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6 At thy rebuke, O GOD of Jacob! the rider and the horse were fallen into a deep sleep.

7 Tholi, indeed, art to be feared ; and who can stand before thee, when thou art

angry ?

8 Thou causest thy sentence to be heard from heaven; the earth feared and was still, when thou, o GOD ! didst arise to execute judgment, and to save all the distressed of the land.

9 When thou dost gird on wrath, the residue of mankind shall praise thee.

10 Vow, and pay your vows unto JEH()VAH, your GOD.

Let all who are around him bring presents unto him, who ought to be feared.

11 He can control the spirit of princes; he is to be dreaded by the kings of the earth.


- My cry is unto God, and I complain : my cry is unto GOD, that he should hearken unto me.

2 In the day of distress, I seek JehoVAH; in the night, mine eye floweth with



tears, and ceaseth not : and my soul rcfus. cth comfort.

3 I call God to mind, and I am agitated; I am dejected, and my spirit is over-whelined with grief.

4 Mine eye is occupied in watching ; I am so disturbed, that I cannot speak:

5 1 reflect on the days of ancient times ; I call to mind the years which are past :

6 I meditate in the night within inine heart; I am dejected while my spirit inquireth :

7 “Will JEHOVAH,” say I, “cast me off for ever? and will he receive me with affection no more?

8 “Will his goodness entirely cease ? hath his word failed for all generations ? 9

“ Hath god forgotten to have compassion ? bath he closed his mercy in wrath ?"

10 Then I say, in my dejection ; “This change proceeds from the right-hand of the most high :

II "I will recollect thy works, O JEHOVAH! and call to mind thy wonders of old time :

I will meditate on all thy works; and I will relate all thy great exploits.

13 “O GOD!


13 “O GOD! holy is thy way.

What God is so great as our God? 11

6. Thou art the God who doest wonders: the madest known thy power among the nations ; 15

6. Thou didst deliver with thinę arm thy people; the sons of Jacob and Joseph.

16 - The waters saw ibee, O GOD! the waters saw thee, and were afrighted; the scas also tremble.

17 “The clouds poured down water ; the heavens resounded, and thine arrows went fortb.

18 “ The sound of thy thunder was in the whirlwind ; thy lightnings did shine over the world : the earth trembled and shook. 19 Thy way,

JEHOVAH ! through the sea, and thy path through the great waters, although thy footsteps are not known.

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20 “ Thou didst lead thy people like a flock of sheep, by the hand of Moses and Aaron.”


LISTEN, o my people ! to mine instruc


tion ; incline your ears to the words of my mouth :

2 I will open my mouth in a grave discourse, I will utter pointed truths of ancient times ;

3 Which we have heard and known ; and which our fathers delivered unto us.

4 We will not conceal them from their children, but will publish to the next generation the praises of JEHOVAH ; his power, and the wonderful works which he hath done :

5 For he ordained a testimony in Jacob, and established a law in Israel, by which he commanded our fore-fathers to make his works known unto their children :

6 That their posterity might know them, and that children who should be born, might arisc, ard tell their children:

7. That they should place their hope in GOD ; and should not forget his works, but keep his commandments :

8 And not be like their fore-fathers, a perverse and offending generation ; a generation whose heart was not firm; and whose spirit was not stedfast toward God. 9 The sons of Ephraim, who were


armed with the bow, were put to flight in the day of battle ;

10 Because they kept not the covenant of GOD, and refused to walk according to his

law :

11 And forgot his works and his wonders, which he had shown them.

12 Before their fathers be bad wrought wonders in the land of Egypt, in the plain of Zoan :

13 He had divided the red-sca, to let them pass through, and caused the waters on each side to stand like an leap :

14. He had led them by a cloud in the day; and all the night, by a light of fire :

15 He had cleaved the rocks in the wil. derness, and given them drink as from the grcat deep:

16 He had brought forth streams from the rock, and made the water to descend like rivers.

17 Nay, they still continued to sin against him ; to provoke the most high in the wilderness.

18 In their hearts they put god to the proof, by demanding meat for their appetites:

19 They

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