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"Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1831, ' by Isaac L. Kip, (on the behalf of the General Synod of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church,) in the Clerk's of. fice of the District Court of the Southern District of New York."

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i poc in the Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod

of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America.

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SESSION, JUNE, 1830. Resolved, That the Rev. Thomas De Witt, D. D., William M'Murray, D. D., Isaac Ferris, and the elders Peter D. Vroom, Jr., and John D. Keese, be a committee to select from the different collections now published, Hymns on a variety of subjects, to constitute the second Book of Hymns, to be added to those now in use in all future editions of our Psalm and Hymn Book, and that said committee report such selection to the next General Synod for their approbation.

IN SESSION, JUNE, 1831. The committee appointed by the last General Synod, reported a selection of Hymns. Whereupon the following resolutions were adopted.

1. Resolved, That the said additional hymns reported by the committee appointed by General Synod in 1830, be accepted, ordered to be published as a second book of Hymns,

and authorized to be used by the churches in the same man! ner as the psalms and hymns now in use.

2. Resolved, That all future editions of the Psalm Book shall contain the additional hymns, together with the canons of the church, as soon as the Board of Direction of the Cor. poration shall be able to make the necessary arrangements with the Publisher.

3. Resolved That a separate edition of the Additional Hymns be published.

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