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made our cup run o'er, With blessings from thy throne.

54. PARADISE. C. M. -O u.

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The soul, from sin forever free, Shall feel its sting no more,

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Awake, my soul, to sound his praise, Awake, my tongue, to sing ;

Join all my powers the song to raise, And grateful tribute bring.

Among the people of his care, And through the nations round,

Glad songs of praise will I prepare, And there his name resound.

Be thou exalted, O our God, Above the starry frame;

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But crown'd with light, and blest of thee, Diffuse thy heavenly grace abroad,

Redeeming love adore.

And teach the world thy name.

Lord, tune our hearts to praise and love, So shall we in thy truth rejoice,

Our feeble notes inspire, Till in thy blissful courts above, We join the angel-choir.

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With angel-hosts above; And sinners hear thy gracious voice, And taste redeeming love.

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2. Thy word can soothe the troubled mind, with doubt and fear oppress'd;

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Thou to the dying life canst give, And to the wea - ry rest.

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be; That we with pure and humble hearts, Our vows may pay to thee.

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Though dark thy ways, O may we own Though earth and all its joys be dim,

That they are always right, And feel that hope in thee alone, Is precious in thy sight.

HYMN 194.

We eat, dear Lord, the broken bread,

And drink the flowing wine;

And at thy table here outspread,
Partake of joys divine.

The broken bread thy body here In emblem is expressed ;

Thy living grace may we revere, Thy dying love attest.

The flowing wine ! thy precious blood In emblem is supplied;

O may our hearts, by grace subdued, In thy great love abide.

HYMN 195.

Life is a span, a fleeting hour;
How soon the vapor flies 1

Man is a tender, transient flower,
That in the blooming dies.

On him in faith rely; Our life is hid with God in him; That life can never die!

HYMN 197.

Since all the varying scenes of time
Our Father's eye surveys,

O who so wise to choose our lot,
Or to appoint our ways 1

Good, when he gives, supremely good,
Nor less when he denies; -

Even crosses from his gracious hand,
Are blessings in disguise.

Why should we doubt a Father's love,
So constant and so kind!

To his unerring, gracious will,
Be every wish resigned,

HYMN 198.

Remark, my soul, the narrow bounds Of the revolving year;

How swiftly time completes its rounds, How brief they all appear !

The once-loved form, now cold and dead, Yet like an idle tale we pass

Each mournful thought employs, , , And nature weeps her comforts fled, And withered all her joys.

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The swiftly-gliding year, And study how we may increase The speed of its career.

Waken, O God, my careless heart, Its great concern to see,

That I may act the Christian part, And give the year to thee.

So shall their course in pleasure roll,
If future years arise;

Or this shall bear my waiting soul
To joys beyond the skies.

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