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ment allotted me, though distant, too distant from thee, thou shalt be still my joy and my hope. What rival would steal away my affections from thee? what earthly object would intrude, and rob thee of my love? Lord, there is nothing upon earth I desire in comparison of thee; wealth, honour, and pleasure tempt me away, but what can they give me in exchange for thee? Are they not dross and dung? are they not on the balances lighter than vanity itself? Think, my foolish heart, when thou inclinest to listen to the syren's song, which on earth ensnares poor souls in perdition and destruction, think of thy better portion; live on him who is alone able to supply the void within, and from the never-failing streams which flow from the fountain of all consolation, will replenish thee day by day, till from the streams thou comest to the fountain-head, receivest the fulness of thy desires, and dwellest in God, and God in thee.


CANT. viii. 14. Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to

a young hart, upon the mountains of spices. REMEMBERING here thy death till thy coming again, I wait for thy appearance.

Lord, I know thou wilt come, and wilt not'tarry. Oh that my soul may meet thee, as a bride adorned for the bridegroom. I call thee my beloved, and art thou


not such to me? Thy love to me constraineth my soul, thou chief of ten thousand, thou altogether lovely! Why are thy chariot wheels so long a coming? I look upwards, and start at my own desires ; how shall I appear before him, how shall I be regarded of him ? Black as the tents of Kedar, defiled my garments, and false to my Lord as I have been, can I wish for his arrival? He hateth putting away; he is compassionate and kind; he pities, he pardons; he saith, Return unto me, and I will return unto you.” Lord, I come to thee; array me in thy comeliness, remove my filthy garments, call me thine own, and take thy spotless robes of righteousness, and adorn my soul, and then hasten thy coming, my beloved ! Sweet are the mountains of spices, where in thy ordinances thou hast left a savour of thy blessed self; sweet is the repast which here thou hast provided for my soul, but sweeter far will be the feast, when thou shalt favour the table with thy real presence : and, like the bounding hart that rushes from the mountain's steep, come down to me, and catch me up to meet thee in the clouds; there better spices breathe their fragrance, for thou art there; and where thou art, all blessings must abound. Haste then, and bring me to the holy hills, where thou, my Lord,' dwellest, and fill me with the joy of thy everlasting love.





Thy name is as ointment poured forth; therefore do

the virgins love thee. THY name, dear Lord, is sweeter to my soul than fragrant ointment to the faint and weary. Jesus! what music to the sinner's ears; the dearest, greatest, sweetest name that heaven or earth affords. What name like thine sheds joy and blessing on the holy souls above? what name like thine diffuses peace and hope on guilty souls below ? Thou art the all in all. Make me, Lord, to taste and see how gracious thou art; shed abroad in my heart a sweet savour of thy ointment, from thee, my glorious High Priest ; let the precious balm run down on me, the meanest of thy members: I am called by thy name, let me partake of thine anointing. I love thee, O Lord, my Saviour; I wish to love thee more. My heart, oh that it might be a chaste virgin's heart for thee, nor wander after other lovers: bind my affections 'to thee stronger than death; one spirit with thee may I henceforth be: in mystic union join me to thyself, and in that train may I be found of virgin souls, that, separated from the defilements of the world, of flesh, and sense, follow thee, thou Lamb of God, whithersoever thou leadest them.



PSALM lxxxiv. 1, 2. How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord : my heart and my flesh crieth out for

the living God. YES, Lord, thy tabernacles are indeed - amiable to my soul ; I was glad when they said unto me, “ Let us go into the house of the Lord.” Thy servant David at a distance longed, yea, even fainted with desire for these gracious opportunities I enjoy. How thankful should I be, that I can thus draw near thee; so often enjoy the welcome returning Sabbaths, and meet so often at thy table with my brethren and my companions. Lord, raise up then my longings after thee more fervently ; let my heart and flesh cry out more intensely for thee; thy tabernacles are only amiable when thou dost manifest thyself in the midst of us ; thy courts are then adorned, when thou, O King, appearest in thy galleries, Cant. vii. 5. Thy table is a feast indeed, when thou comest in to see the guests, and givest the welcome benediction. Today, my Lord, draw near to bless me; awaken my thankfulness, open my lips, that my mouth may shew forth thy praise ; raise up my heart to thee in the heavens ; from the tabernacles of thy grace may my ascending soul mount up to the


tabernacles of thy glory! How amiable these, O Lord, when shall I come to appear among the shining host which dwell for ever there? When shall my soul abide in this temple for ever, and

go out no more? Thou God of my life, wbo hast given me to desire to see thee, thou wilt not disappoint the desires thou hast kindled. In my flesh shall I see God! Praise the Lord, O my soul.


LUKE xxiii. 33.

There they crucified him. DRAW near, my soul, and see this great sight! This is thy God who bleeds for thy iniquities ! See him led, like a malefactor, through the streets of Jerusalem, and nailed like a murderer, to expire on a tree; because thou deservest all this shame, and pain, and death, therefore he endures it for thee. Look into his wounded temples, and see how deep the thorns have pierced, his face is marred more than any man's, black with buffetings, and foul with blood ; his weary head hangs down, and mingles tears with clotted gore ; yet, thou dear Redeemer, thy beauty then is fairest, when thou appearest most defiled; these tears, this blood, these sorrows, are my peace, my joy, my everlasting consolation. Look up, sipful soul, and love a dying Saviour! See his hands extended wide! they open to embrace thee! I see them

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