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4 With outstretch'd hands, and streaming eyes,

Oft I begin to grasp the prize;
I groan, I strive, I watch, I pray;

But ah! how soon'it dies away! 5 The deadly slumber soon I feel,

Afresh upon my spirit seal :
Rise, Lord; stir up thy quick’ning power,

And wake me that I sleep no more. 6 Single of heart O may I be;

Nothing may I desire but thee:
Far, iar from me the world remove,
And all that holds me from thy love!

Hymn 269. P. M. Men ought always to pray and not to faint.

Luke xviii. 1.


TOME, ye foll'wers of the Lord,

In Jesu's service join;
Jesus gives the sacred word,

The ordinance divine:
Let us his command obey,

And ask, and bave, whate'er we want;
Pray,we, every moment pray,

And never, never faint. 2 Place no longer let us give

To the old tempter's will; Never more our daty leave,

While Satan cries, “ be stil! :" Stavd we in the ancient way,

And here with God oorselves acquaint;

Pray we, every moment pray,

And never, never fạipt. 3 Be it weariness and paiu,

To stothful flesh and blood; Yet we will the cross sustain,

And bless the welcome load : - All our griefs to God display,

And humbly pour out our complaintz Pray we, every moment pray,

Aud never, never faipt. 4 Let us patiently endure,

Apd still our wants declare: All the promises are sure

To persevering prayer: Till we see the perfect day,

And each wakes up a spotless saint; Pray we, every moment pray,

And never, never faint.
5 Pray we on when all renew'd,

And perfected in love,
Till we see our Saviour God

Descending from above;
All his heavenly charms survey,

Beyond what angel-minds can paiot,
Pray we, every moment pray,
And never, never faint.

Hymn 270. L. M.
Thou shalt make thy prayer unto him, and he

shall hear thee. Job xxii. 27. PRA

RAYER is appointed to convey
The blessings God desiges to gire;


Long as they live should Christians pray;

They learn to pray when first they live. 2 If pain afflict, or wrongs oppress;

If cares distract, or fears dismay;
If guilt deject, if sin distress;

In every case, still watch and pray. 3 'Tis prayer supports the soul that's weak,

Tho' thought be broken, language lame; Pray, if thou canst, or canst not, speak;

But pray with faith in Jesu's name. 4 Depend on him; thou canst pot fail ;

Make all thy wants and wishes known's Fear not, bis merit must prevail :

Ask but in faith, it shall be done.

READING THE SCRIPTURES. So they read in the book of the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense. Neb. viii. 8. And stood up for to read. Luke iv. 16.

Hymn 271. C. M. AU Scripture is given by inspiration of God.

2 Tim. iii. 16. 1

Let us thine influence prove; Source of the old prophetic fire,

Fountain of life and love. 2 Come, Holy Ghost, for mov'd by thee The prophets wrote and spoke;


COME, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire ;

Unlock the truth, thyself the keys

Unseal the sacred book.

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3 Expand thy, wings, celestial dove;

Brood o'er our nature's night; On our disorder'd spirits move,

And let there now be light. 4 God, through hiinself, we then shall know,

If thou within us sbine;
And sound, with all thy saints below,
The depths of love divine.

Hymn 272. "C. M.
Search the Scriptures. Jobo v. 39.
FATHER of all, in whom alone

We live, and move, and breathe;
One bright celestial ray send down,

And cheer thy sons bengath.
2. While in thy word we search for thee,

(We search with treinbling awe!) Open our eyes, and let us see

The wouders of thy law.
3 Now let our darkness comprehend

The light that shines so clear;
Now the revealing Spirit send,

And give us ears to hear.
Before us make thy goodness pass,

Wbich here by faith we see;
Let us in Jesus see thy face,

And die to all but thee.

Hymn 273. L. M. But holy inen of God spake as they were moved

by the Holy Ghost. 2 Pet. i. 21.. 1

Insho wrote from thee the sacred page,
The same through all succeeding years;

To us and our degenerate age.. 2 While now thine oracles we read,

With earnest prayer and strong desire, O let the Spirit from thee proceed,

Our souls t' awaken and inspire. 3 Whene'er in error's path we rove,

The living God through sin forsake;
Our conscience by thy word reprove,

Convince and bring the waud'rers back, 4 The sacred lessons of thy grace,

Transmitted through thy word, repeat;
And train us up in all thy ways,
To make us in thy will complete.

Hymn 274. L. M.
But the Spirit giveth life. 2 Cor. iii. 6.
THE Spirit of thy word impart,

And breatbe the life into our heart :.
Our weakness help, our darkness chase,

And guide us by the light of grace. 7. Deep wounded by the Spirit's sword,

And then by Gilead's balm restorid;
Fulb) thy love's redeeming plan,
And bring us to a perfect man.


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