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HYMN 135. HYMN 137. Great God, this sacred day of thine When, streaming from the eastern skies, Demands our soul's collected powers: The morning light salutes mine eyes, May we employ in work divine . O Sun of righteousness divine, These solemn, these devoted hours; On me with beams of mercy shine; O may our souls adoring own O chase the clouds of sin away,

The grace which calls us to thy throne. And turn my darkness into day.

Hence, ye vain cares and trifles, fly; As every day thy mercy spares

Where God resides appear no more; Will bring its trials and its cares;
Omniscient God, thy piercing eye O Saviour, till my life shall end,
Can every secret thought explore: Be thou my Counsellor and Friend;
O may thy grace our hearts refine, Teach me thy precepts, all divine,
And fix our thoughts on things divine. And be thy pure example mine.
The word of life dispensed to-day, And, at my life's last setting sun,
Invites us to a heavenly feast: My conflicts o'er, my labors done,
May every ear the call obey; O be thy heavenly radiance shed,
Be every heart an humble guest; To cheer and bless my dying bed;
May every mind thy truth believe, And, from the gloom my spirit raise,
And every soul thy grace receive. To see thy face and sing thy praise.
Thy spirit's powerful aid impart; HYMN 138.

O may thy word, with light divine,
Engage the ear and warm the heart; O Thou whose glory fills all space,
Then shall the day indeed be thine; And clothes with beauty earth and sky,
Then shall our souls adoring own Whose presence lights up nature's face,
The grace which calls us to thy throne. With kindling splendors from on high;
To thee all heaven their songs of praise,
In holy joy unceasing raise.

HYMN 136. Thou art, almighty Lord of all, Shine on our hearts with thy rich love, From everlasting still the same; Make known the honors of thy name, Before thee dazzling seraphs fall, Send down thy mercies from above, And veil their faces in a flame, And let us feel thy spirit's flame, To see such bright perfections glow— While we this house an offering bring, Such floods of glory from thee flow. And consecrate it to our King. No mortal hand may dare to paint This temple, Lord, O deign to own, A semblance of thy glory, Lord: . . Accept it as the place of prayer The brightest rainbow tints are saint; Fili it with glory from thy throne, The brightest stars of heaven afford And bless thy waiting children here: But dim effusions of those rays Let truth divine its courts adorn, Of light that round Jehovah blaze. And countless souls to bliss be born.

The sun himself is but a gleam,
A transient meteor, from thy throne;
And every frail and fickle beam
That ever in creation shone,
Is nothing, Lord, to thee compared,
As thou art in thy word declared.

Here may salvation freely flow,
And hope her radiant pinions plume;
Here may our hearts with ardor glow,
And thy free grace our souls illume:
May all, O Lord, who here shall kneel,
Their Saviour's gracious presence feel.

But though thy brightness may create
All worship from the hosts above,
This most thy name must elevate, To God our Father, through his Son,
Thou art, O Lord, a God of love; By whom salvation was made known,
And mercy is the central sun Be honor, praise, and glory given,
Of all thy glories joined in one. By all on earth, and all in heaven.

52 40. NEW COURT. L. P. M.

Now to our God, thro' his dear Son, By whom his mercy was made known,

Be all the praise and honor giv'n; May ev'ry land, and tongue and tribe,

To him all praise and might ascribe, And triumph in the reign of heav'n.

hyMN 139. HYMN 140.
Great God, the universal frame How precious, Lord, thy holy word 1
Declares the glory of thy name: What light and joy its truths afford
There thy rich works of wonder shine—To souls benighted and distressed 1
A thousand starry beauties-there, Thy precepts guide our doubtful way;
A thousand radiant marks appear, Thy fear forbids our steps to stray;

Of boundless power and skill divine. Thy promise leads the heart to rest.

From night to day, from day to night, Thy law monition kind supplies,
The dawning and the dying light, And warns us where our danger lies;
Lectures of heavenly wisdom read; While gospel-truth and grace divine
With silent eloquence they raise Inspire the heart with filial love,
Our thoughts to our Creator's praise, Exalt and fix our hopes above,
And neither sound nor language need. And make the willing spirit thine.

Yet their divine instructions run Forth from the precepts of thy law,
Far as the journeys of the sun, What perfect rules of life we draw 1
And every nation knows their voice: Be these our study and delight;
The sun, in robes of splendor drest, May every deed, and word, and thought,

Breaks from the chambers of the east, To truth and duty's standard brought,
Rolls round, and makes the earth rejoice. Become well-pleasing in thy sight.

Where'er he spreads his beams abroad, O may thy word those faults reveal
He smiles, and speaks his maker, God; Which blind self-love may yet conceal,

All nature joins him in the praise: And from presumptuous sins restrain:
Thus God in every creature shines; Thus taught to use the book of grace,
Fair is the book of nature's lines, We'll raise a grateful song of praise

But fairer is the book of grace. That we possess it not in vain,

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HYMN 141. HYMN 143. Let all the earth their voices raise, Repeat the first and third lines. To sing a palm of lofty praise, Brethren, beloved for Shiloh's sake, To sing and bless Jehovah's name: A hearty welcome here receive; His glory let all people know, May we together now partake, His wonders to all nations show, The joys which he alone can give.

And all his saving works proclaim. May he by whose kind care we meet,

He fram'd the world, and form'd the sky, §ond his good spirit from above,
With all the shining orbs on high, Make our communion pure and sweet,
And reigns in might and glory there; And cause our hearts to burn with love.

His beams are beams of life and light; Forgotten be each worldly theme,

His beauties how divinely bright ! When thus we meet to pray and praise;

His temples how divinely fair | We but desire to speak of him,
, And of his holy word and ways.

Thus as the moments pass away,
'We'll love, and wonder and adore ;

O haste the hour, the glorious hour,

When earth shall feel his saving power
And all the nations love his name: -
Then shall the reign of terror cease, W."...o.o.o § ore
And faith shall bring rejoicing peace, p -

Where men the grace of God proclaim. HYMN 144.

To thee my heart, eternal King, HYMN 142. Would now its thankful tribute bring;

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In love the Lord Almighty reigns; All nature shows thy boundless love,
In him creation stands secure; In worlds below, and worlds above;
The hills and mountains still endure, But in thy sacred word I trace
And flowers adorn the humble plain. The richest glories of thy grace.
There Jesus bids our sorrows cease,
The dashing waves as round they roll, And gives the troubled conscience peace;

From arctic to antarctic pole, Exalts our grateful feelings high,
In foaming surges lift their voice; And points to mansions in the sky.
They circling round the earth proclaim, For grace like this, O may our song
That Love is His eternal name, Thro' endless years thy praise prolong,
And call aloud, rejoice, rejoice. And distant climes thy name adore,

Till time and nature are no more :
Day calls to day, and o: to night,
And darkness calls aloud to light, L HYMN 145.
Light calls to all the orbs above; - - - -
They circling round, aloud declare, **...".#.

To all th’ inhabitants of air, From that hi * - gh realm of endless day, That God's eternal name is Love. Where Christ our lov'd Redeemer reigns.

Shall man be mute 3 may, join the song; There, low before his glorious throne,

Exulting sing—the strain prolong, Adoring saints and angels fall;
Nor ever let it have an end ; And with delightful transport own
While time endures, will we proclaim, That he alone is Lord of all.
That Love is his eternal name, There, all the ransomed of the Lamb
And he the Universal Friend. Shall join at last the heavenly choir

- ir O may the joy-inspiring theme, When earth and seas and light and air, No more this sacred truth declare, Awaken every pure desire

In joyous strains we'll sing above, Dear Saviour, let thy spirit seal
While we behold his glorious face, Our prospect of that blissful place,
And feel the spirit of his grace, Till death remove this mortal veil,

That his eternal name is Love. And we behold thee face to face. *

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HYMN 149. - HYMN 151. While thee I seek, protecting Power, Hail, great Creator—wise and good Be my vain wishes stilled; To thee our songs we raise; And may this consecrated hour Nature, in all her varied scenes, With better hopes be filled. Invites us to thy praise. Thy love the pow'r of thought bestowed; At morning, noon, and evening mild, To thee my thoughts would soar; Fresh wonders meet our view; Thy mercy o'er my life has flowed; And as we gaze, our hearts exult, That mercy I adore. With transports ever new. In each event of life, how clear Thy glory beams in every star Thy ruling hand I see 1 That gilds the gloom of night; Each blessing to my soul more dear, And decks the smiling face of morn, Because conferred by thee. With rays of cheering light. In every joy that crowns my days, The lofty hill—the humble vale, In every pain I bear, With countless beauties shine; My heart shall find delight in praise, The silent grove—the awful shade, Or seek relief in prayer. Proclaim thy power divine. ‘When gladness wings my favored hour, O may these ever-varied scenes Thy love my thoughts shall fill; Our serious thoughts engage; Resigned when storms of sorrow lower, And may our grateful hearts perceive My soul shall meet thy will. Thy works’ instructive page 1 My lifted eye, without a tear, And while, in all thy wondrous works, The gathering storm shall see: Thy boundless love we see; My steadfast heart shall know no fear; O may our every thought be led, That heart will rest on thee. Through nature up to thee! HYMN 150. HYMN 152. Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess; Ye humble souls, approach your God Thy goodness we adore ; With songs of ardent praise; A spring, whose blessings never fail, For he is good, immensely good, A sea without a shorel And kind in all his ways. :Sun, moon, and stars, thy love attest, All nature owns his guardian care, In every golden ray; Around, beneath, above; Łove draws the curtains of the night, But grace and truth still more declare And love returns the day. The wonders of his love. Thy bounty every season crowns, He sent his Son, the world to save, With all the bliss it yields; Nor ever to condemn; With joyful clusters loads the vines, Despised of men, he still forgave, With waving grain, the fields. Nor ever injured them. But chiefly thy compassion, Lord, To him, O Lord, in faith we come, Is in the gospel seen ; - For here our hope relies; There, like the sun, thy mercy shines, In him we find a peaceful home Without a cloud between. When storms of trouble rise. There pardon, peace, and holy joy, Thine eye beholds, with kind regard, Through Shiloh's grace are given; The souls who trust in thee; And children of the earth are blessed, And thou their true and constant guard, As heirs of bliss in heaven. For evermore wilt be. Thy mercy, Lord, our souls confess, O Lord, to thy unbounded love y goodness we adore; What honors shall we raise!

A spring, whose blessings never fail, Not all the raptured songs above,
A sea without a shore! Can render equal praise !

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