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On him the spirit, largely poured, The opening heavens around me shine Exerts its sacred fire;

With beams of sacred bliss, Wisdom, and might, and zeal, and love, While Jesus shows his heart is mine, His holy breast inspire.

And whispers, I am his. He comes from thickest films of vice My soul would leave this heavy clay To clear the mental ray,

At that transporting word, And on the eye, oppressed with night, Run up with joy the shining way, To pour celestial day.

To meet my dearest Lord. He comes the broken heart to bind, Nor fearing pains nor ghastly death, The bleeding soul to cure,

I'd break through every foe; And, with the treasures of his grace, The wings of love and arms of faith To bless the humble poor.

Should bear me conqueror through. Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace, Thy welcome shall proclaim,

HYMN 234. And earth's remotest regions sound

In duties and in conflicts too, Thine all-sufficient name.

Thy path, O Lord, I trace;

As thou hast done, so would I do,
HYMN 233.

Depending on thy grace.
My God, the Spring of all my joys,

Inspired with love, 'twas thy delight The Life of my delights,

To do thy Father's will; The Glory of my brightest days,

O may thy love my soul excite And Comfort of my nights!

Thy precepts to fulfil. In darkest shades if he appear,

Devotion, meekness, zeal and love, My dawning is begun;

Through all thy conduct shine; He is my soul's sweet Morning-Star, -0 may my whole deportment prove, And he my rising Sun.

An image, Lord, of thine.

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HYMN 236.

HYMN 239.
Let every mortal ear attend,

Father of all, whose cares extend And every heart rejoice;

To earth's remotest shore, The trumpet of the gospel sounds Through every age let praise ascend, With an inviting voice.

And every clime adore. Ho, all ye hungry, starving souls,

Let not this weak, unknowing hand, That feed upon the wind,

Presume thy bolts to throw, And vainly strive with earthly toys

And deal destruction round the land, To fill an empty mind,

On each I judge thy foe.
Eternal Wisdom has prepared
A soul-reviving feast,

If I am right, thy grace impart,
And bids our longing appetites

Still in the right to stay; The rich provision taste.

If I am wrong, O teach my heart

To find that better way.
Ho. ye that pant for living streams,
And pine away and die,

Mean though I am, not wholly so,
Here you may quench your raging thirst Since quickened by thy breath;
With streams that never dry.

Lord, lead me wheresoe'er I go,

Through this day's life or death.
HYMN 237.

This day be bread and peace my Jot:
Lord, when together here we meet, All else beneath the sun
And taste thy heavenly grace,

Thou know'st if best bestowed or not; Thy joys are so divinely sweet,

And let thy will be done. We're loth to leave the place.

To thee, whose temple is all space, But, Father, since it is thy will

Whose altar, earth, sea, skies, That we must part again,

One chorus let all beings raise,
O may thy gracious presence still

All nature's incense rise.
With every one remain.
O may we all in Christ be one,

HYMN 240.
Bound with the cords of love,
Till we, before thy glorious throne,

There is a land of pure delight,
Shall meet with him above.

Where saints immortal reign;

Eternal day excludes the night,
HYMN 238.

And pleasures banish pain.
O thou, whose power the mountains There everlasting spring abides

And never withering flowers; And made the sea its bed:

The dark, deep sea of death, divides Who set the raging waves their bound, That heavenly land from ours. And all their caverns hid;

Sweet fields beyond the darkling gloom,
The mountains thy commands obey; In living green appear;
The seas thy power confess;

And light and life and glory, bloom
Thou dost their caverns deep survey, In that unfading sphere.
And every dark recess.

The land from Pisgah's top beheld.
O'er mountains of our sins, O Lord, -
Wilt thou thy hand extend,

Has long been waste and drear,
And to thy gracious, pardoning word,

And Israel's sons are thence exiled, Their lofty summits bend,

In trembling and in fear, And over sin's wild raging sea,

But in the heavenly land sublime, May thy pure spirit move:

By sin nor woe defiled, And cleansed may every feeling be

There cometh not the blight of time, By thy redeeming love.

And none are thence exiled. In darkest caverns of the heart

O there the stream of blessing flows Wilt thou thy light display,

From love's eternal fount, And to the mental eye impart

Which bursts where light forever glows, Thy own eternal day.

Around the holy mount,

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HYMN 242.

HYMN 245.
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, Joy to the world—the Lord is come!
And cast a wishful eye

Let earth receive her King ;
To Canaan's fair and happy land, Let every heart prepare him room,
Where my possessions lie.

And heaven and nature sing.
O the transporting, rapturous scene Joy to the earth--the Saviour reigns!
That rises to my sight!

Let men their songs employ; Sweet fields, arrayed in living green, While fields,& floods,rocks, hills,& plains, And rivers of delight!

Repeat the sounding joy. There generous fruits, that never fail, No more let sins and sorrows grow, On trees immortal grow;

Nor thorns infest the ground; There rocks, and hills, & brooks, & vales, He comes to make his blessings flow With milk and honey flow.

Far as the curse is found. All o'er those wide-extended plains He rules the world with truth and grace, Shines one eternal day;

And makes the nations prove There God, the sun, forever reigns, The glories of his righteousness, And scatters night away.

* And wonders of his love.
No chilling winds or poisonous breath
Can reach that healthful shore ;

HYMN 246.
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, Afar from all these scenes of night,
Are felt and feared no more.

Unbounded glories rise,
When shall I reach that happy place,

And realms of joy and pure delight, And be forever blest?

Unseen by mortal eyes. When shall I see my Father's face,

Fair spirit-land!-could mortal eyes And in his bosom rest?

But half its charms explore,

How would our spirits long to rise, HYMN 243.

And dwell on earth no more ! O all ve lands, in God rejoice,

No cloud those blissful regions knowTo him your thanks belong;

Realms ever bright and fair ! In strains of rapture, let each voice

For sin, the source of mortal woe,
Unite to raise the song.

Can never enter there.
O enter ye his courts with praise, O may the heavenly prospect fire
His love to all proclaim;

Our hearts with ardent love !
To God the song of triumph raise, Till wings of faith, and strong desire,
And laud his worthy name.

Bear every thought above.
The Lord is good, supremely good, Prepare us, Lord, by grace divine,
His mercy ever sure;

For thy bright courts on high ;
His truth in ages past has stood,

Then bid our spirits rise, and join And ever shall endure.

The chorus of the sky.

HYMN 244.
O all ye ransomed of the Lord.

Your great Redeemer sing!
Ye pilgrims, who his grace record,

Be joyful in your King.
His hand divine shall lead us on,

Through all the blissful road,
Until before the radiant throne,

We rest in his abode.
And when, arrayed in robes of peace,

Before that throne we bow,
The garlands of immortal grace

Shall bloom on every brow.

HYMN 247.
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear!

Thy spirit now display ;
Assembled in the house of prayer,

O give us hearts to pray!
The veil that hides thee from our sight,

Do thou in grace remove;
Unveil to us thy saving light,

The glory of thy love.
Give us to feel that every hour,

Thy love is o'er our race;
And may the creatures of thy power,

Be children of thy grace.

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