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When, as the wandering clouds unveiled or hid Her boundless light, he saw two adverse fleets Stalk through the night in the horizon's

glimmer, Mingling fierce thunders and sulphureous

gleams, And smoke which strangled every infant wind That soothed the silver clouds through the deep


At length the battle slept, but the Scirocco 630
Awoke, and drove his flock of thunder-clouds
Over the sea-horizon, blotting out
All objects—Save that in the faint moon-

He saw, or dreamed he saw, the Turkish admiral
And two the loftiest of our ships of war,
With the bright image of that Queen of Heaven
Who hid, perhaps, her face for grief, reversed ;
And the abhorrèd cross--

Enter an Attendant.


Your Sublime Highness, The Jew, who-


Could not come more seasonably : Bid him attend. I'll hear no more! too long 640 We gaze on danger through the mist of fear, And multiply upon our shattered hopes The images of ruin, Come what will! To-morrow and to-morrow are as lamps Set in our path to light us to the edge Through rough and smooth, nor can we suffer

aught Which he inflicts not in whose hand we are.


Would I were the winged cloud
Of a tempest swift and loud !
I would scorn

The smile of morn
And the wave where the moon-rise is born!

I would leave

The spirits of eve A shroud for the corpse of the day to weave From other threads than mine! Bask in the deep blue noon divine

Who would, not I.

Whither to fly?

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SEMICHORUS I. Where the rocks that gird th' Ægean Echo to the battle pæan

Of the free

I would flee
A tempestuous herald of victory!

My golden rain

For the Grecian slain
Should mingle in tears with the bloody main,

And my solemn thunder knell
Should ring to the world the passing bell
Of tyranny!

Ah king! wilt thou chain

The rack and the rain ?
Wilt thou fetter the lightning and hurricane ?

The storms are free,

But we

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O Slavery! thou frost of the world's prime,

Killing its flowers and leaving its thorns

bare! Thy touch has stamped these limbs with

crime, These brows thy branding garland bear; But the free heart, the impassive soul, 680

Scorn thy control!

“ Let there be light!” said Liberty,
And like sunrise from the sea,
Athens arose !-Around her born,
Shone like mountains in the morn
Glorious states ;and are they now
Ashes, wrecks, oblivion ?

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Where Thermæ and Asopus swallowed

Persia, as the sand does foam;
Deluge upon deluge followed,

Discord, Macedon, and Rome: And lastly thou!


Temples and towers,
Citadels and marts, and they
Who live and die there, have been ours,

And may be thine, and must decay;
But Greece and her foundations are
Built below the tide of war,
Based on the crystalline sea
Of thought and its eternity;
Her citizens, imperial spirits,

Rule the present from the past;
On all this world of men inherits .

Their seal is set.



Hear ye the blast, Whose Orphic thunder thrilling calls

From ruin her Titanian walls ? Whose spirit shakes the sapless bones

Of Slavery ? Argos, Corinth, Crete Hear, and from their mountain thrones

The dæmons and the nymphs repeat The harmony.

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SEMICHORUS II. The world's eyeless charioteer,

Destiny, is hurrying by! What faith is crushed, what empire bleeds Beneath her earthquake-footed steeds ? What eagle-winged victory sits At her right hand ? what shadow flits Before? what splendour rolls behind ?

Ruin and renovation cry “ Who but We?"

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I hear! I hear!
The hiss as of a rushing wind,
The roar as of an ocean foaming,
The thunder as of earthquake coming.

I hear! I hear!
The crash as of an empire falling,
The shrieks as of a people calling
“Mercy !--mercy!”—How they thrill!
Then a shout of “kill! kill! kill !”
And then a small still voice, thus-


Fear, Revenge and Wrong bring forth their kind,

The foul cubs like their parents are ; 730 Their den is in the guilty mind,

And Conscience feeds them with despair.

In sacred Athens, near the fane

Of Wisdom, Pity's altar stood :
Serve not the unknown God in vain,
But pay that broken shrine again,

Love for hate and tears for blood.


Thou art a man, thou sayest, even as we.

[blocks in formation]


But raised above thy fellow men By thought, as I by power.


Thou sayest so. 740

MAHMUD. Thou art an adept in the difficult lore Of Greek and Frank philosophy; thou num

berest The flowers, and thou measurest the stars; Thou severest element from element;

i The word Fear was substituted for For by Mr. Rossetti. The emendation is conjectural, but is supported by the sense and sound of the passage.-ED,

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