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ho - ly, Hosts of re - deemed are shouting holy, holy, Lord God Al • migh • ty!

We in rejoicing join the thrilling chorus,
Blending our voices with the holy anthem,
Shouting forever to his praise and glory, -

O hallelujah!
Nor life nor death from his rich love can sever,
His by creation-his in free redemption;
Join in his praises, shouting holy, holy,

Lord God Almighty |
When we behold him on his throne of glory,
Blessing each nation, kindred, tongue and people,
We will adore him, shouting in our triumph,

O hallelujah!

HYMN 533.
High o'er the heaven of heavens I saw, and trembled,
O God of gods, thy robes of sacred splendor!
Thunders cherubic shouting, Holy ! holy !

' Lord God Almighty!
Drop down, ye heavens, and pour a flood of glory;
Ye shades of death, the dawn of life approaches;
Mortals shall learn the music of thy thunders,

Infinite Goodness!
Rise from the dust, arrayed in godlike beauty,
O Solyma ! immortal joys await thee:
See thy lost race, burst from their chains of darkness,

Crowned with salvation.
Shout, ye loud winds, the universal triumph ;
Sing to the world, thy God, thy God descendeth,
Lifts his high hand, and swears, I live for ever,

Live, thy Redeemer !

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1. Lo, down, down in yon beautiful valley, Where love crowns the meek and the lowly, 2. This lone vale is far from contention, Where Do soul may dream of dissension,3. Ye lone sons of mis • fortune come hither, Where joys bloom and never shall wither,

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soft gales of cheering reflection, May soothe the mind from sorrow and pain. flows peace for e- ver and e ver, And love and joy for. e. ver increase. chanting re- demption's glad story, We'll laud the love of God and the Lamb !

HYMN 535. Pilgrim, p. 192.
'Mid sickness and sorrow, how sweet to our hearts,
Is the hope that the gospel of Jesus imparts !
Which tells us that here, though through troubles we roam,
There's pleasure unmingled, in Heaven, our home.

Home, home, sweet, sweet home,

How pants my rapt spirit, in prospect of home,
An exile from thence, this world dazzles in vain ;
Its splendours are baubles-its pleasures are pain;
And when o'er my feelings drear sadness doth come,
With ardor I long for my heavenly home.

Home, home, sweet, sweet home!

How longe my sad soul for ny glorious home!
Then open thy portals, thou dark, gloomy grave,
And let me to earth render back what she gave;
While my soul, from the bondage of death and the tomb,
Escapes, bright and pure, to its sorrowless home.

Home, home, sweet, sweet home!

0, when shall I gain thee, my heavenly home?
O when, in thy presence, thou all-righteous One,
Shall I dwell in that day of which thou art the Sun,
And join thy creation, 'neath Heaven's high dome,
To praise thee in thine and their own happy home?

Home, home, sweet, sweet home!

O, when shall my spirit soar up to its home ? D. J. M.

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HYMN 536.

HYMN 537.
Earth and time are darkly smitten There's a friend above all others;
With sad decay ;

O how he loves !
And on all things bright is written, His is love beyond a brother's ;
“ Passing away !"

O how he loves !
While in scenes of bliss delighting, Earthly friends may fail and leave us,
On the brightest, most inviting, This day kind, the next bereave us;
Still the hand of death is writing, But this friend will ne'er deceive us;
“ Passing away !"

O how he loves!
But the sighs of gloom and sadness, He of all is Lord and Saviour,-

Shall flee away;
For a world there is of gladness, We enjoy his precious favor,
Free from decay.

"O how he loves ! He who made us will deliver,

Best of blessings he'll provide us,-
And will crown us all for ever, Aught of ill shall not betide us,-
With the blissful joys that never Safe to glory he will guide us-
Can flee away.

O how he loves !

We en io how he hand Savior

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Though in distant lands we sigh, Parched beneath a burning sky; Though the deep between us rolls, Friendship shall unite our souls, And in fancy's bright domain, Oft may we all meet again! When the dreams of life are fledWhen its wasted lamps are deadWhen in cold oblivion's shade, Beauty, fame, and power are laid, Where immortal spirits reign, There we all shall meet again!

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HYMN 540. Rock of Ages, cleft for me ! Let me hide myself in thee; Let thy ever.precious blood, Symbol of the saving flood, Be of sin the double cure; Save me, Lord, and make me pure. Should my tears forever flow,Should my zeal no languor knowThis for sin could not atone: Thou must save, and thou alone. In my hand no price I bringSimply to thy croes I cling. While I draw this fleeting breathWhen mine eyelids close in deathWhen I rise to worlds above, And behold thy gracious loveRock of Ages cleft for me! Let me hide myself in thee.

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HYMN 541.
How lovely the place where the Saviour appears, To those who believe in his word;
His presence disperses their sorrows and fears, And bids them rejoice in the Lord.
A day in thy courts, than a thousand beside, Is better and lovelier far!
My soul hates the tents where the wicked abide, And all their delights I abhor.
O give me a place with the humblest of saints, For low at thy feet I would lie;
I know thou regardest my feeble complaints, And ever to help me art nigh.
In all my endeavours, confiding in thee, Pour out thy abundance of love!
From folly's enchantments, O aid me to flee, To set my affections above.

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O God of salvation, in mercy attend The voice of contrition and woe;
And while we before thee in penitence bend, Thy pardon and favor bestow.
We trust in thy mercy and hope in thy grace-0 may we still seek thee in prayer!
With heirs of thy promise, O give us a place, and grant us thy presence to share.
Thy children are we, but unworthy we are-Forgetful of mercies received;
From paths of thy wisdom we've wandered afar, And often thy spirit have grieved.
O grant us repentance for every misdeed, And help us our ways to amend;
With the grace of thy spirit supply us in need, And ever from evil defend.

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O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight, On whom in affliction I call!
My comfort by day, and my song in the night, My Hope, my Salvation, my All!
Where dost thou, O Saviour, resort with thy sheep, To feed them in pastures of love ?
O why in the valley of death should I weep, Or alone in the wilderness rove?
O why should I wander an alien from thee, Or cry in the desert for bread?
Thy foes will rejoice when my sorrows they see, And smile at the tears I have shed.
Dear Shepherd, I hear and will follow thy call, I know the sweet sound of thy voice;
Restore and defend me, for thou art my all-In thee I will ever rejoice.

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