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cimtcft Catecjnfai,


Methodized and explained in a new
and easy Method, and familiar Manner,

To the Understanding, Memory,'
and Practice.

To which arc added

Some Prayers and Hymns,

For a Help to Devotion.

Recommended as useful for Schools and

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Printed for the Author, and Sold by S A M U E L
K E B L E, at the Turks-f/tad in Fltet-strtet; and
HESRY CLEMENTS, at the Half-Moon
in S. Pauls Church-Tar d, 1710.

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Merchant in P H I L AD B L P ri H*4o

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[S your singular Humanity and Good-Will to all Men do justly recommend you to the Esteem and Love of all) so the Instances thereof^ that you have applied to me particularly, do particularly require of me my most thankful Acknowledgment. And as such, I desire you to accept of this New and Small Effayr fof the more effectual Promoting of Catechetical Instruction; and to vouchsafe it your Patronage


vast and spacious Regions; so your honoured and worthy Name prefixed hereunto, may recommend it very much to their Acceptance and Use. For I know not any Gentleman, in all the Country round about you, that is either better known, or more beloved than yourself: And particularly by

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him, who in reality is,

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5 the Knowledge of true Religion is necessary to Marts Salvation , so one excellent Means and Help for the Acquiring of this Know ledge, is to learn and keep in Memory some Methodical and short Catechism, or System of Divini* ty. And it is generally acknowledged, that this our Catechism is such; Mr. Baxter fays of it, that his more truly methodical than most other Catechisms that pretend to grca* ter Accurateness. And Bishop Bcveridge hath as" firmed, that no other doth, or can exceed this: It being so plain and shortj that even Children may soon learn it; and withal so full and copious, in the Sense and Deftrines of it , that the ablest Divines can never wholly comprehend it: Like a River that hath Fords , wherein Lambs may wade; and Profundities or Depths, wherein Elephants may swim.


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