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yations on, 373. at the battle of Canna, 666, WATER, Epsom and Cheltenfeq.

ham, what difference between, Verse, Alexandrine, origin of, 206. Tunbridge, contents 72

of, ibid. Aix-la-Chapelle, and Vesuvius, eruption of in 1754, Bath, the contents of, not a. described, 274, feq.

like, 207. Bristol, in what VILLENAGE, how far, and in diffimilar from Bath, ibid.

what manner, it formerly was, W#ARTON, Lord, his wager

or is now countenanced by concerning the number of in; the law of England, 8, 9, habitants in London, 613, USAGES and Cuftoms,

how they

Note. affect, and even change the Wild Cabbage-Tree, the anconstitutions of ftates, 233.

thelminthic virtues of, 392.

Directions for using it, ibid.

WILFRID, Bishop of York, his WALES, the Britons obliged to grandeur, 579, 580. His charetire thither, whence it be.

raEter, 582. came the seat of learning, Wire-drawing a Thought, the 572.

French writers great offenders WALSH, Mr. character of, as a in that way, 131, Note.

writer, 61: Pope's obligations Women, whether more, than and gratitude to, ibid.

men born in the East, answer WAR, events of, not so much to, 280.

beyond the reach of human Words, Hebrew, some better foresight as is imagined, 658, explained by comparing them Note.

with the Arabic, 23. WARBURTON's Divine Legati: WYCHERLY's connections with on praised, 112,

Pope congidered, 57.

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