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Art. XI. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. * Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subjects estènt, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan,

Dr. Montucci bas in the press, an lished with at least three engravings, account of the Rev, Robert Morrison's

and a piece of original music. Chinese Dictionary, of his own. Ray's Proverbs, elegantly printed in

containing one thick volume, duodecimo, from the about 200 pages, ov superfihe vellum best édition of 1968, will appear in the paper, with above å thousand engraved course of the present month. Chinese Cbaracters.

The Rev. T. F. Dibdin's BibliograIn the press, ą. History of British phical Decameron, which has been deIndia. By James Mill, Esq. In three Jayed by the great increase of matter, volumes, quarto.

is expected to appear early in July. Dr. Drake, author of Literary Hours, Mr. Wm. Phillips, author of the Outa has in the press, Shakspeare and his lines of Mineralogy, will soon publish, Times, including the biography of the in a duodecimo roláme, Eight Familiar poet, criticisms on his genius and wri- Lectores on Astronómy, deliveted Jast tings, and a history of the madners, winter at Tottenham customs, &c, of his age.

Mr. Nicholas will soon pnblish, in two The Rev. Dr. W. B. Collyer is printing, octåvo volathes, the journal of a Voyage in an octavó volume, Lectures on Scrip- to New Zealand, in company with the ture Doctrines.

Rev. S. Marsden; with an account of In the press, a Theological Enquiry the country and its inhabitants.

Sacrament of Baptism, and In the press, and speedily will be subthe nature of Baptismal Regeneration, Jished, editions in French and Englisb, in fire discourses, preached before the of Memoirs of the Marquis D’Angeau, University of Cambridge, April 1817. written by himself; containing a vast By the Rev. Ç. Benson, A.M,.

number of unknown facts and anecdotes, A Sketch of the History and Cure of relative to Louis XIV. his court, &c. Febrile Diseases, more particularly the Now first published from the original Febrile Diseases of the West Indies, as MS. Journal, with historical and crithey appear among the soldiers of the

tical Notes, by Madame de Genlis. British Army. By Robert Jackson, A new Work in one volume octavo, M.D. is in the press.

will shortly appear, entitled Authentic Mr. Britton's Third Number of his Memoirs of the Revolution in France, Illustrations of '« Winchester Cathe- and of the sufferings of the Royal Fadral,” is just published, and contains mily, deduced chiefly from accounts six engravings, with a dedication to her

by eye-witnesses, which will exhibit, Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte besides information from other sources, of Wales.

a combined varrative of details from No. VI. of Harell's “ Views of Seats," M. Hue, Clery, Edgeworth, and Madame contains engravings, with bistorical and Royale, now Duchesse d'Angouleme. descriptive accounts, of Buckingham The Author of the Antidote to the House, and Holland House, Middlesex. Miseries of Human Lise, has in the The former is displayed as a winter- press, a work entitled Celebs, deceived. scene with skaiters, &c. from a fine Shortly will be published, a Poetical drawing by John Burnett; and the Epistle to the King of Hayti. In Five latter from a drawing by the late Joseph Cantos. Clarendon Smith. Both the accounts Thomas Walter Williams, of the Inner are from the pen of Mr. Britton.

Temple, Esq. is printing a continuation The British Lady's Magazine will in of his compendious abstract of all the future be conducted on a new plan, public acts, on the same scale and plan printed on superfine paper, and embel- as the acts passed anno 1816, which will be published immediately after the historical narratives of the principal close of the present session of parlia. events, accompanied with serious, moral, ment.

and practical reflections, with approShortly will be published, a Pictu- priate mottos to each portrait, adapted resque Tour through France, Switzer. to Juvenile Readers. By the Rev. R. land, on the banks of the Rhine, and Stevenson, of Castle Hedingham, 2 rols. through part of the Neth nds.

12 Mr. Parkinson, of Hoxton, will soon The Rev. Ingram' Cobbin, A.M. publishi, an Essay on the Shaking Palsy. Author of the French Preacher lately.

Mr. John Bell has in the press, the published, has in the press, in one volume Consulting Surgeon, in a royal octavo duodecimo, Philanthropy and other volume.

Poems. Mr. W. Salisbury, of Sloane-street, The Rev. T. Morell, Author of Studies has nearly ready for publication, the in History, has in the press, an addi. Cottager's Companion, intended to ini- tional volume of that work, which will struct the tabouring poor in the art of contain the History of England from its cottage gardening.

earliest period, to the death of ElizaThe First Volume of the Elgin Mar- beth, and which, like the preceding bles, with an historical and topogra- Histories of Greece and Rome, will be phical account of Athens, illustrated by published both in octavo and duo. about furty plates, will soon appear. decimo. The concluding volume of the

The Ruins of Gour, with a topogra- series, in which the History of England phical map and eighteen views, com- will be brought down to the present piled from the manuscripts and draw- period, will follow as quickly as possible. ings of the

late N. Creighton, Esq. is. The Rev. H. C, O'Donnoghue, is printing in a quarto volume.

about to 'publish a series of Practical The Sacred Edict; containing sixteen Lectures on the Leading Doctrines of maxims of emperor Kang III., ampli- the Gospel, in which he has endeavoured fied by his son, emperor Yoong Ching,, to avoid all reference to subjects of a with a paraphrase by a Mandarin ; trans- controversial, or merely speculative' lated from the Chinese, and illustrated nature, as incompatible with his proo' by notes, by the Rev. Wm. Milne, is fessed and sole object of treating in a printing in an octavo volume.

plain and practical manner, those great Capt. C. Clarke, of the Royal Artil- and fundamental doctrines, which Chris. lery, has in the press, a Summary View tians, in every age and in every place, of the State of Spain at the Restoration recognize as being according to gode of Ferdinand VII.

liness; and which indisputably tend Mr. John Bigland will soon publish, to manifest the riches of divine grace, an Historical Display of the Effects of as displayed in the redemption of a Physical and Moral Causes on the Cha- guilty, ruined world, by the incarnation, racter and Circumstances of Nations. obedience, sufferings, and death of him,

The Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical who is “ The Lord our Righteousness." Directory, containing a register of the The work will be printed on a fine dignitaries of the church, aud a list of paper, uniform with the Author's Exall the benefices in England and Wales, position of the Thirty-nine Articles.

In the press, and to be published by Conversations on Botany, illustrated subscription, handsomely printed in by twenty engravings, in a duodecimo duodecimo, price 5s. The Memoirs of volume, will soon appear.

the late Miss Emma Humpbries, of Mr. Wm. Mackenzie, of Edinburgh, Fromne, Somersetshire; with a Series of has in the press, the Swiss Patriots, Letters to Young Ladies, on the Inquence a new poem, also a new edition, with of Religion in the formation of their additions, of 'the Sorrows of Seduction, moral and intellectual character, and and other poems.

to Parents on the Religious Education A new edition of Dr. Sancroft's and the Bereavement of their Children, Modern Politics, written during the By T. East Protectorate, is in the press.

For the press, Remarks on the indivi. In the press, and will be published in dual Antichrist of the last days, being a the course of the present month, Scrip- farther examination of the eleventh ture Portraits, or Biographical Memoirs chapter of Daniel, and of the various of the most distinguished characters interpretations which have at different recorded in the Old Testament, with times been given of it. To which is

is in the press.

added, a full reply to the strictures of Lord Byron has lately wntten, and Mr. Faber, upon the Combined view of sent over to his publisher, a Drama, the prophecies of Daniel, Esdias, and entitled Manfred, which may be exSt. Joba. By James Hatley Frere, Esq. pected to appear about the second of

The Third Volame of the new edition June. of Wood's Atheuæ Oxonienses, with Mr. T. N. Talfourd of the Midle great additions, edited and continued Temple, is preparing for paislication, by Mr. Bliss, will be published on the a Practical Treatise on the Laws of 6th of June, closely printed in royal Toleration and Religious Liberty, as quarto. The foarta solame is in the they affeet every class of Dissenters press.

from the Chureh of England, jatended A small work of much utility will be to forn a compendium of the civil, published in a few days, entitled Enors political, and reügious rights of all his of Pronunciation and Improper Ex- Majesty's subjects, as at present atfeeted pressions in carrent use, chiefly by the by the profession of religious opinions, inhabitants of London, to wbich are with an appendix, coataining the most added those in similat misuse by the important statutes oa the subject of inhabitants of Paris.

Toleration, and forns of Proceedings A new edition of Mr. Camberland's by indictment, and before Magistrates, periodical work entitled the Observer, for infractions of the Laws protecting will be published in a few days, in three worship, and other offences relatiog to volumes.

Religion, in one voiume, octavo.



The Annual Biogra hy and Obituary, Classical Reading Lessoas for erery
with Silhouette Portraits. Containing Day in the Year, selected chiefly from
-1. Memoirs of those celebrated Men, modern English Writers of the Reign of
who have died within the Years 1815. George the Third. By the Rev. W.
1816.-II. Neglected Biography, with Sharpe. 12mo. 58. od. bound.
Biographical Notices and Anecdotes,

and Original Letters -||1. Analyses of
recent Biographical Works.-IV. A Bio-

The Speeches of Charles Philips, graphical List of Persons who have died

Esq. delivered at the Bar, and on variwithin the British Dominions, so as to

ous Public Occasions, ia Ireland and form a Work for reference, both now

England. 8vo, 7s. boards. and hereafter. 8vo. 158.

*.* This Volume is edited by Mr.

Phillips himself, and is the only Publi. CLASSICAL LITERATURE.

cation of his Speeebes authorized by Q. Horatii Flacci Opera, ad Exemplar bim. Recensionis Bentleianæ plerumque e- Part V (containing Six coloured and mendata, et brevibus Noris instructa. Two other Engrarings) of Volume II. Edidit Thomas Kidd, A.M.E. Coll. S. S. of The Transactions of the HorticultuTrin. With the Metres of Horace pre- ral Society of London. 4to, Il. lis. éd. fixed to each Ode. royal 12mo. 15s.

· Letters from the North Highlands, royal 18mo. 7s.6d.

during the Summer of 1816. By Miss The Works of Virgil, in the order of E. Spence, Author of a Caledonian ExConstruction. To which is prefixed, in cursion, &c. &c. Sro. 10s. 6d. English, a sammary view of the subject The Beauties of Massinger; dediof each of the Eclognes, and of the cated, by Permission, to William Gif several Books of the Georgies and ford, Esq. 12mo, 8s. Æneid. By William B. Smith, 12mo. Rachel, a Tale, foolscap Svo. with a 45. Gd, bound.

beautiful frontispiece. 5s. A Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth Carter Shells, according to the Linnean Method, to Mrs. Montagu, between the years with particular Attention to the Syno- 1755 and 1800, chiedly upon literary nymy. By Lewis Weston Dillwyn, and moral subjects. Published from P.R.S. F.L.S. &c. 2 vols. 8vo. II. 185, the originals in the possession of the boards,

Rer. Montagu Pennington, M. A. Vicar


of Northbourn, in Kent, 3 vols., 8vo. the Works of Owen. Arranged by 11. 75.

Arthur Young, Esq. F. R. S. 13mo, Germanicus. Tragedie en Cinq Actes 45. 6d. et en Vers, par A. V. 'Arnault, 8vo. 3s. A Treatise touching the Liberty of a

A Translation of the above in Blank Christian Man; written in Latin, by Verse. By George Bernel, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Martyne Luther (in 1520): to which is

A Description of the Pictures in the prefixed, his celebrated Epistle to Pope Royal Museum at the Louvre, with Leo X.-Translated from the Original by Biographical Notices of the different James Bell.-Imprinted 1579. Edited Painters; to which is added, a Descrip- by Wm. Bengo' Collyer, D. D. F. S. A, tion of the Museum of Sculpture in Dedicated (by permission) to H. R. H. the Lower Gallery, small pocket Vo- the Duke of Sussex. 12mo, 3s. boards. lume, 3s.

Practical Discourses. By the Rev. Planta's New Picture of Paris, Sixth Josijúa Gilpin, Vicar of Wrockwardine, Edition, much enlarged, and entirely Salop, 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. recomposed. Illustrated witb Maps, A Word in Opposition to Fanatical, Plan, and numerous Views of the Pub. Calvinistic, and Solifidiau Views of Chrislic Buildings, 18mo. price 8s, bound: tianity; in a Farewell Sermon, preached

The Art of Correspondence, consiste to the Congregation of St. James' ing of French and English Letters, neat Church, Bath, ou Sunday the 23d of pocket Volume, 5s.

March, 1817, by the Rev. R. Warner,
Curate of that Parish for Twenty-two

Years. Price 2s.
Phrosyne, a Grecian Tale : Alashtar, Fifty-two Lectures on the Catechism
an Arabian Tale. By H. Gally Knight, of, the Church of England : to which
Esq. 8vo, 5s, 6d.

are added, Three Introductory DisModern Greece, a Poem. 8vo. 5s. 6d. courses on the Subject, addressed to the A Translation of the Æneis in rhymed

Iohabitants of the Parish of Hinxworth, Verse, with a Critical Preface and Herts. Dedicated, by permission, to Notes. By Charles Symmons, D. D. of the Rt. Rev. Bowyer Edward, Lord Jesus College, Oxford, royal 4to. 81. Bishop of Ely. By the Rev. Sir Adam 12s. 6d.

Gordon, Bart. M. A. late of Christ

Church, Oxford, Rector of West TilPOLITICAL

bury, Essex, Prebendary of Bristol, &c. Letter to William Smith, Esq. M. P. 3 vols. Sro. 11, 11s. 6d. for Norwich, from Robert Southey, Esq. The Fulfilment of Prophecy further Svo. 2s.

Illustrated by the Signs of the Times ; The Patriot's Portfolio, price 2s. or, an Attempt to ascertain the probable

Issues of the recent Restoration of the THEOLOGY.

of the Revival of A Series of Pastoral Letters on Non- Popery; and of the Present Mental conformity, from a Dissenting Minister Ferment in Europe; as likewise, How to a Youth in his Congregation, foolscap far Great Britain is likely to Share in 8ro. 3s, 6d.

the Calamities by which Divine ProviA Selection of Sermons and Charges. dence will accomplish the Final OverBy the late Rev. Edward Williams, throw of the Kingdoms of the Roman D. D, Svo, 10s. 6d.

Monarchy. By J. Bicheno, M. A. 8vo. The Works of President Edwards 6s. 6d. Complete, with occasional Notes on Sermons on Various Subjects; by the controverted Sabjects, and an accurate late William Bell, D. D. Prebendary of copions Index. By the Rev. Edward St. Peter's, Westminster, Published by Williams, D. D. and the Rev. E. Par- Joseph Allen, M. A. Prebendary of SODS. A New Edition, 8 vols, royal 8vo. Westminster, and late Fellow of Trinity 41. 16s.

College, Cambridge, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. Parochial Instruction; or, Sermons A Tribute of Sympathy, addressed to delivered from the Palpit, at different Mourners, By W. Newnham, Esq. times, in the course of Thirty Years. 12mo. 5s. By James Bean, M. A. one of the Li- The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit brarians of the British Museum, and of Prophecy. A Discourse from Reve. Assistant Minister of Welbeck Chapel, lations, xix. 10. St. Mary-le-bone, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

An Attempt to Support the Diversity Oveniana ; or, Select Passages from of Future Rewards, 8vo. 45.

Old Dynasties of

TOPOGRAPHY, TRAVELS, &e. and French. In 3 Parts, imp. 4to. 15$. Narrative of the Loss of the American

each, or 21. Ss. boards. Brig Commerce, wrecked on the Western

Number I. of a New Drawing Book, Coast of Africa, ig 1815; with an AC

for the Use of Beginners; by Samuel count of tbe Sufferings of her surviving

Prout: consisting of Fragments of an. Officers and Crew, who were enslaved

cient Buildings, &c. etcbed in imitation

of Chalk. Price 6s. by the Wandering Arabs on the Great African Desart; and Observations,

The First Number contains an elemade during the Travels of the Author,

mentary Plate on Perspective, with dewhile a Slave to the Arabs. By James

scriptive Letter-press; and the Work Riley, late Master and Supercargo.

will be completed in Pour Monthly Concluded by a Description of the City

Numbers, each contaioing Six Plates. of Tombuctoo, on the River Niger, and

Number I. of Albert Durer's Prayer of another large City (far south of it)

Book: consisting of Forty-five Designs on the same River, called Wassanah.

of exquisitely tasteful Ornaments, and a Printed uniformly with Park and

Portrait of that celebrated Artist, copied Adams's Travels in Africa, 4to. with a

on stone, from an Edition published

two. Years ago at Munich. Price Map, Il. 15s.

j0s. 6d. The Statistical Account, or Parochial Survey of Ireland. Dravýn up from the

The Publisher hopes to produce, in

the Lithographic Art, an English Copy Communications of the Clergy. By

equal to the German, which is a perfect William Shaw Mason, Esq. M, R, I. A.

Fac-simile of the famous Original. It Remembrancer and Receiver of First

will be comprised in Five Monthly NumFruits, and Secretary, to the Board of

bers. Public Records. Vol. 2, 8vo. 11. ls.

Number I, of a Series of Incidents of boards.

English Bravery, during the late CamFINE ARTS.

paigns on the Contineat; by A. AtkinThe Costume of the Netherlands; il

Price Os. lustrated by Thirty coloured Eugrav. The first Number contains Four Des ings, after Drawings by Miss Semple ; signs; aud the Work will be completed with descriptive Letter-press, in English in Six Monthly Numbers.


Erratum in the last Number.

P. 486, line 5 from the bottom, for 1793 read 1796.


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