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HYMN 508. Now be the gospel banner

In every land unfurled, And be the shout hosanna,

Re-echoed through the world, Till every isle and nation,

Till every tribe and tongue, Receive the great salvation,

And join the happy throng.' What though th'embattled legions

Of earth and sin combine,His arm throughout their regions

Shall soon in terror shine. Gird on thy sword victorious,

Immanuel, Prince of Peace ! Thy triumph shall be glorious,

Ere yet the battle cease. Yes, thon shalt reign forever,

o Jesus, King of kings ! Thy light, thy love, thy favor,

Each ransomed captive sings; The isles for thee are waiting,

The deserts learn thy praise, The hills and valleys greeting, The song responsive raise.

HYMN 509. Hark to the cheering voice Of the grace from the throne above;

They who believe, rejoice
To hear of a Saviour's love.

Come to the gracious feast
Of the Lord in his holy mount ;

And of the stream here taste,
That flows from the living fount.

They who obey the call,
And in spirit the word believe,

Joy in the Lord of all,
And life and its light receive.

Ye who in darkness mourn
O'er the shadows around the tomb,-

Rays of salvation's morn Here scatter the darkest gloom.

Ho! all ye fainting hearts, Who the tears of desire have shed,

Faith in the Lord imparts The true and the living bread.

Ho! every one that thirsts! Here the fountain is flowing free!

Forth from the Rock it bursts, And flowing it ever shall be.

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183 HYMN 510.

HYMN 512. Stars upon the brow of night,

Thou whose wide extended sway, Speeding forth on wings of light, Suns and systems e'er obey! In your long melodious flight,

Thou, our Guardian and our Stay, Hallelujahs sing!

Grace and truth impart; Flowers with overflowing brims, May thy word its power display, Drooping on your dewy stems,

And thy love-enkindling ray,
Lift your dedicated hymns

Warm, enlighten, and assay
To th’ Almighty King!

Every waiting heart.

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HYMN 511.

HYMN 513.
Saviour ! our hearts we bring,

Thy bounties, Lord, we see,
Thee to extol;

Around, above;
And thy great love we sing,

All nature breathes of thee,
Saviour of all!

And of thy love.
Humble our hymn may be,

The sun, undimmed by time,
But thou our glowing hearts canst see, Best emblem of thy light sublime,
Truly confessing thee,

Proclaims, in every clime,
Saviour of all I

Thy boundless love.

Blessings we hear thee breathe,

Thou Spirit Dove !
Garlands we see thee wreathe,

In worlds above.
When life with us is o'er,
In grateful homage we'll adore,
And laud forevermore,

Thy saving love!

Gently the dews distil,

Rains sweetly fall,
Teaching thy great good-will,

Alike to all.
Lord, may thy holy word
By all mankind in faith be heard,
Breathing of grace conferred

By thee, on all.

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Up from the fountains of faith and thanksgiving,

Rises the rainbow of praise o'er the heart : Sunbeams of mercy, all darkness outliving,

Brightness, and beauty, and glory impart.

Round us we gaze on the works of creation,

Wisdom and goodness in all things we see; Brighter by far in the plan of salvation,

Shineth the grace that proceedeth from thee! Forward we look, and the brightness of glory

Dawneth resplendent from mansions above; Ransomed from sorrow, each soul shall adore thee,

Filled with the fruits of unsearchable love! Darkness and doubting forever departed,

Sighing and sorrow forever shall cease; And in the grace, by Jehovah imparted,

Joy shall roll on in the river of peace. Thou of salvation the author and giver,

Oft shall remembrance thy mercies recall; Lauded and hallowed forever and ever,

Be the Creator and Saviour of all,

Oh ! for thy mercy, our Father Eternal,

Voices and barp-tones thy praises shall sing: Fresh from our spirits, all balmy and vernal,

Blessings and honors to thee we will bring. Bless thee, O Father! thou King of salvation !

Love is thy diadem, mercy thy seal ! Truth thy unchanging, eternal foundation,

Justice thy sceptre to bruise and to heal.

HYMN 515. Spirit of beauty, of love and creation !

Thou who art smiling in fountains and flowers! Here on thy altar we pour a libation,

Incense to thy love from well-springs in ours.

Quicken, O spirit of love and creation !

Quicken our hearts with devotional fire; Kindle a flame in the shrine of oblation,

Waken our love with thy magical lyre. Now from the altar our music is stealing,

Upward and onward to thee on thy throne : Bless, dearest Father, this tribute of feeling, Poor tho' the song be, for love wakes the tone.

S. C.E.

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HYMN 516.

VERSES 2, 3, 4. Swell the loud pæan ! be gratitude blended His call we obey,

With offerings of praise to the Infinite Love! Like Abraham of old, Laud ye the Father of him who ascended,

Not knowing our way, Through death and its gloom to glory above! But faith makes us bold: Laud him, ye people-ye aged and hoary

For though we are strangers, Ye youthful and buoyant, his goodness recall; We have a sure Guide, Lift up the soul to the “excellent glory”

And trust, in all dangers, Of God, the Creator and Saviour of all!

The Lord will provide. Come from the desert of darkness and error, No strength of our own, Dwell in the Eden of ransoming grace,

Or goodness, we claim; Leave the dominions of doubting and terror, Yet since we have known

The truth of redemption, o gladly embrace. Our Immanuel's name, Nature resplendently shadows around you, In him as our Saviour, Light and the halo of goodness divine !

We ever confide, Burst from the fetters so long that have bound you, For sa fe in his favor, To Christ and his freedom forever incline.

The Lord will provide. Laud him, ye people !-from valley and mountain, When life sinks apace, Let paans of gratitude humbly arise ;

And death is in view, Open the gates of the heart's purest fountain,- This word of his grace Pour forth its praises to God in the skies !

Shall comfort us through ; Join the glad anthem !-throughout every nation To him ever cleaving,

The song of thanksgiving exultingly raise; His call we'll abide,
Rejoicing fore'er in the light of salvation,

In gladness believing
To God be ascriptions of glory and praise. J. P. The Lord will provide

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