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There may be for every child two or three sponsors, who sbould most properly be parents or guardians.


HEAR the words of our lord Jesus Christ to his apostles ;

“Go ye, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into [or, with reference to) the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.” Matt. sxviii. 19.

Hcar also what the apostle Peter saith : “ Repent, and let cvery one of you be baptized into [or, with reference to] the name of Jesus Christ, for a remission of sins; and

ус will receive the gift of the holy spirit.” (Acts ii. 38.)

We also read, in the book of the acts of the apostles, that certain disciples ivere “ baptized into [or, with reference to] the name of the lord Jesus Christ.” Acts xix. 5.

And the same apostle writcth further; that “ the baptism which saveth us is not a cleansing of filth of the body, but an answcr of a good conscience unto GOD." 1 Pet. iii. 21.

The minister, addressing himself to the sponsors

present, sball say : Ye have brought this child hither to be baptized : I demand, therefore,

Will ye faithfully and earnestly exhort This child to renounce every thing that is evil, the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all covetous desires, and all vicious inclinations, so that he may not follow them, nor be led by them?

Answer. I will.

Minister. Will ye instruct him in the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ?

Answer. I will.

Minister. Will ye exhort him to keep GOD's holy will and commandments, and to walk in them all the days of bis life?

Answer. I will.

The minister shall then take the child into his bands, and say to the sponsors :

Name this child.

Then naming it after them, and either dipping it in the water, or sprinkling water upon it,

be shall say ;

I baptize thee into [or, with reference



to] the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.”

Or, the following form may be used: I baptize thee into [or, with reference to] the name of Jesus Christ.

Let us pray.

ALMIGHTY and ever blessed God! by whose providence the different generations of mankind are raised up to know thee, and to enjoy thy favour for ever; grant that this child, now dedicated to thee as the disciple of Jesus Christ our lord, may be endued with heavenly virtues, and be in the number of those who, through thy mercy, shall be everlastingly saved. For this end, we entreat thy blessing upon these thy servants, who have now lemnly engaged themselves to instruct him in thy holy truth; that they may be enabled to discharge their great trust with diligence and fidelity, and may have the comfort of beholding the fruits of their pious labours, in the virtuous improvement of their offspring under their care. Fi. nally, we give thec humble thanks, ò hca


venly father! for having called us to the knowledge and belief of the gospel : increase this knowledge, and confirin this belief in us; that we may be enabled to correct all our corrupt and wicked affections, and daily proceed in the practice of religion and virtue, till we come to that eternal kingdom, which thou hast promised by Christ our lord. Amen.

1 Exhortation to parents after baptism.

BRETHREN, THE design of receiving infants by baptism into the church of Christ is to remind parents of their duty to them in their innocent and helpless age, that they may train them up as his disciples, and the children of God; and that, as they have been the instruments of bringing them into this mortal life, they may have the comfort of contributing to their future happiness in a life which will never end.

Remember then that this child belongs to God who gave him to you, and intrusts you with him, that he may be educated and átted for himself: and if, through your


F 2

criminal neglect, or bad example, his reasonable creature be lost, he will require bin at your hands.

İnstil, therefore, into his tender mind the knowledge, reverence, and love of God, the heavenly father and maker of all, and a deep sense of the duty which he owes to him. Acquaint him with his benevolent designs from the beginning, for the recovery of a degenerate and perishing world to their duty and happiness: and lead bin to learn the mind and will of GOD for bis salvation, from that inestimable treasure of wisdom, the holy scriptures, especially the words of Christ and his apostles ; and not froin the doctrines and inventions of


Check the first risings of envy and pride in his breast, by teaching him humility and a just knowledge of himself; that all he possesses, or hopes for, is from God, whose free bounty alone maketh the difference between his creatures. But, at the same time, inform bim of the dignity of bis nature; of the importance of reason, the light of GOD within him ; by which he is to govern himself, to restrain his appetites and passions, to moderate bis affections, to know the


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