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fail, God is the strength of mine heart, and my portion for ever.

26 But, lo! they who depart from thee shall perish; thou shalt destroy all those who are unfaithful to thee :

27 But, for my part, it seemeth good to me to draw near unto GOD, to place my trust in JEHOVAH, and recount all thy works.


WHEREFORE, O GOD! hast thou rejected us? Why doth thy wrath burn against the sheep of thy pasture for ever?

2 Remember thy congregation which thou hast purchased and saved of old; the tribe of thine inheritance, and mount Zion whercon thou hast dwelt.

3 Hasten thy steps to see the total desolation and bavock which the enemy bath made in thy sanctuary.

4 Thinc enemies roar in the midst of thy temple; they erect there their standards, and do not acknowledge thee :

5 Like men with up-lifted axes amidst a thick wood, so now they dash in pieces all


the carved works of it with axes and bam

mers :

ance ;

6 They set fire to thy sanctuary, and profane the dwelling-place of thy name by rasing it to the ground.

7 They say in their hearts; “Let us destroy them entirely :” and they burn all the places of worship of JEHOVAH to the ground. 8 We see not any signs of our deliver

neither is there a prophet, or one among us, who knoweth how long this desolation will last.

9 How long, O GOD! shall the enemy continue to set thee at defiance? shall the enemy. defy thy name for ever ?

10 Why drawest thou not forth thine hand, even thy right-hand, from thy bosom, to consume them?

11 Nevertheless, O GOD! my king ! in former days thou wroughtest deliverances in the midst of the earth. • 12 Thou, by thy power, didst divide the sea, and didst break the heads of the dragons

in the waters : 13 Thou didst dash the head of the T 2


whale in pieces; and gavest him to be food for the people in the wilderness :

14 Thou didst cause a spring, yea a torrent, to burst forth from the rock; thou didst dry up great rivers.

15 Through thee is the day, through thec is the night; thou didst prepare the light, and the plare of the sun.

16 Thou didst fix the boundaries of the earth; thou didst make the summer and winter.

17. Remember, O JEHOVAH ! the enemy who defy thee, and a foolish people who despise thy name.

18 Deliver not unto death the life of him who worshippeth thee; and forget not the congregation of thine afflicted for ever.

19 Have regard unto thy covenant, for the habitations of the land are full of darkness and violence.

20 Let not the poor be abashed; let the afflicted and distressed praise thy name.

21 Arise, O GOD! and plead thine own cause; remember how the foul revileth thee all the day long.

22 Forget not the clamour of thine ene,

mies; for the presumption of those who bate thee increaseth continually.


We praise thee, O GOD ! we praise thee, because thou art near ; thy wonderful works declare it.

2 When I shall receive again the courts of justice, I will judge with equity.

3 The lard and all its inhabitants are melted with fear ; but I will support the pillars of it.

4 To the insolent boasters, 1 say, “Do pot boast :” and to the wicked, “Set not up your horn :

5 "Set not up your horn on high, and speak not with a stiff neck :

6.6 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south ;

7 " But God himself is judge: he it is who humbleth one man, and exalteth another.

8 For in the hand of JEHOVAH there is a cup, and the wine is turbid, fu!of the mixture; and he poureth from it :


9 Yea,

9 Yea, the lees of it are squeezed, that all the wicked upon carth may drink of them.

10 Bat, for my part, I will rejoice in JEHOVAH for ever ; I will sing praise unto the god of Jacob :

IT All the horns of the wicked. I will cut off'; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.


GOD is well known in Judah ; his name is great in Israel :

2 His tabernacle is at Salem, and his dwelling is at Zion :

3 There brake he the arrows and the bows ; and destroyed the shield and sword of war.

4 Thou, o mount Zion! art more glorious and magnificent than the moun. tains of rapine.

5 All the stout-hearted were despoiled, they slept their sleep ; neither did any of the men of valour find their hands to defend themselves.

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