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22 May their own table, in return, become a trap and a snare for their punishment!

23 May their eyes be so dim, that they may not sce: and their loins so weak, that they may alway bend downward !

24 Pour ihine indignation upon them ; and let the fierceness of thy wrath over. take them.

25 May their castles be desolate; and may there be no inhabitant in their tents !

26 For they persecute him, whoin thou hast smitten ; and they aggravate the grief of those whom thou hast wounded.

27 Add iniquity to their iniquity; and let them not enter into thy mercy.

28 Let then be effaced from the book of the living ; and suffer not their names to be enrolled among the righteous.

29 But as for me, humbled and afflicted as I am, let thy saving power, o GOD!

raise me up

30 Then I will praise the name of GOD with a song; and I will magnify him with thanksgiving : 31 Which will be more acceptable to


JEHOVAH than a steer with horns and hoofs.

32 The afflicted shall sce this; and those who fear god shall rejoice, and their hearts shall be revived:

33 For JEHOVAH listeneth to the destitute, and despiseth not those who are in bonds for his sake.

34 The heavens and the earth shall praise him; the seas and all that move in them :

35 When con shall have restored Zion, and rebuilded the cities of Judah :

36 That the posterity of his servants may inherit it, and that they may dwell there, and possess it ; and that those who love his name may inhabit it.


O JEHOVAH ! be pleased to rescue me; hasten, o GOD! to mine aid.

2 Let all those be confounded and covered with shame, who seek to take away my life : let those be driven backward and brought to confusion, who wish me evil. 3 Let those who say of me, “ Ahah!

Ahah !"

Ahah !" be overwhelmed with sudden shame.

4. But let all those who seek thee, be joyful and rejoice in thee ; and let those who delight in thy. salvation, say; “May JEHOVAH be magnified for ever!”

5 As for me, who am afflicted and destitute, may JEHOVAH consider my case !

6 I hou only art my helper and deliverer ; delay not tbine aid, o JEHOVAH!

PSALM LXXI. IN thee, O JEHOVAH! I place my trust; let me never be put to shame:

2 Rescue me, for the sake of thy righteousness, and deliver me; incline thine ear unto me, and save me. 3

Be thou unto me a tower of strength and a fortress of defence to save me ; for thou art my rock and my strong-hold.

4 Deliver me, o my God! from the hand of the wicked; from the hand of the iniquitous and violent man:

5 For thou, O JEHOVAH! art mine hope ; and hast been my confidence from my youth: 6 By thee I have been supported ever since I was born; thou tookest me from my mother's womb; my praise is alway concerning thee.

7 I am become a gazing stock into the multitude ; but thou art my sure refuge.

8 My mouth is full of thy praise and thy glory, all the day long.

9 Cast me not off in the time of mine old age ; forsake me not when my strength faileth :

10 For mine enemies speak against me, and those who lie in wait for my life consult together, and say, " GOD hath forsaken him ; pursue and take him, for there is none to deliver him."

11 Be not far from me, O GOD! Hasten, o my God! to mine aid !

12 Let the adversaries of my life be abashed and put to shame; let tnose who seek to do me evil be covered with reproach and disgrace:

13 That I may continue patient, and praise thee more and more;

14 That my mouth may relate thy bounty, and thy saving power, all the day long; for I know not the number of thy mercies. 15 JEHOVAH! my God! I will relate


thy mighty acts; I will celebrate thy righteousness.

16 Thou alone hast taught me from my youth; therefore to this time I may declare thy wonderful works.

17 Forsake me not, o GOD! even into old age and grey-hairs; until I have declared thy strength unto posterity, and thy power unto future generations.

18 Thy righteousness, O GOD! is very high; and great are the things which thou hast done.

19 O GOD! who is like unto thee? Though thou hast made me to see many distresses and calanities, restore and revive me, and bring me back from under the earth, and exalt me :

20 Advance me again to honour, and comfort me on every side.

21 Then I will praise thee with instruments of music; I will celebrate thy truth, O GOD!

22 Unto thee will 1 sing with the harp, o holy one of Israel! my lips will rejoice when I sing unto thee; my soul also, which thou hast delivered : 23 Yea, my tongue shall utter thy praise


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