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Leo. No, not these twenty years.

Per. So long could I
Stand by, a looker on.

Pau. Either forbear,
Quit presently the chapel, or resolve you
For more amazement; if you can behold it,
I'll make the statue move indeed, descend,
And take you by the hand: but then you'll think,
Which I protest against, I am assisted
By wicked powers.

Leo. What you can make her do,
I am content to look on; what to speak,
I am content to hear; for 'tis as easy
To make her speak, as move.

Pau. It is requir'd
You do awake your faith : then, all stand still ;
Or, those that think it is unlawful business
I am about, let them depart.

Leo. Proceed;
No foot shall ftir.
Pau. Musick; awake her : strike;

'Tis time, descend; be stone no more; approach,
Strike all that look on you with marvel: come,
I'll fill your grave up: stir, nay, come away :
Bequeath to death your numbness; for from him
Dear life redeems you. You perceive, she stirs; [Her. comes down.
Start not, her actions shall be holy, as,
You hear, my spell is lawful; do not shun her

you see her die again, for then
You kill her double : nay, present your hand;
When she was young, you woo'd her; now in age,
Is she become the suitor.

Leo. O, she's warm;
If this be magick, let it be an art
Lawful as eating.
Pol. She embraces him.


[embracing ber

Cam. She hangs about his neck;
If she pertain to life, let her speak too.

Pol. Ay, and make manifest where she has liv’d,
Or how stol'n from the dead.

Pau. That she is living,
Were it but told you, should be hooted at
Like an old tale; but it appears, she lives,
Though yet she speak not. Mark a little while.

you to interpose, fair madam, kneel,
And pray your mother's blessing: Turn, good lady,
Our Perdita is found

(presenting Perdita, who kneels to Her.
Her. You gods, look down,
And from your facred vials pour your graces
Upon my daughter's head! Tell me, mine own,
Where haft thou been preserv’d? where liv’d? how found
Thy father's court? for thou shalt hear that I,
Knowing by Paulina that the oracle
Gave hope thou wast in being, have preserv’d
Myself, to see the issue.

Pau. There's time enough for that;
Lest they desire, upon this push, to trouble
Your joys with like relation. Go together,
You precious winners all, your exultation
Partake to every one; I, an old turtle,
Will wing me to some wither'd bough, and there
My mate, that's never to be found again,
Lament till I am loft.

Leo. O, peace, Paulina :
Thou shouldst a husband take by my consent,
As I by thine a wife: this is a match,
And made between’s by vows. Thou hast found mine,
But how, is to be question’d; for I saw her,
As I thought, dead; and have, in vain, said many
A prayer upon

grave. I'll not seek far
(For him, I partly know his mind) to find thee
An honourable husband. Come, Camillo,


her grave.

[to Her.

And take her by the hand; whose worth, and honesty,
Is richly noted; and here justified
By us, a pair of kings. Let's from this place.
What? look upon my brother: both your pardons,
That e'er I put between your holy looks
My ill suspicion : this your son-in-law,
And son unto the king, from heav’n’s directing,
Is trothplight to your daughter. Good Paulina,
Lead us from hence, where we may leisurely
Each one demand, and answer to his part
Perform'd in this wide gap of time, since first
We were dissever'd. Hastily lead away. [Exeunt omnes.

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Аст II,




9 123

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17 Go.

- venture

TIC - hopes abroad. 22 Peering in maps 6

9 wealthy Andrew
- hor spices

с 29 - away [omitted

С 31 - and 'were

T 7

other 26

- play a part, 27] And mine a

29 and laughter let old wrinkles come; 8 9

-of tbeje, 16

this fool gudgeon,

is the same,
the other; and, by advent'ring both,
therefore it is no mean happiness

it is no mean happiness therefore,
but competency.

TIC 18 It is a good divine

than to be one

in the fashion

7 a coli, indeed,

much afgard,

An you will not 31 you will come

с - and I pray God grant them a fair de

parture. 14 5 so good heart


- you told me so;

23\In end
24 And when

T 26 - pild me 17 a goodly outside

T 121-beholding

inonies VOL. II.

20131-by his wit

T 231-o'er-stare

с 4 Nor will not; come, bring nie unto

C 27 you counsel ill;

28 you counsel well:

incarnation; 23251 - might Comitted

28 - of his tail than I have of my 24 31 Gob. That is 25 30 Bass. Gratiano !

26 16 -- pocket,
27 See mc in talk

151- Something drown

- spoke us yet
28 8
the paper it writ on.

TIC Gentlemen, will you prepare for ibis mafque to-night?

T go. - Gentlemen, I Will you prepare for this masque to-night?

с 2910

C that I could 31 What, are there masks?

TIC 301

- vile squealing
5 But but
u I will go before, fir.

at window
18- but he fleeps

T 24 De as I bid you, shut the doors after you; T T

Do as I bid you, shut doors after you: 31 to make Itand. 31

a younger, 13 a prodigal

- a gentle, and no Jew. 29'Fie, fie, Gratiano !


I do not


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VILLE DE LYON Biblioth. du Palais des Arts

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32 133 1 have sent twenty out to seek for you.

aboard :

TIC 33 7 This first, of gold, who this

24 - nor give,

321- to be afeard 34 35

- a written scrowl ? 35 5 Gilded tombs do worms enfold: 7 two ftones; two rich - left it may grieve him.

C 24 To woo a maid in way of marriage;

lastly, If I do fail

с 3851-the fool multitude,

7 - pry
but, like the martlet,

- and that clear honour
261 and how much honour
30 I will affume defert; - Give me a key for

TIC 39 17So farewel, fir, 28 - goes by destiny.

8 fore-Spurrier

half afear'd

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53 15|No reft





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54 123 I will much impeach 55 6 moft strongly

9-you send relief,
131 -- for doing good,

Nor shall not now;
16 an egal yoke

unto the traneet,

accouter'd like young men, 57 13



mind 16 Neriff. W by, shall 41

- I fhun 29

upon tbe word! 31 none only but

parrots. 34 Lor. Goodly lord, 59 141 - How cbeer's thou, 2015 -he do not mean it, it

is reason

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41 41-thy prayer,


С 24 that was used

с "42 3 winter and summer

T 28 thou loss

T upon 34/ What, wbat, what? 43 2 I thank God, I thank God : 12 I am very glad of it.

go, Tubal, 23

go, Tubal.
311- therefore, forbear a while.
44 12

the other half yours,
the other yours,

C 14

O, these naughty times
not yours,

Prove it not so !
17 not I.

T 45

8 more proper,
28 How begot, how nourished ?
Reply, reply.


46 10 - its outward

251-guiled shore
an Indian beauty ;

TIC 29 Therefore, thou gaudy gold,

с 47 O love, be moderate, 8 What find I here?

Ha! what find I here?

C 13 - sugar breath;

TIC 14

20 itself unfinib'd:
yet, look, how far

C 4 still gazing, in a doubt,

с 18 Is sum of fometbing,

TIC 21 But she may learn ; happier than this, in that


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61 26 - their urine ; for affection,

Mistress of passion, sways it 27 - sways it 62 6 answers, 15 Why he hath made the ewe

to make no noise 33


-is mine,
16 messenger
22 Drops foonest
31 the forfeiture

but no metal can,

in the instant 6511

Are there balance here to 3.1

left he da bleed 69 201- bis offer

23 Por. Soft ; | The Jew 31 On the division

70 itby forfeiture.

29 The danger formerly
351-thou jbalt see

for one half
15 Upon his death
35 - your grace of pardon;
36 - to Padua,

- as a tribute,
33 depends on this

than on the value.
8 would neither
10 An if

this ring

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