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valuable ministers; one of whom of Pennycuick, opened the service has devoted himself to labour a- with prayer, and preached from mong the Heathen abroad.

Rom. i. 9; Mr. James Hall, of

Edinburgh, related the steps preMasquerade.

viously taken by the Congregation

and Presbytery, proposed the usual This species of amusement, at all questions, offered the admission. times unworthy of men and of prayer, and addressed the congrega. Christians, is peculiarly unseason tion; Mr, Jacks, of Manchester, able and iniproper under the present preached in the evening from Acts serious circumstances of our coun. ix. 30. try. We were, therefore, much concerned to read in the public April 25, the Half-yearly Meetprints, a long account of Mr. Thel. ing of the Hampshire Association Jason's Masquerade, at Foley.

was held at Poole. Mr. Winter, of House ; where, beside innumerable Newport, preached the preceding follies, such as an ass-race, and the evening ; Mr. Styles, of Cowes, assumed characters of jockies, kit preached before breakfast; Mr. . chren-maids, waygoiers, butchers,

· Loader, of Ferdingbridge, preachgods and goddesses, &c. a groupe of

&c.' a groupe osed in the forenoon, on Public Worx grotesque figures was exhibited, in.

ship (which he was requested to tended to personify and ridicule the publi h); Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, worthy Members of the Society for preached in the evening. The the Suppression of Vice, whose ha.

Lord's Supper was adninistered tangues were chiefly directed a.

after the sermon in the morning. gainst the inmorality of masque

Messrs. Winter, Lewis, Eisdale, rades, to the no small ainusement

Hopkins, M.Gibbon, Davis, &c. of the company, including many of engaged in

engaged in different parts of the the noble and great of our country, morning service; which was con. who were not ashamed thus to bur.

cluded by the late venerable Mr. lesque a number of wise and goud

Ashburner. men, laudably associated to pro

June 5, the Rev. Jos. Such (late mote the true interest of the united of me

of Ingatestone) was ordained pastor kingdom.

of the Baptist Church in Steventon,

Bedfordshire. , Mr. Hennel, of The Half-Yearly Meeting of the Wollaston, began in prayer; Mr. Independent association in Corn. Freeman, of Cardington introduced wall, was held at Falmouth, on the business, and read the confesa Tuesday, April 3. Mr. Henrings sion, &c. Mr. Vorley, of Carlton, introduced the services of the day; offered the ordination-prayer; Mr. Mr. Phillips preached from Isaiah Hunt, of Ridgemount, addressed Ixi. 6; and the service was con the pastor froin 2 Tim. ii. 18; Mr. cluded, as usual, by administering Sutcliffe, of Olney, exhorted the the Lord's Supper to the church, church from 1 Thes. iv. l; and and other Christian friends present; Mr. Pincharde, of Bedford, conin which several ministers engaged. cluded. This congregation, thos in the evening Mr. Wall prayed; one of the oldest in the county, had Mr. Turnbull preached from 2 Cor. been brought very low ; but it is iv. 7; and Mr. Wildbore, jun. con. now raised to 400 people, with a cluded. The different opportuni. pleasing prospect of continuance. ties were well attended; and man; found them refreshing and profitable

June 6th, the Rev. John Allen,

from Hoxton Academy, was ora seasons.

dained pastor over a church res April 5, the Burgher Associate cently formed at Lynn, in Norfolk. Presbytery of Edinburgh admitted Mr. Carter, of Matishall, delivered thie Kev. P. Thompson, late of the introductory discourse, from Whitley, to the pastoral charge of Mat. xxi. 23; Mr. Newton, of the Associate Congregation of Al. Norwich, offered up theordinatione in chapel, Leeds. Mr.P.Comrie, prayer and gave the charge, from

Tim. iv. 16; Mr. Kinghorn, of of Newport, preached from 1 Cor. Norwich, preached to the people, iii. 23; Mr. Dewhirst, of Bury, from Heb. xii. 22. - Ini8o2, a concluded the service, and preached person in London, accidenially in the evening; when Mr. Shephearing that the above meeting, herd, of Ely, and Mr. Douglas enformerly occupied by the Presby- gaged in prayer. terians, was shut up, made appli. .cation to obtain a supply during the

June 21, the Rev. Robert Pick. Midsummer vacation which, how. ering, late student at Rotherham, ever, he could not procure till the academy, was set apart as pastor of following year.

the Independent church at Brig.

stock, Northamptonshire. Mr. June 7, the Rev. John Renals Chadwick, of Oundle, introduced was ordained pastor of the church the service; Mr. Toller, of Kerterat Wellingborough, Northampton- ing, delivered the introductory disshire, of which the late Rev. Mr. course, and asked the questions, &c. Carver was many years minister. Mr. Wood, of Rowell, offered the Mr. Hennell, of Wollaston, began ordination-prayer; Mr. Whitehead, the service with prayer ; introduc. of Creaton, delivered the charge tory discourse by Mr. Whitehead, from : Tim. iv. 16; Mr. Spencer, of Creaton; Mr. Bull, sen. of New- of Kilsby, addressed the church port, engaged in the ordination, and eongregation from Johnxiii. 35; prayer; the charge by Mr. Grundy, Mr. Bullock, of Ashley, conclud. of Lutterworth; texi, 1 Tim. iv. 6; ed by prayer; Mr. Gronow, of Mr. Gill preached to the people Weedon, preached in the evening fron Phil. ii. 29; and Mr. Wash. from Mat. vi. 6. bourn, of Wellingborough, concluded. In the evening Mr. Tol. June 28, the Rev. Mr. Redford Jer, of Kettering, preached from was ordained at Windsor. Mr. Psalm xxii. 20: Mr. Hillyard, of Yockney opened the service; Mr. Bedford, prayed before, and Mr. Douglas, of Reading, introduced Philipps, of Chedworth, in Glou. the business of the day; Mr. Eng. cestershire, after the sermon. The lish offered the ordination.prayer; congregations were very numerous

us Mr. Slatterie addressed the minister and attentive; and the services

from 1 Tim. jji. 2; and Mr. Cooke highly pleasant and gratifying to

from Deut. xii. 19; Mr. Fryer, of ministers and people.

Hammersmith, concluded. Mr.

Douglas preached in the evening. June 12, 13, 14, the Baptist As. By the account read by one of the sociation in South Wales, met at members, it appears there was a Fyanon, Pembrokeshire, wheneight Dissenting Congregation at Windsermons were preached by Messrs. sor as early as 1714. For some years Breeze, T. Jones, D. Davies, T. since 1777, the worship was conand C. Evans, T. Thomas, and M. ducted in a private house by Mr. Jones, Several other ministers en Ford, of Miles's Lane, and after. gaged in prayer, &c. The next wards in the present place of wor. General Meeting to be at Cwmivor, ship by Mr. Burgess, till his death. Carmarthenshire.

Mr. Redford has been with the peoJune 20, the Rev. Jos. Walker

ple about eighteen months. was set apart as pastor of the Inde. On July 1st, the Independent pendent Church at Newmarket, chapel at Gornal, Staffordshire, Suffoik. Mr. Nicklin, of Burwell, was re-opened by the Rev. Mr. began with prayer; Mr. Lacon, of Styles, of Cowes, in the Isle of Stowmarket, explained and intro. Wight; it being necessarily en duced the business of the day; Mr. largod to admit the poor children of Walker, sen. of Peppard, offered the Sunday - School, which has the ordination-prayer; Mr. Doug- lately greatly increascd under the Jas, of Reading, gave the charge, preached word. from John xii. 26; Mr. Gardner,


To be continued Monthly.

Aug. 1. Wed. Prayer-Meeling for the Nation, eu. Mr. Jennings's, Islington,

Monthly Meeting (Independent) m. at Mr.Humphrys's, J Borough. Mr. Thorp to preach.-Moral Impotency

no Excuse for Irreligion.
(Fetter Lane, ev, Mr. Stoilery. - Humility.
Broad Street, ev. Mr. Collison ; Devoushire Square, Mr.

Phillips; Hare Court, Mr: W. Smith.
S. Sun. 3 At Mr. Wall's, ev. Mr. Thorp, for the London Society

Charity-School, where 100 poor children are educated

and clothed. 6. Mon. Missionary Prayer - Meeting; ev. Mr. Platt's, Holywell

Mount Chapel, 7. Tu. Broad Street, m. Mr. Clayton. 8. Wed. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, ev. Mr. Ford's, Stepney. 9. Th. Feiter Lane, ev. Mr. Nicol.-The Divinity of Jesus Christ. 12. Sun. Broad Street, eu. Mr. Booth; Devonshire Square, Mr.

Powell ; Hare Court, Mr. J. Humphrys. 14. T2. Braad Street, m. Mr. Goode. *5. Wed. Prayer - Meeting for the Nation, ev. Mr. Hutchings's,

Tooley Street. 16. Th. Fetter Lane, ev. Mr. Smith. – The Nature, Grounds, and

Utility of Christian Hope, 19. Sun. Broad Street, ev. Ma. Townsend; Devonshire Square, Mr.

Atkinson ; Hare Court, Mr. Stollery. 21. Tu. Broad Street, m. Mr. Ford. 22. Wed. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, ev. Mr. Tim. Taylor's.

Monthly-Meeting (Baptist) m, at Mr. Rance's. Mr. 23. Th. Newman to preach. - The Death of Christ.

(Fetter Lane, ev. Mr. Collison, - Sincerity. 26, Sun. Broad Street, ev. Dr. Rippon; Devonshire Square, Mr.

Shenston; Hare Court, Mr. Collyer. 28. Tu. Broad Street, m. Mr. Humphrys. 29. Wed, Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, ev. Mr. Dan. Taylor's, 30. 15. Fetter Lane, ev. Mr. Townsend. - The Tree of Life.

Ministers not supplying at Tabernacle and Tottenham Court Chapel, Mr. Grove and Mr.Wilks. Surry Chapel, Mr. White foot, to be succeeded by Mr. Jay. Spa-Fields Chapel, Mr. Jones, of Llangan, to be succeeded by Mr.

Clarke, of Brigg. - Sion Chapel, Mr. Kemp. Hoxton Ara denny-Chapel, Mr. S. Hillyard, of Bedford.


Olt when thy genial heaf has wara'd, Yes, orient orb, thy lustrous light And all thy cloudless splendours charın'd Beams in effulgent beauty bright;

The captivated cye,
Resplendence marks thy way.

I've blessid thy vivifying pow'r,
Morn's blushing beactics all rejoice, Enjoy'd thy noonriide's fervid hour,
Aad Nature, with concordant voice,

And own'd chy majesty.
Proclaims thee King of Day.
Oft, eretly gilded splendours gleam,

Oft when thy last retiring ray

In lucid softness :peeds away, I've watch'd to catch thy rising beam

And glowing times, Tinging the verdant hill; {ave mark'a thy vivid rays ascend,

I've watch'd the swift succeeding cloud

Which all thy dazzling glories shroud, Beauty and light thy steps attend, Porless cup soy'reiga skill..

Aad datknes ved the skies..

So gaze we on life's fairést forin;

The span is short, the hour is past, But stron obscur'd, some gath'ring storm, And his long hoine man seeks at last!

Or iate's severe decrre, Veils with impenetrable maze

Or like a bubble in the brook, Health's richest glow, fair Fancy's blaze, Or glass, in which vain map doth look, - And Youth's festivity.

Or shuttle sent from hand to hand, But if, fair orb, thy mystic fight

Or letters written on the sand; Involves the world in deepest night;

Or like a thought, or like a dream,

O like an ever gliding stream, -
Soon shall thy dazzling rays

E'en such is man, who soon will know
Those sleeping scenes again revive,
Bid Nature's Tarrest beauties live,

That all is vanity below!

Bubbles our wasting lives betoken,
And bloom beneath thy blaze !

The shuttle steps, the glass is broken ;
And soon, tho' virtue's children sigh, No letiers traced on sand remain,
And feel the pangs of misery

Our dreams are brief, our thoughts are Eclipse life's transient day,

vain; Religion's cloudless sun shall rise,

And like the stream that passes by, Fill ihe sad soul with glad surprize,

Is man, who only lives to die !
And chace all mists away!

Like Autumn's leai, or like the snow, Borne on the wings of faith divine,

Or Mike the journey man doth goi We view Emmanuel's glories shine : Or like the river's flow and ebbe Oh nay his genial ray

Or like the patient spider's web; Illume this heart with peerless light, Or like the fruit, or like the flow's, Subdue my sin, that mortal night,

Or like the short lived Arril show'r, And beam unclouded day. . E'n such is man, who toils to gain Thy fading splendors, Sun, must cease,

The chaff of the immortal grain ! Thy erb consione in time's abyss,

The leaf decays, the snow is past, Th' appointed circuit run;

The roughest journey ends at last; But cloth d in radiance sublime,

The web is toro, the show'r is o't, Thro' all eternity shall shine

The fruit delights the taste no more ; God's uncreated Sun. M. G.

The flower fades, the flood's suspended,

Man's hour is come, and life is ended! Sir, To the Editor.

Or like an arrow through the air,

Or like the lightning's sudden glare, I lately met with an old Poem, the Plan

Or like the vapour of the sky, of which I thought of an edifying na

. Or like the goal for which we try, ture; and have therefore becn at the Or like the most rel's pleasant song, trouble of revising it for your excellent

Which we, tho'vain, would fain prolong; Miscellany. I should remark, that I

E'en such is life, with all its cares, found it necessary to alter every line

Fast floating down the tide of years! which I adopted from the old Poem,

The arrow soon to earth declines, whilst a large proportion of the follow

The lightning but a moment shines; ing Lines are original, especially the

He stops who doth most sweetly sing; concluding ones.

The cloud is ever on the wing; Bristol.


The race, tho'hard, will soon be o'er, ON MAN'S MORTALITY.

Aud living man be seep no more!
Like the fair rose, in vernal pride, If ev'rything above, below,
Or like the never-slumb'riog ride, Aloud doth mortal's frailty shew;
Or like the blossoni, fresh and gay, If we, ere long, must iake our fight
Or like the early dawn of day;

Froin' this revolving day and night,
Or like the cloud, 'mid tempest high, And our eternal portion be
That Alca's across the stormy sky, - la realms of joy or misery,-
E'en such is man, the heir of sorrow ! Let us no more in trities spead
Alive to dav, and dead to-morrow!

The life which must so shortly end; The blushing rose soon fades aw3s, But, whilst the sun salutes our eyes, · His course the ocean will not stay;

To rightcousness and God arise, The blossom fades, the tempest Hies, Let each, who has a soul to save, And main, the child of frailty, dies ! Extend his views beyond the grave; Or like a tale that soon is told,

And, while salvation still is nigh, Or like a mcadow gemm’d with gold,

To Christ, the friend of sioners, Ay. Orlike a bird with plumage gay,

So, when this fieeting state is o'er, Qr like the dew-drop pearls of May,

And time with us shall be no more; " Or passing hour, or fleeting span,

When c'en the elements around E'en such, in all his pride, is man!

Shall in consuming flames be found The grass decays, the tale is ended,

Upheld by faith, we will not fear, . The bird is duwo, the dew's ascended;

For our redemption dra veth near

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