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3 Farpisb'd out of thy treasury,

To help the souls redeem'd by thee;
To teach, convince, correct, reprove,
And build them up in holiest love.

Hymn 275. C. M. And it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteous

2 Tim. iii. 16. i T The sacred leaves

unfold THE counsels of redeering grace, And here the Saviour's lovely face,

Our raptur'd eyes behold.
2 Here light, descending from above,

Directs our doubtful feet;
Here promises of heavenly love

Our ardent wisbes meet. 3 Our numerous griefs are here redressid,

And all our wants supplied :
Nought we can ask to make us blest,

Is in this book denied.
4 For these inestimable gains,

That so enrich the mind;
O may we search with eager pains,
Assur'd that we shall fod.

Hymn 276. C. M. The law of thy mouth is better unto me that thousands of gold and silver. Pg. cxis, 79.

ATHER of mercies, in thy word


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For ever be thy namo ador'd

For these celestial liues.

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2 Here may the wretched sons of want

Exbaustless riches find;
Riches, above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind. 3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows;

And yields a free repast; Sublimer sweets than nature knows,

Invite the longing taste. 4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voices.

Spreads heavenly peace around;
And life, and everlasting joys,

Attend the blissful sound.

5 O may these heavenly pages be

My ever-dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,

And still increasing light.
6 Divine Instructer, gracious Lord,

Be thou for ever near;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,

And view my Saviour there.

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Ye are they which have continued with me in

my temptations. Luke xxii. 28. And that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Acts xiv. 22.

Hymn 277. P. M.

G Mná let thy power

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My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the

lions' mouths. Dap. vi. 22. 1 OD of Daniel, hear my prayer,

Stop the lion's mouth, and bear

Me safe out of his den :
Save me in this dreadful hour;

Earth, and hell, and vature join ;
All stand ready to devour

This helpless soul of mine.

2 No way to escape I see,

The sure approaching death:
Vain are all my hopes to flee

Out of the lion's teeth:
In the mire of sip I lie,

In the dungeon of despair;
Hear my lamentable cry,

O God of Daniel, hear!
3 Thee I serve, my Lord, my God

In me thy power display:
Save me, save me, and now rok

The lion of his prey.

*Angel of the covenant,

Jesus, mighty to retrieve, Let him to my help be sent:

In Jesus I believe. 4 Save me for thine own great name,

That all the world niay know Daniel's God is still the same,

Aud reigns supreme below:
Him let all mankind adore;

Spread his glorious pame abroad:
Tremble all, and bow before
The great, the living God!

Hymn 278. L. M.
For the time is come that judgment must begin

at the house of God. 1 Pet. iv. 17.

God, thy righteousness we own!

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With humble awe thy rod we bear,

And guilty in thy sight appear.
2 Our mouth as in the dust we lay,

And still for mercy, mercy pray!
Unworthy to behold thy face;

Unfaithful stewards of thy grace.
3 We have pot, Lord, thy gifts improv'd,

But basely from thy statutes rov'd;
And done thy loving Spirit despite,

And sinn'd against the clearest light. 4 Yet do not drive us from thy face,

A stiff-neck'd and hard-bearted race:
Thy soft'ning power of love impart,
And melt the hardness of oar heart

Hymn 279. L. M.

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That the poroer of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Cor. xij.9. ',

“ Strength shall be equal to thy day," Then I rejoice in deep distress,

Leaning on all-sufficient grace. 2 I glory in infirmity,

That Christ's own power may rest on me;
Wben I am weak, then am I strong i

Grace is my shield, and Christ my song. 3 I can do all things, or can bear

All suff'rings, if my Lord be there;
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains,

While his left hand my head sustains : 4 But if the Lord be once withdrawn,

And we attempt the work alone,
Wben new temptations spring and rise,

We find how great our weakness is.
y So Samson, when his strength was lost,

Met the Philistines to his cost:
Shook his vain limbs with sad surprise;
Made feeblc fight, and lost his eyes.

Hymn 280. P. M.
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from

whence cometh my help. Psa. cxxi. l. To the bills Llift mine eyes,


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