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their compliments to the judge and the counsel; but were interrupted by a gentleman, who went up to the judge, and offered him a fee. What is this? fays the judge. A fee, sir, faid the gentleman. A fee to a judge is a bribe, said the judge. True, fir, said the gentleman; but you have resigned your commission, and will not be the first judge who has come from the bench to the bar without any diminution of honour. Now Lazarus's case is to come on next, and this fee is to retain you on his fide. There followed a confused noise of all speaking together, to persuade the judge to take the fee : but as the trial had lasted longer than I expected, and I had lapsed the time of an appointment for business, I was forced to flip away : and whether the judge was prevailed on to undertake the cause of Lazarus, or no, I cannot say.


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