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19 JEHOVAH is near unto the broken in heart; and saveth those, who are of a contrite spirit.

20 Though many are the sufferings of the righteous man ; JEHOVAH delivereth bim from all of them.

21 JEHOVAH guardeth all bis bones, not one of them shall be broken.

22 But misfortune shall slay the wicked; and those, who hate the righteous, JEHOVAH will destroy.


PLEAD thou my cause, O JEHOVAH ! with those who contend with me; and fight thou against those, who fight against


in my

2 Lay hold of the shield and buckler; and stand UP

defence. 3 Nay, draw forth thy spear and sword, and secure me from the assault of those who persecute me; say unto me," I am thy salvation.”

4 Let those who seek my life, be confounded and put to shame; let those be repulsed and confounded, who devise mischief against me.


5 Let

5 Let them be like the dust before the wind; dispersed by the angel of JEHOVAH.

6 Let their way be dark and slippery ; pursued by the angel of JEHOVAH.

7 For they have laid a snare - for me without cause; without cause they have digged a pit for me.

8 Let ruin overtake them suddenly ; let the snare which they laid, take hold on themselves, that they may fall into the destruction prepared for others.

9 Then shall my soul rejoice in JeroVAH; and be over-joyed with his salvation.

10 Then all my bones shall say : “ Who is like unto thee, O JEHOVAH ! who deliverest the afflicted from the hand of him who was too strong for him ; even the afflicted and the destitute, from him who would have despoiled him ?”

11 False witnesses rise up against me; they lay to my charge crimes which are unknown to me.

12 They repay me evil for good; they attempt to bereave me of


life. 13 Yet, while they were sick, I clothed myself in sack-cloth, and humbled myself with fasting ; but my prayer was returned into mine own bosom.

14 I walked

14 I walked about, as though it had been a friend or a brother ; I went heavily, like one who inourneth for a mother.

15 But, in mine adversity, they rejoiced, and associated together : revilers, whom I know not, associated against me :

16 While they flattered me, they obliquely sneered at me; they gnashed at me with their teeth.

17 How long, O JEHOVAH! wilt thou look on? oh! rescue my life from their mischievous designs; and my dearest life from those young lions. .

18 Then will I celebrate thee in the great assembly; I will praise thee before a numerous people.

19 Let not mine enemies, without cause, rejoice over me; neither let those who hate me without reason, wink with their eyes.

20 For their discourse tendeth not to peace ; they devise deceitful words against those, who are peaceable in the land.

21 They open wide their mouths against me, and say: “Ha! Ha! our eyes behold, what we only imagined.22 This thou hast seen, O JEHOVAH!

therefore be not thou silent therefore ; neither be far from me, O JEHOVAH !

23 Awake, and exert thyself to do me justice ; awake, o my God! and my LORD! to decide my cause.

24 Judge me, according to my righteousness, O JEHOVAH! my God! and let them not rejoice over me:

25 Lest they say in their heart,-" Ha! we have had our wish ;” lest they say,– “We have devoured him."

26 Let those, who rejoice at my calamity, be confounded and brought to shame: let those be covered with reproof and dishonour who magnify themselves against


27 But let those, who delight in mine innocence, sing aloud and rejoice in thee; and let them ever say,—“ Praised be JEHOVAH, who hath favoured the cause of his servant."

28 Then shall my tongue talk of thy justice; and daily resound thy praise.

PSALM XXXVI. REBELLION lodgeth in the heart of the wicked; there is no fear of GOD before his eyes.

2 He even flattereth himself in his own sight; lest he should discover and detest his iniquity.

3 The words of his mouth are full of iniquity and deceit; he hath ceased to be sufficiently wise to do good.

4. He deviseth mischief while upon his bed ; he persisteth in a way which is not good, and abhorreth not the thing which is evil.

5 Thy loving-kindness, O JEHOVAH ! reacheth unto the heavens : and thy faithfulness unto the clouds.

6 Thy justice standeth firm like the strong mountains ; thy judgments are like a deep abyss.

7 How precious is thy loving-kindness, JEHOVAH ! Thou, O JEHOVAH! preservest man and beast; therefore, the children of men shall take refuge under the shadow of thy wings.

8 They shall be satisfied with the abun. dance of the good things of thine house; and the torrent of pleasures thou makest them to drink.

9 For with thec is the fountain of life ; and by thy light we are enlightened.

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