious gospel day,

In Jesu's lovely face display'd,
3 Thou only, Lord, the work hast done;

Made bare thine arm in all our sight,
Hast made the reprobates thine own,

And claim'd the outcasts as thy right. 4 For this the saints lift up their voice,

And ceaseless praise to thee is given :
For this the hosts above rejoice;

We raise the happiness of heaven. 5 Bat, О the power of grace divine!

In hyruns we now our voices raise!
Loudly in strange hosannas join,
And blasphemies are turn'd to praise !

Hymn 233. C. M. Righteousness, and peace, and joy, in the Holy

Ghost. Rom. xiv. 17.

'FATHER of me and all mankind

And all the host above:

Let ev'ry understanding mind

Unite to praise thy love! 2 To know thy nature and thy naine,

One God in persons Three; And glorify the great I AM

Through all eternity. 3 Thy kingdom come with pow'r and grace,

To every heart of man:
Thy peace, and joy, and righteousness,

In all our bosoms reign. 4 Thy righteousness our sins keep down;

Thy peace our passions bind; And let us, in thy joy unknown,

.The girst dominion find. 5 The righteousness that never ends,

But makes an end of sip ; The joy that human thought transcends,

Into our souls bring in.
6 The kingdom of establish'd peace,

Which can no more remove :
The perfect power of godliness,
Thi omnipotence of love.

Hymn 234. P. M.
Tyriads, Lord, thy church increas

With every gospel blessing bless, And o'er the earth disperse; Till every heart thy kingdom own, Till thou art fear'd, confess'd, and knort

Throughout the universe.


VIORNING AND EVENING HYMNS. Erening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray and cry aloud ; and he shall hear my voice. Psalm lv. 17.

Hymn 235. C. M.
My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O

Lord. Psaim v. 3.
A day ;

Unfold thy drowsy eyes,
And burst the pond'rous chain that loads

Thine active faculties.
God's guardian shield was round me spread,

In my defenceless slerp:
Let him have all my waking hours,

Who doth my slumbers keep.
Pardon, God, my former sloth,

And arm my soul with grace;
As rising now, I seal my vows

To prosecute thy ways.
Bright Sun of Righteousness, arise ;

Thy radiant beams display,
And guide my dark bewilder'd soul
To everlasting day.

Hymn 236. C. M. he darkness and the light are both alike to

thee. Psalm cxxxix. 12. THE veil of pight is now withdrawn,

TAnd day salates our eyes :

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