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- -- Now let our coals, on wings sublime, Rise from the van - i - ties of time,

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The Dawn of Heaven. (1444.) 3 Come, ye angelic envoys! come, 1 Now let our souls, on wings sublime, And lead the willing pilgrim home : Rise from the vanities of time,

Ye know the way to Jesus' throne.--Draw back ihe parting veil, and see

Source of my joys, and of your own. The glories of eternity.

4 That blesséd interview, how sweet! 2 Born by a new celestial birth,

To fall transported at his feet!
Why should we grovel here on earth ? Raised in his arms, to view his face,
Why grasp at transitory toys,

Through the full beamings of bis grace ! So near to heaven's eternal joys ?

5 Yet, with these prospects full in sight, 3 Shall aught beguile us on the road,

I'll wait thy signal for my flight; While we are traveling back to God?

For, while thy service I pursue, For strangers into life we come,

I find my heaven begun below. And dying is but going home.

Philip Doddridge, 1740. 4 Welcome, sweet hour of full discharge! 1737.

The Song of Heaven. (1447.) That sets my longing soul at large,

1 HARK! how the choral song of heaven Unbinds my chains, breaks up my cell,

Swells, sull of peace and joy, above; And gives me with my God to dwell.

Hark ! how they strike their golden harps, 5 To dwell with God, to feel his love,

And raise the tuneful notes of love. Is the full heaven enjoyed above;

2 No anxious care, nor thrilling grief, And tbe sweet expectation now

No deep despair, nor gloomy woe Is the young dawn of heaven below.

| They feel, while high their lotty strains . Thomas Gibbons, 1762.

In noblest, sweetest concord flow. 736. « Better to depart.

(1445.) | 3 When shall we join the heavenly host, 1 WHILE on the verge of life I stand,

Who sing Immanuel's praise on high, And view the scene on either hand,

And leave behind our fears and doubts, My spirit struggles with its clay,

To swell the chorus of the sky ? And Iorgs to wing its flight away.

4 Oh! come, thou rapture-bringing morn! 2 Where Jesus dwells my soul would be ;

And usher in this joyful day; It faints my much-loved Lord to see ;

We long to see thy rising sun Earth! twine no more about my heart,

Drive all these clouds of grief away. For 't is far better to depart.

R. S. M_ 1812.

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T i 738.

The Paradise eternal. (1450.) O happy retribution ! 1 O PARADISE eternal !

Short toil, eternal rest; What bliss to enter thee,

For mortals, and for sinners,
And, once within thy portals,

A mansion with the blest !
Secure for ever be!
In thee no sin nor sorrow,

2 There grief is turned to pleasure; No pain nor death, is known;

Such pleasure, as below But pure glad life, enduring

No human voice can utter, As heaven's benignant throne.

No human beart can know:

And, after fleshly scandal, 2 There all around shall love us,

And, after this world's night, And we return their love;

And, after storm and whirlwind,
One band of happy spirits,

Is calm, and joy, and light.
One family above:
There God shall be our portion,

3 And there is David's fountain, And we his jewels be;

And life in fullest glow; And, gracing his bright mansions,

And there the light is golden, His smile reflect and see.

And milk and honey flow; 3 So songs shall rise for ever,

The light, that hath no evening, While all creation fair,

The health, that hath no sore, Still more and more revealed,

The life, that hath no ending,
Shall wake fresh praises there:

But lasteth evermore.
O paradise eternal !
What joys in thee are known !

4 There Jesus shall embrace us, O God of mercy! guide us,

There Jesus be embraced,
Till all be felt our own.

That spirit's food and sunshine,
Thomas Davis, 1864,

Whence earthly love is chased:

Yes! God, my King and Portion, 739.

Hic brere vivitur.” (1451.) | In fullness of his grace, 1 BRIEF life is here our portion;

We then shall see for ever, Brief sorrow, short-lived care;

And worship face to face. The life, that knows no ending,

Lat. Bernard de Morlaix, ab. 1150. The tearless life, is there:

Tr, John Mason Neale, 1851.

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Je - ru - sa-lem, the gol-den, With milk and lon-cy blest! Be-neath thy con-tem.pla-tion Sink heart and voice oppreesca:

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E 740.

Urb: Syon aurea (1452.) | For very love, beholding | 1 JERUSALEM, the golden,

Thy happy name, they weep:
With milk and honey blest!

The mention of thy glory
Beneath thy contemplation

Is unction to the breast,
Sink heart and voice oppressed:

And medicine in sickness,
I know not, Oh! I know not

And love, and life, and rest.
What social joys are there,

2 O one, O onely mansion !
What radiancy of glory,

O paradise of joy!
What light beyond compare.

Where tears are ever banished,

And smiles have no alloy; 2 They etand, those halls of Zion,

The cross is all thy splendor,
All jubilant with song,

The Crucified thy praise;
And bright with many an angel,

His laud and benediction
And all the martyr throng;

Thy ransomed people raise.
The Prince is ever in them,
The daylight is serene;

Jesus, the Gem of beauty,
The pastures of the blessed

True God and Man, they sing;-
Are decked in glorious sheen.

The never-failing Garden,

The ever-golden King; 3 There is the throne of David;

The Door, the Pledge, the Husband,
And there, from care released,

The Guardian of his court;
The song of them that triumph,

The Day-star of salvation,
The shout of them that feast:

The Porter and the Port.
And they who, with their Leader,
Have conquered in the fight,

4 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean!
For ever and for ever

Thou hast no time, bright day!
Are clad in robes of white.

Dear fountain of refreshment
Lat., Bernard de Morlaix, ab. 1150, To pilgrims far away!
Tr., John Mason Neale, 1851.

Upon the Rock of ages,

They raise thy holy tower; 1941. . " O bona Patria.

Thine is the victor's laurel, (1413.)

And thine the golden dower. 1 For thee, O dear, dear country!

Lat., Bernard de Morlaix, ab. 1150. Mine eyes their vigils keep;

Tr., John Mason Neale, 1851.

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742. “ Urbs Syon inclyta, Gloria.(1454.) 1 JERUSALEM, the glorious !

The glory of th' elect, –
O dear and future vision,

That eager hearts expect !
Ev'n now by faith I see thee,

Ev'n here thy walls discern ;
To thee my thoughts are kindled,

And strive, and pant, and yearn ! 2 Jerusalem the onely,

That look'st from heaven below,
In thee is all my glory,

In me is all my woe :
Jerusalem ! exulting

On that securest shore,
I hope thee, wish thee, sing thee,

And love thee evermore !
O sweet and blesséd country!

Shall I e'er see thy face?
O sweet and blesséd country!

Shall I e'er win thy grace ?--
Exult, О dust and ashes!

The Lord shall be thy part;
His only, his for ever,
Thou shalt be, and thou art !

Lat., Bernard de Morlaix, ab. 1150.

1r. John Mason Neale, 1851.

The evening is advaucing,

And darker night is near ;
The Bridegroom is arising,

And soon he draweth nigh ;
Up! pray, and watch, and wrestle ;

At midnight comes the cry. 2 The watchers on the mountain

Proclaim the Bridegroom near ;
Go meet him as he cometh,

With hallelujahs clear;
The marriage-feast is waiting,

The gates wide open stand ;
Up! up! ye heirs of glory!

The Bridegroom is at hand. 3 Ye saints! who here in patience

Your cross and sufferings bore, Shall live and reign for ever,

When sorrow is no more ; Around the throne of glory,

The Lamb ye shall behold, In triumph cast before him

Your diadems of gold!
4 Our Hope and Expectation,

O Jesus! now appear;
Arise, thou Sun so longed for,

O’er this benighted sphere :
With hearts and hands uplifted,

We piead, O Lord ! to see The day of earth's redemption, That brings us unto thee !

Ger., Laurentius Laurenti, 1700.

Tr., Jane Borthwick, 1853.

743. « Ermuntert euch, ihr Frommen.” (1457.) 1 REJOICE, all ye believers !

And let your lights appear ;

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744. “ No Sorrow there.

( 1456.) | 3 My Saviour's precious blood 1 OH ! SING to me of heaven,

Has made my title sure ; When I am called to die ;

He passed thro' death's dark raging flood, Sing songs of holy ecstasy,

To make my rest secure. To waft my soul on high :

14 The Comforter has come,
There 'll be no sorrow there;

The earnest has been given ;
There 'll be no sorrow there ;

He leads me onward to the home,
In heaven above, where all is love,

Reserved for me in heaven.
There 'll be no sorrow there.

Henry Bennett, 1851. 2 When cold and sluggish drops

740. Harping with their Harps. (1458.) Roll off my marble brow, Break forth in songs of joyfulness,

1 Hark! hark the voice of praise Let heaven begin below.

Around Jehovah's throne !

Songs of celestial joy they raise, 3 When the last moments come,

To mortal lips unknown.
Oh! watch my dying face,
To catch the bright seraphic gleam,

| 2 In shining robes they stand

Upon the crystal sea ; Which on each feature plays.

The harps of God are in their hand, 4 Then to my raptured ear

And all is ecstasy. Let one sweet song be given ;

3 Oh! for an angel's love, Let music cheer me last on earth,

A seraph's soaring wing, And greet me first in heaven!

To sing, with thousand saints above, Mrs. Mary S. B. Dana, 1850.

The triumphs of our King ! 745. A Home above.

(1457.) 4 With pure and sinless heart, 1 I HAVE a home above,

His mercies to adore ! From sin and sorrow free;

My God! to know thee as thou art, A mansion, which eternal Love

Nor grieve thy Spirit more ! Designed and formed for me.

5 Blest hope ! - a little while, 2 My Father's gracious hand

And we, amidst that throng Has built this sweet abode ;

Shall live in our Redeemer's smile, From everlasting it was planned,-

And swell the angels' song. My dwelling-place with God.

Anon., 1862, a.

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