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101 HYMN 296.

HYMN 299. Come, sound his praise abroad.

Awake, and sing the song And hymns of glory sing;

Of Moses and the Lamb ! Jehovah is the sovereign God,

Wake, every heart and every tongue, The universal King.

To praise the Saviour's name. He formed the deeps unknown;

Sing of his deathless love;
He gave the seas their hound;

Sing of his vital grace;
The watery worlds are all his own; Sing of salvation planned above,
And all the solid ground.

For all our sinful race.
Come, worship at his throne;

Sing till you feel your hearts
Come, bow before the Lord :

With holy ardor glow;
We are his work, and his alone; Sing till the love of sin departs,
He formed us by his word.

And heaven is felt below.
To-day attend his voice,

Sing on your Zion way,
Nor more provoke his rod;

With rapturous delight;
In wisdom's peaceful ways rejoice, Sing till you see the holy ray
And own your gracious God.

Of God's eternal light.
Tbus you the joys will share,

There, with the angel throng, Which from devotion rise; %

Salvation we'll proclaim; And heavenly grace your souls prepare And ever join the sacred song For bliss that never dies.

Of Moses and the Lamb!

HYMN 297.

HYMN 300. Sing to Jehovah's name,

Grace, 'tis a charming sound, And in his strength rejoice:

Harmonious to the ear: When his salvation is our theme, Heaven with the echo shall resound, Exalted be our voice.

And all the earth shall hear. With thanks approach his sight, Grace first contrived the way And hymns of honor sing ;

To save rebellious man; The Lord's a God of boundless might, The means, the wisdom still display The whole Creation's King.

· That drew the wondrous plan. Earth, with its caverns deep,

Grace taught my roving feet! Lies in his spacious hand;

To tread the heavenly road; He fixed the seas what bounds to keep, And new supplies each hour I meet,

And where the hills must stand. While pressing on to God. Come, humble souls, adore,

Grace all the work shall crown, Come, kneel before his face ;

Through everlasting days : O may the creatures of his power It lays in heaven the topmost stone, Be children of his grace!

And well deserves the praise.

HYMN 298.

HYMN 301. The living waters flow,

My soul, repeat his praise,
The thirsty soul to cheer;

Whose mercies are so great;
And fruits of life immortal grow Whose kindness to our sinful race,
For those who hunger here.

No change can e'er abate.
The dawn of hope and love,

By him divinely blest, Is seen on earth again;

Each hour his mercy proves; And be who reigns as Lord above, Far as the east is from the west, In spirit is with men.

His love our guilt removes. Exalted on his throne, .

High as his holy place The world shall hear his word;

Ābove the ground we tread, By one blest name shall he be known, So far the riches of his grace, The Universal Lord.

Our highest thoughts exceed.

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HYMN 303.

HYMN 306.
Lord. what our ears have heard.

Dear Saviour, we are thine!
Our eyes delighted trace ;

Thine may we ever be !
Thy love in all thy ways conferred. Our vital union, how divine !
On Zion's chosen race.

Our union unto thee.
Our children thou dost claim,

To thee in faith we cleave; And mark them out for thine:

O may we cleave in love; Ten thousand blessings to thy name, Thy precious grace may we receive, For goodness so divine.

Descending from above. Thee let the fathers own,

Thy spirit shall unite Thee let the sons adore :

Mankind to thee, their Head; By all be in devotion shown

Shall form them to thy image bright, Thy praise for evermore,

And on them blessings shed. How great thy mercies, Lord !

Death may our souls divide How plenteous is thy grace!

From these abodes of clay; Which, in the promise of thy word, But thou wilt keep us near thy side, Includes our rising race.

Through all the gloomy way. Our offspring, still thy care,

Since thou and we are one, Shall own their Father's God;

We will not doubt thy care; To latest times thy blessings share, The love on earth so freely shown, And sound thy praise abroad.

We evermore shall share.

HYMN 304. Sweet is the friendly voice

Which speaks of life and peace; Which bids the penitent rejoice,

And sin and sorrow cease.
No balm on earth like this

Can cheer the contrite heart;
No flattering dreams of earthly bliss

Such pure delight impart.
Still merciful and kind,

Thy mercy, Lord, reveal :
The broken heart thy love can bind,

The wounded spirit heal.
Thy presence shall restore

Peace to my anxious breast:
Lord, let my steps be drawn no more

From paths which thou hast blessed.

HYMN 307.
By faith may Jesus dwell

In our believing hearts;
While he that love which none can tell,

In streams of grace, imparts.
Then may we comprehend,

With all the saints in light,
And see his boundless grace extend,

And know its depth and height.
Then, filled with every grace,

From strength to strength we'll go,
While Jesus shows his smiling face

In every scene of woe.
Soon we shall victors be,

And crowns of glory wear ;
In endless peace our Captain see,

And dwell forever there.

HYMN 305.
My soul, be on thy guard!

Unnumbered foes arise:
The hosts of sin are pressing hard,

To draw thee from the skies.
O watch, and fight, and pray ;

The contest ne'er give o'er;
Renew the conflict day by day,

And aid divine implore.
Ne'er think the victory won,

Nor lay the armor down;
Thy work of faith will ne'er be done,

Till thou obtain the crown.

HYMN 308.
Our Saviour knows full well

The heart of every saidt;
He bids us all our sorrows tell,

And pray, and never faint.
He bows his gracious ear-

We never pray in vain;
Then let us still his word revere,

And pray, and pray again.
His hand our every tear

Will gently wipe away;
For graciously he deigns to hear

His people when they pray.

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evening shade, Shall be exchanged no more, Shall be exchanged no more.

HYMN 310. Welcome, sweet day of rest,

One day, amid the place That saw the Lord arise ;

Where my dear Lord hath been, Welcome to this reviving breast, Is sweeter than ten thousand days And these rejoicing eyes !

of folly and of sin. Our Lord himself draws near,

My willing soul would stay
To bless his saints to-day;

In such a frame as this,
Here we may sit, and see him here, Till called to rise, and soar away
And love, and praise, and pray.

To everlasting bliss.


HYMN 311.

HYMN 314.
To bless the human race,

Behold the throne of grace!
In mercy, Lord, incline;

The promise calls me near;
And cause the light of saving grace There Jesus shows a smiling face,
On all the earth to shine.

And waits to answer prayer.
O may thy wondrous way

Thine image, Lord, bestow, Throughout the world be known,

Thy presence and thy love: And every soul its homage pay,

I ask to serve thee here below, And thy salvation own.

And reign with thee above. Oh let the nations sing

Teach me to live by faith, The wonders of thy hand;

Conform my will to thine; For thou, the universal King,

May I victorious be in death, Shalt govern every land.

And then in glory shine. Let every kindred join,

If thou these blessings give, Thy mercies to proclaim,

And wilt my portion be, While heaven and earth in joy combine, All worldly joys I'll gladly leave, To praise thy glorious name.

And find my heaven in thee.

HYMN 312.

HYMN 315. Sweet is the work, O Lord,

Ye servants of the Lord, - Thy glorious name to sing,

Each in your office wait;
To praise and pray-to hear thy word, With joy obey his heavenly word,
And grateful offerings bring.

And watch before his gate.
Sweet-at the dawning light,

Let all your lamps be bright,
Thy boundless love to tell;

And trim the golden flame;
And when approach the shades of night, Gird up your loins, as in his sight,
Still on the theme to dwell,

For holy is his name.
Sweet-on this day of rest,

Watch !-'tis your Lord's command, To join the heart and voice,

And while we speak, he's near: With those who love and serve thee best, Mark the first signal of his hand, And in thy name rejoice.

And ready all appear. To songs of praise and joy,

O happy servant he,
Be every Sabbath given ;

In such a posture found !
For songs of praise, divine employ! He shall his Lord with rapture see,
Shall be our theme in heaven.

And be with honor crowned.

HYMN 313.
My God-my life--my love,

To thee-to thee I call;
I cannot live, if thou remove,

For thou art all in all,
Nor earth-nor all the sky

Can one delight afford, No-not a drop of real joy,

Without thy presence, Lord.
Thou art the sea of love,

Where all my pleasures roll;
My glorious day-spring from above,

The portion of my soul.
Thy truth, my longing heart

Shall evermore embrace;
And feel the bliss thy words impart,

The blessing of thy grace.

HYMN 316,
O God, to earth incline,

With mercies from above;
And let thy presence round us shine,

With beams of heavenly love.
Through all the earth below,

Thy ways of grace proclaim,
Till distant nations hear and know

The Saviour's blessed name.
O may the world agree

To walk in wisdom's ways,
And all mankind present to thee

Their songs of grateful praise !
Oh let the nations round

Their cheerful powers employ,
And earth's remotest coasts resound
With shouts of sacred joy.

on letir chee remo sacre

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