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37 HYMN 83.

HYMN 86. God is the refuge of his saints,

Great God, we sing thy mighty hand, When storms of deep distress invade; By which, supported still, we stand: Ere we can offer our complaints, The opening year thy mercy shows; Behold him present with his aid. Let mercy crown it till it close. Loud may the troubled ocean roar: By day, by night, at home, abroad, In sacred peace our souls abide,

Still we are guided by our God; While every nation, every shore, By his incessant bounty fed, Trembles and dreads the swelling tide. By his unerring counsel led. There is a stream whose gentle flow

With grateful hearts the past we own; Supplies the city of our God

The future, all to us unknown, Life, love, and joy still gliding through. We to thy guardian care commit, And watering our divine abode.

And peaceful leave before thy feet. That sacred stream, thy holy word,

In scenes exalted or depressed, Our every raging fear controls ; Be thou our joy, and thou our rest; Sweet peace thy promises afford,

Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise, And give new strength to fainting souls. Adored through all our changing days.

HYMN 87.
HYMN 84.
On God the race of man depends,

Through every age, eternal God,
Far as the earth's remotest ends;

Thou art our rest, our safe abode; At his command, the morning ray

High was thythrone ere heav'n was made, Smiles in the east and leads the day..

Or earth thy humble footstool laid.

Long hadst thou reigned ere time began, Seasons and times obey his voice ;

Or dust was fashioned into man; And evening and the morn rejoice,

And long thy kingdom shall endure, To see the earth refreshed with show'rs, u Laden with fruit & crown'd with flow'rs.

$. When earth and time shall be no more.

A thousand of our years amount
The desert grows a fruitful field; Scarce to a day in thine account,
Abundant food the valleys yield; Like yesterday's departed light,
The plains resound with praises meet, Or the last watch of ending night.
And hills and vales the song repeat. Death, like an overflowing stream,
Thy works proclaim thy power divine: Sweeps us away; our life's a dream.
O'er nature wide thy glories shine ; An empty tale, a morning flower
Through every month thy gifts appear, Cut down and withered in an hour.
And blessings crown the rolling year.

HYMN 88.
HYMN 85.

Father of mercies, in thy house
The rising morn, the closing day,

Smile on our homage and our vows; Repeat thy praise with grateful voice;

While, with a grateful heart, we share Both in their turns thy power display,

These pledges of our Master's care. And, laden with thy gifts, rejoice. The Saviour, when to heaven he rose,

In splendid triumph o'er his foes, Earth's wide-extended, varying scenes, Bestowed his gifts on men below, All smiling round, thy bounty show;

And wide his gracious bounties flow. From seas or clouds, full magazines, · Thy rich, diffusive blessings flow.

So shall a bright succession run,

Till the last courses of the sun; Now earth receives the precious seed,

And churches rise, and souls rejoice, Which thy indulgent hand prepares, In tidings of the still small voice. And nourishes the future bread, And answers all the sower's prayers,

Our Saviour, Lord, their hearts shall

know,Here, spreading flocks adorn the plain; The Spring whence all these blessings There, plenty every charm displays;

flow; Thy bounty clothes each lovely scene, Pastors and people shout his praise, And joyful nature shouts thy praise. And walk rejoicing in his ways.

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IFTOLE thy truth at night.


by morning light, And talk of all tiny truth at night, And talk of

30. SHILOH. L. M.

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VERSES 3, 4, 5.

HYMN 90.
My heart shall triumph in the Lord, I love the Lord, I love his cause,
And bless his works and ways and word; I love his just and holy laws,
Thy works of grace how bright they shine, I love his word, I love his ways,
How deep thy counsels, how divine! I love to hear and sing his praise.
And I shall share a glorious part, He gives me life, he gives me peace,
When grace refines my longing heart; And bids all jarring discord cease,
For then in spirit I shall feel

Removes my doubts and calms my fears, *The blessing of celestial zeal.

And kindly dries affliction's tears. When shall I see and hear and know I'll praise him while he lends me breath, All I desired or wished below,

And when my voice is lost in death, And every power find sweet employ I'll praise him in bright worlds above, In an unfading world of joy.

Where all is harmony and love.

Allen shall I secelestial Zeai.

HYMN 91.

HYMN 94.
Father of lights! we sing thy name, Now for a tune of lofty praise
Who kindlest up the lamp of day; To great Jehovah's gracious Son!
Wide as he spreads his golden flame, Awake, my voice, in heavenly lays,
His beams thy power and love display. To sing the wonders he hath done.
Fountain of good! from thee proceeds, Sing how he left the worlds of light,
In copious drops, the genial rain, The brightest of the host above,
Which o'er the hills, and thro' the meads, To labour in these scenes of night,
Revives the grass, and swells the grain. To conquer by the power of love!
Thro' the wide world thy bounties spread; Deep in the shades of earthly gloom,
Yet thousands of our guilty race, Slain by his foes, the Saviour lay!
Though by thy daily bounty fed,

But, life renewed, he burst the tomb, Affront thy law, reject thy grace. And rose to everlasting day! Not so may our forgetful hearts

And now amid the heavenly host, O'erlook the tokens of thy care;

Around him ranks of angels bow !
But what thy liberal hand imparts, He who was slain, is honored most,
Still own in praise, still ask in prayer. And crowns adorn the Saviour's brow.
So shall our suns more grateful shine,

HYMN 95.
And showers in richer drops shall fall,
When all our hearts and lives are thine, Spirit of bright, expanded wing,
And thou, O God! enjoyed in all, Brood o'er the chaos of the mind;

Thy purest pleasures hither bring.
HYMN 92.

And fill the soul with joy divine. Awake the song that gave to earth In paradise thy charms were known, Salvation in Immanuel's birth!

When first the morning stars appeared, Angelic tongues the strain began, When light upon creation shone, 'Twas peace on earth, good will to man. And all the vale of Eden cheered. Celestial peace ! and is it ours

Thy birth was in that fountain clear, To strike the harp on Salem's towers! Which issues from the throne above, To welcome back the dove that brings Where Mercy stoops our plaints to hear, The balm of healing in her wings! Where flow the streams of sacred love. She comes ! and, lo, the orphan's wail Benevolence, thy smile imparts No longer loads the passing gale ; The sweetest joys to mortals given ; Contentment sheds her sacred calm, Refines, directs, restrains our hearts, And nature owns the sovereign balm. And cheers us with the bliss of heaven. She comes! and banner, spear, and plume,

HYMN 96. That led to conquest and the tomb, Wreathed with the olive, now adorn O thou to whose all-searching sight The triumph of salvation's morn. The darkness shineth as the light,

O prove my heart; it pants for thee, HYMN 93.

o burst its bands, and set it free! O God, our Father and our King,

If in this darksome wild I stray, Of all we have or hope the spring,

Be thou my light and thou my way; Send down thy spirit from above,

No foes, no danger will I fear, And warm our hearts with holy love.

If thou, my Father, wilt be near. With pity let our hearts o'erflow. When rising floods my soul o'erflow, When we behold another's woe;

When sinks my heart in waves of woe, And bear a sympathizing part,

Thy timely aid do thou impart, With all who are of heavy heart. To raise my head and cheer my heart. Let love in all our conduct shine, O let thy name support me still, An image fair, though faint, of thine; And lead me to thy holy hill, And thus may we thy children prove, Where toil and pain,andgrief shall cease The objects of thy boundless love. Where all is calm, and all is peace.

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