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1 PETER iii. 22. Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand

of God; angels, and authorities, and powers,

being made subject unto him. WHAT a glorious contrast are my Saviour's sufferings and exaltation ! He suffered--it became him. The cross was ignominious; but the crown he hath received, exceeds in glory. He was crucified in weakness; but now all power is delivered to him in heaven and in earth.

The scourges ploughed up long furrows on his back; his face was disfigured with buffetings, his head pierced with thorns; but now he shineth as the sun goeth forth in its strength, glorious in holiness. The soldiers mocked, and nailed him to the tree; but angels now bow down, and hail him over all God blessed for ever. He bowed his head, and died for sin once; now death is swallowed up in victory; the mount of Calvary is exchanged for the mount of God; the reed for the sceptre of the universal kingdom ; and the iron nails for that rod of dominion, which shall bruise his enemies to pieces, as the vessels of a potter are broken. What cause, then, have I to rejoice in my King, so great and glorious in himself, and exalted on my behalf, to reign till he hath put all enemies under his feet ! If he take my cause in hand, who shall be able


to harm me? What are fiends of hell, or men on earth, that I should fear them ? Be strong then, my soul, in the Lord, and in the power of his might; he will make thee more than conqueror on earth, till he shall take thee to reign with himself in heaven.

Heads of Meditations.

THE following texts, as they stand ranged under

different heads, will afford abundant matter of meditation; and as the Bible will be the best companion to the altar, I would wish you ever to take it with you, and employ your leisure moments then, and indeed always, chiefly in considering its great and glorious truths, and meditating thereon.


1. Love of God. Romans v. 8. John iii. 16.

Eph. ii. 4. 1 John ii. 1. Rev. i. 5, 6. Titus iii. 4. 2 Cor. v. 14.

II. Faithfulness of God. Heb. vi. 18. Deut. vii. 9. 1 Cor. x. 13, 1 Thess. iv. 24. 1 Peter iv. 19. Lam. iii. 23.

1 Cor. i. 9. 1 John i. 9.

III. Pardoning Grace. Isaiah i. 18. Psalm ciii. 8. Neh. ix. 17. Heb. viii. 12. Isaiah xliii. 25. Isaiah xliv. 22. Micah vii. 18. Isaiah lv. 7. 1 John ij. 1. Luke vii. 47. Psalm cxxx. 4. Eph. i. 7.

Heads of Meditations.

IV. Strengthening Grace.

2 Cor. xii. 9. Isaiah xli. 10. Psalm cxix. 28. Psalm cxxxvii. 3. Phil. iv. 13. Col. i. 11.

V. Under Temptation.

1 Cor. x. 13. 2 Peter ii. 9. Heb. ii. 18. James i. 2. Heb. iv. 15. 2 Cor. i. 4. Psalm xlvi. 1. Psalm xci. 15. Jer. xiv. 8.

VI. Divine Teaching. Ísaiah liv. 13. 1 John ii. 27. Psalm xxv. 8. Jer. xxxi. 34. John xiv. 16. Psalm xxxii. 8. 1 Cor. ii. 13,

VII. Sufficiency of Christ's Atonement and Satis


Job. xxxiii. 24. Heb. ix. 14. 1 Peter i. 19. 1 John i. mn. Rom. viii. 1. Acts xiii. 39. 1 Tim. i. 15. Heb. vii. 25. Rom. viii. 33.

VIII. Imputation of Righteousness. / Rom. iv. 11. Rom. X. 4. Gal. iji. 9. Isaiah xlii. 21.. Phil. iii. 9. 1 Cor. i. 30. Rom. iv. 6. Rom. v. 18. Isaiah lvi. 1.

Heads of Meditations.

IX. Sanctification. Jer. xxxi. 33. Rom. viii. 4. Jude ). 1 Cor. vi. 11 Rom. xv. 16. John xvii. 17. 1 TI v. 23. Exod. xxxi. 13. Heb. xii. 14. Luke. i. 75.

X. Person of Christ. Cant. v. 16. Isaiah ix. 6. Psalm xlv, 8. Isaiah lxiii. 1. Cant. i. 3. Isaiah lii. 7.

XI. Sufferings of Christ. Isaiah liii. 5. Isaiah lii. 14. Col. ii. 11. Luke ii. 7. Matt. ii. 13. Luke xiii. 31. Matt. xxvi. 37. Mark xiv. 44. Matt. xxvii. 30. John xix. 23. Matt. xxvii. 29. John xix. 34. Matt. xxvii. 60.

XII. Glory of Christ. Acts v. 31. Mark xvi. 19. Acts vii. 57. Phil. ii. 10. Isaiah vi, 1-5. 1 Peter iii. 22. Rev v. 8-14.

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