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I cannot mourn for Jesu's sake;
I cappot there thy cup partake;.

I cannot suffer there.
4 Full gladly then for thee I'grieve;
The honour of thy cross receive,

And bless the happy load :
Who would not in thy footsteps tread?
Who would not bow with thee his head,
And sympathize with God?

Hymn 287. P. M.
These are they which came out of great tribulu-

tion, and have washed their robes. Rev. vii. 14.

! :


Sorrow is joy, and pain is ease,
To those that trust in thec :
All things together work for good
To me, the purchase of thy blood,

The much-lov'd sinuer, me.
In hope, as now thy cross I bear,
I shall thy heavenly kingdom share,

And take my seat above;
Celestial joy is in this pain ;
It tells me, 1 with thee shall reign

In everlasting love.
3 The more my sufferings here increase,
The greater is my future bliss;

And thoủ my griefs dost tell: They in thy book are noted down; A jewel added to my crown,

Is every pain I feel.

4 So be it, then, if thou ordain ;
Crowd all my happy life with pain,

Aud let me daily die:
I bow, and bless the sacred sign,
And bear the cross by grace divine,

Which lifts me to the sky.

Hymn 288. S. M.

But though he cause grief, yet will he have

compassion, according to the multitude of his
mercies. Lam. iii. 32.
O :

O throw away thy wrath !
My gracious Saviour and my God,

O take the gentle path!
2 Thou seest my beart's desire,

Still unto thee is bent;
Still does my longing soul aspire

To an entire consent.

3 0 then, let wrath remove;

For love will do the deed!
Love will the conquest gain ; with love

E’en stopy hearts wilt blecd. 4 O throw away thy rod !

O throw away thy wrath !
My gracious Saviour and my God,

O take the gentle path!

FOR THE RULERS. And for all that are in authority. 1 Tim. il.2. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers ;

for there is no power but of God. Rom. xiii. 1. IKherefore ye must needs be subject, not only

for wrath, but also for conscience sake. Rom. xiij. 5.

Hymn 289.

C. M.

Or unto governors. I Peter ii. 14.

ULER of all, whose will ordains,

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By whom our rightful ruler reigns,
Subject to laws and thee.

2 Stir up thy power; appear, appear,

And for our ruler fight : Support thy ruling servant here,

And vindicate his right. 3 Lo! in the arms of faith and prayer,

We bear bim to thy thrope: Receive thine own peculiar care;

The Lord's apointed one.
4 With favour look upon his face:

Thy love's pavilion spread!
And watchfui troops of angels place

Around his faithful head.

Hymn 290. C. M.

For he is the minister of God to thee for good.

Rom. xiii. 4.



UARD him from all who dare oppose,

Our president and Thee;
From open and from secret foes,

From force and perfidy!
2 Let us for conscience' sake revere

The ruler of our land;
Houour and love thine image here,

And bless his mild command. 3 To thuse who thee in bim obey,

The Spirit of grace impart !
His head bis faithful burden lay

On every praying heart!
4 Still let us pray and never cease,

Defend him, Lord, defend!
65 'Stablish his rule in glorious peace;
“ And save him to the end!"

Hymn 291. P. M.
He hath not dealt so with any nation,

Psalm cxlvii. 20.
1 NATION God delights to bless

Can all our raging foes distress
Or burt whom they surround!
Hid from the general scourge' we are;
Nor see the bloody waste of war,

Nor hear the trumpet's sound;


2 O might we, Lord, the grace improve ! By lab'ring for the rest of love,

The soul-composing power! Bless us with that internal peace, And all the fruits of righteousness, Till time shall be no more.

Hymn 292. P. M. And I will shake all nations, and the desire of

all nations shall come. Hag. ii. 7. 1

Hasten, Lord, the gen'ral doom :
Hear the Spirit and the Bride,

Come, and take us to thy side.
2 Thou who hast our place prepar'd,

Make us meet for our reward :
Then with all thy saints ascend,

Then our earthly trials end. 3 Mindful of thy chosen race,

Shorten these vindictive days;
Who for full redemption groan,

Hear us now, and save thine owu. 4 Now destroy the man of sin:

Now thine ancient flock bring in:
Fill'd with righteousness divine,

Claim a ransom'd world for thine. 5 Plant the heavenly kingdom here,

Glorious in thy saints appear;
Speak the sacred numbers seal'd,
Speak the mystery fulbll'd.

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