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Enter MAHMUD, Hassan, Daood, and others.

MAHMUD. More gold ? our ancestors bought gold with

victory, And shall I sell it for defeat ?


The Janizars 240

Clamour for pay.


Go! bid them pay themselves With Christian blood! Are there no Grecian

virgins Whose shrieks and spasms and tears they may

. enjoy ? No infidel children to impale on spears ? " No hoary priests after that Patriarch Who bent the curse against his country's heart, Which clove his own at last? Go! bid them

kill, Blood is the seed of gold.


It has been sown, And yet the harvest to the sicklemen Is as a grain to each.


Then, take this signet, 250 Unlock the seventh chamber in which lie The treasures of victorious SolymanAn empire's spoil stored for a day of ruin. . O spirit of my sires! is it not come? The prey-birds and the wolves are gorged and


But these, who spread their feast on the red

earth, Hunger for gold, which fills not. See them fed; Then, lead them to the rivers of fresh death.

[Exit Daood. O! miserable dawn, after a night

259 More glorious than the day which it usurped ! O, faith in God! O, power on earth! 0, word Of the great prophet, whose o’ershadowing

wings Darkened the thrones and idols of the West, Now bright!—For thy sake cursèd be the hour, Even as a father by an evil child, When the Orient moon of Islam rolled in

triumph From Caucasus to White Ceraunia ! Ruin above, and anarchy below; Terror without, and treachery within ; The Chalice of destruction full, and all 270 Thirsting to drink; and who among us dares To dash it from his lips? and where is Hope ?

HASSAN. The lamp of our dominion still rides high ; One God is God-Mahomet is his prophet. Four hundred thousand Moslems from the limits Of utmost Asia, irresistibly Throng, like full clouds at the Scirocco's cry; But not like them to weep their strength in

tears : They bear destroying lightning, and their step Wakes earthquake to consume and overwhelm, And reign in ruin. Phrygian Olympus, 281 Tmolus, and Latmos, and Mycale, roughen With horrent arms; and lofty ships even now, Like vapours anchored to a mountain's edge, Freighted with fire and whirlwind, wait at Scala

The convoy of the ever-veering wind.
Samos is drunk with blood ; the Greek has


Brief victory with swift loss and long despair. The false Moldavian serfs fled fast and far, 289 When the fierce shout of “ Allah-illa-Allah !” Rose like the war-cry of the northern wind Which kills the sluggish clouds, and leaves a

flock Of wild swans struggling with the naked storm. So were the lost Greeks on the Danube's day! If night is mute, yet the returning sun Kindles the voices of the morning birds; Nor at thy bidding less exultingly Than birds rejoicing in the golden day, The Anarchies of Africa unleash Their tempest-winged cities of the sea, 300 To speak in thunder to the rebel world. Like sulphurous clouds, half-shattered by the

storm, They sweep the pale Ægean, while the Queen Of Ocean, bound upon her island-throne, Far in the West sits mourning that her sons Who frown on Freedom spare a smile for thee: Russia still hovers, as an eagle might Within a cloud, near which a kite and crane Hang tangled in inextricable fight, To stoop upon the victor;—for she fears 310 The name of Freedom, even as she hates thine. But recreant Austria loves thee as the Grave Loves Pestilence, and her slow dogs of war, Fleshed with the chase, come up from Italy, And howl upon their limits; for they see The panther, Freedom, fled to her old cover, Amid seas and mountains, and a mightier brood Crouch round. What Anarch wears a crown Or bears the sword, or grasps the key of gold, Whose friends are not thy friends, whose foes thy foes ?

or mitre,

320 Our arsenals and our armories are full; Our forts defy assault; ten thousand cannon Lie ranged upon the beach, and hour by

Their earth-convulsing wheels affright the city;
The galloping of fiery steeds makes pale
The Christian merchant; and the yellow Jew
Hides his hoard deeper in the faithless earth.
Like clouds, and like the shadows of the clouds,
Over the hills of Anatolia,
Swift in wide troops the Tartar chivalry 330
Sweep ;-the far flashing of their starry lances
Reverberates the dying light of day.
We have one God, one King, one Hope, one

But many-headed Insurrection stands
Divided in itself, and soon must fall,

MAHMUD. Proud words, when deeds come short, are

seasonable: Look, Hassan, on yon crescent moon, embla

Upon that shattered flag of fiery cloud
Which leads the rear of the departing day;
Wan emblem of an empire fading now! 340
See how it trembles in the blood-red air,
And like a mighty lamp whose oil is spent
Shrinks on the horizon's edge, while, from

One star with insolent and victorious light
Hovers above its fall, and with keen beams,
Like arrows through a fainting antelope,
Strikes its weak form to death.


Even as that moon

Renews itself


Shall we be not renewed ! Far other bark than ours were needed now To stem the torrent of descending time: 350 The spirit that lifts the slave before his lord Stalks through the capitals of armed kings, And spreads his ensign in the wilderness : Exults in chains; and, when the rebel falls, Cries like the blood of Abel from the dust; And the inheritors of the earth, like beasts When earthquake is unleashed, with idiot fear Cower in their kingly densmas I do now. What were Defeat when Victory must appall? Or Danger, when Security looks pale ? — 360 How said the messenger-who, from the fort Islanded in the Danube, saw the battle Of Bucharest ?-that


Ibrahim's scymitar Drew with its gleam swift victory from heaven, To burn before him in the night of battleA light and a destruction.


Aye! the day Was ours: but how ?-


The light Wallachians, The Arnaut, Servian, and Albanian allies Fled from the glance of our artillery Almost before the thunderstone alit.


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