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Who nobler, prouder far than he is, Ador'd his chambermaid Briseis. The thund'ring Ajax Venus lays lu lore's inextricable maze, His slave Tecmessa makes him vield, Now mistress of the sevenfold shield. Atrides with his captive play'd, Who always shar'd the bed she madle. 'Twas at the ten years siege, when all The Trojans fell in flector's fall, When Helen rol'd the day and night, And made them love and made them fight; Each hero kiss'd his maid, and why, Though I'm no hero, may not I? Who knows? Polly perhaps may be A piece of ruin'd royalty. She has (I cannot doubt it) been The daughter of some mighty queen; But fate's irremeable dooin Has chang'd her sceptre for a broom. Ah ! cease to think it-how can she, So generous, charming, fond, and free, So lib'ral of her little store, So heedless of amassing more, Have one drop of plebeian blood In all the circulating flood ? But you, by earping at my fire, Do but betray your own desireHowe'er proceed-made tame by years, You'll raise in me no jealous fears. You've put one spark of love alive, For, thanks to Hear'n, you're forty-five.

Georgium expecto, Salis architectunt
Duplicis vafruin satis, emulo que
Spero vos iuter fore nunc, ut olim,

Nobile hellum.
Dumque lucubrata per omne lungi
Frigoris sæclum pucros tenellos
Alna nox pictas videt otiosos

Volrere chartas.
Proh pudor! devota lucro juventus
(Ut puellarum numerus senunque)
Pallet insomnis repetita duri

Jurgia ludi,
Sperne (nam multæ cerebrun Minerva
Est tibi) nugas age quæstuosas,
Arduas, vanas, & aigara cure

Elue mecum.
Jam riget tellus hyemantque incases,
Vestra sed laurus vireal, tuisque
lu genis dulcis rosa sanitais

Sera moretur.
Aul. Pemb. Cantab, Cal. Jan.

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AEBUS & Liber, charitesque mecum
Nocte conabunt (ita spondet Hermes)
Nostra sed prorsus, nisi te magistro,

Poc'la recusant.
Attici dives venias leporis,
Non sine assueto venias cachinno, et
Blanda pinguedo explicitâ renidens

Pronte jocetur.

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Descend, ye Nine! descend and sing;

The bieathing instruments inspire,
Wake into voice each silent string,
And sweep the sounding lyre!

In a sadly-pleas ng strain,
Let the warbling lute complain:

Let the loud trunpet sound,
'Till the roofs all around

The shrill echoes rebound: While in more lengthen'd notes and slow, The deep, majestic, solemn organs blox.

Ut clarè, ut placidi molliter auribus

Hark! the numbers, soft and clear,
Se furtiin bibulis insinuant modi!

Gently steal upon the ear;
Mox tollunt violentum altiùs altiùs

Now louder, and yet louder rise,
Auditum Superis sonum !

And fill with spreading sounds the Jamque exultantes numeri atque audacia turgent

skies; Carmina, jain tremulus fractis fuitat furor auris; | Exulting in triumph now swell the bold notes, Donec minutatim remota,

In broken air, trembling, the wild music floats;
Jam liquefacta,

Till by degrees, remote and small,
Jam moritura,

The strains decay,
Murmura languent,

And melt away,
Murmura duici

In a dying, dying fall.
Leniter attenuata casu.
Æquas ut servat moderatrix Musica mentes! By Music minds an equal temper know,

Ut premit, aut laxat mollibus imperiis ! Nor swell too high, nor sink too low.
Seu gaudiorum turbida pectora

If in the breast tumultuous joys arise,
Tumultuosis Auctibus æstuant,

Music her soft assuasive voice applies ;
Tranquillat ; urget seu malorum

Or when the soul is press'd with cares,
Pondus, humo levat Illa voce.

Exalts her in enliv'ning airs.
Gestit bellantes animoso accendere cantu; Warriors she fires with animated sounds;
Blandaque amatori medicamina sufficit ægro : Pours balm into the blecding lover's wounds
Languens ecce! caput Mæstitia erigit,

Melancholy lifts her head, Morpheus molliculis prosilit e toris,

Morpheus rouses from bis bed, Ulnas implicitas pandit Inertia,

Sloth unfolds her arms and wakes, Audit deciduis Invidia anguibus :

List'ning Envy drops her snakes:
Intestina animi cessant bella; applicat aures Intestine wär no more our passions wage,
Seditio, nec præcipites reminiscitur iras. And giddy factions hear away their rage.
Ast ubi dulcis amor patriæ pia mittit in arma, But when our country's cause provokes to arms,
O! quanto accendunt mavortia tympana pulsu! | How martial music every bosom warms !
Sic, cum prima viam navis tentaret inausam, So when the first bold vessel dar'd the seas,
Thrax cecinit, puppique lyram tractavit in alta, High on his stern the Thracian rais'd his strain,
Dum vidit Argo Pelion arduum

While Argo saw her kindred trees
Pinus sorores deserere impigras,

Descend from Pelion to the main :
Et turba circumfusa muto

Transported demi-gods stood round,
Semideûm stupuere plausu :

And men grew heroes at the sound, Incedit heros, quisquis audiit sonum,

Inflam'd withg lory's charms; Amore flagrans gloriæ ;

Each chief his sev'n fold shield display'do Dum seminudum quisque rapit manu

And half unsheath'd the shining blade, Ensem, et coruscat multiplicem ægida :

And seas, and rocks, and skies rebound Ad arma sylvæ, ad arma muntes,

To arms, to arms, to arms ! Terra, mare, astra sonant ad arma ! Sed, cum per orci limites cavernosi,

But when through all the infernal bounds Amplexibus quos igneis obit fumans

Which flaming Phlegethon surrounds, Phlegethon, poetam, Morte non minus pollens,

Love, strong a3 Deaths, the poet led
Adire jussit pallidos Amor manes

To the pale nations of the dead,
Quæ miracl'a sonorum!

What sounds were heard,
Quæ feralia inonstra videri,

What scenes appear'd,
Diras per oras dissita !

O'er all the dreary coasts !
Horrida fulgura,

Dreadful gleams,
Vox penetrabilis

Dismal screams,
Sæva querentium,

Fires that glow,
Et picei ignis

Sbrieks of woe,
Triste crepusculum,

Sullen moans,
Diri ululatus,

Hollow groans,
Et gemitûs gravis

And cries of tortur'd ghosts !
Mesta profunditas, [tus. But hark! he strikes the golden lyre;
Dunque luunt poenas animæ, tremuli singul And see! the tortur'd ghosts respire,
Sed audin'! audin'! auream ferit chelyn,

See, shady form's advance !
Miserisque fecit otium :

Thy stone, O Sisyphus, stands still,
En! tenue ut patulis auribus agmen adest ! Ixion rests upon his wheel,
Quiescit ingens Sisyphi saxum, et sue

And the pale spectres dance!
Acclinis Ixion rotæ,

The Furies sink upon their iron beds,
Atque leves ineunt pallida spectra choros ! And snakes uncurl'd hang list'ning round their
Ferratis sna membra toris collapsa reclinant

Oblitæ irarum Eumenides, et lurica circam
Colla auscultantes sese explicuere colubri !
Per fluentorum vada, quæ perenni

By the streams that ever flow,
Rore delibant sinuosa ripas;

By the fragrant winds that blow

Per lerem, siqua Elysii rireta

O'er th' Elysia1 flow'rs,
Ventilat aura;

By those happy souls who dwell
Per beatorum genios colentes

In yellow meads of asphouel, Arsa quà passim aspbodelis renidet,

Or amaranthine bowers, Gramen auratis, amaranthinære um

By the heroes armed shades, bracula frondis;

Glitt'ring through the gloomy glades, Per duces, si quis dubiam per umbrain

By the youths that dy'd for love, Splendidis latè loca lustrat armis;

Wand'ring in the myrtle grove, Myrtez et quisquis querulus vagatur Restore, restore Eurydice to life;

Incola sylve; (sam, Oh take the husband, or return the wife ! Reddite (vos rapuistis enim) mihi reddite spon

He suny, and Hell consented
Obtestor, parilive adjungite me quoque fato!

To hear the poet's prayer;
Canit, canenti Dis ferus annuit,

Stern Proserpine relented
Ceditque blandarum harmoniz precum,

And gave biin back the fair.
Et victa mansuescunt severæ

Thus Song cou'd prevail
Persephones sine more corda.

O’er Death and o'er Hell,
lo Triumphe ! Mors et Orcus Orpheo A conquest how hard and how glorious !
Lætantur domitore domari,

Though Fate had fast bound her, Vatemque mirâ insigniunt victoriâ !

With Styx nine times round her, Fata obstani-novies Styx circumfusa coercet

Yet Music and Love were victorious. Nequicquam-vincit Musica,vincit Amor. Sed nimiùm, heu! nimiùm impatiens respexit But soon, too soon, the lover turns his eyes: amator:

Again she falls, again she dies, she dics!
Ah! cecidit, cecidit, subitoque elapsa refugit ! How wilt thou now the fatal sisters move?
Quâ prece jam surdas filectes, temerarie, Parças? No crime was thine, if 'tis no crime to love.
At tu, si crimen, crimen annantis habes.

Now under lianging mountains,
Nunc pendulis sub antris,

Beside the fall of fountains,
Jugesve propter undas,

Or where Hebrus wanders,
Ubi callibus reductis

Rolling in meanders,
Temerè vagatur Hebrus,

All alone
Heu! solus, neque

Unhcard, unhnown,
Auditus, neque

He makes his moan,
Cognitus ulli,

And calls her ghost,
Fletus integrat,

For ever, ever, ever lost !
Teque gemens vocat, Eurydice,

Now vith furies surrounded,
Perdita, perdita,

Despairing, confounded,
Heu ! omne in ævum perdita !

He trembles, he glows
Nunc totum Eumenides exagitant, jugis

Amidst Rhodope's snows; En ! canæ Rhodopes in gelidis tremit, omnem. See, wild as the winds, o'er the desert he flies ; Ardescens tremit, insanit, spemque abjicit Hark! Hæmus resounds with the Bacchanal's Ecce ! per avia lustra furens fugit ocyor Euro;

criesEvæ! perstrepit, audin', ut Hæmus, et ingemit

- Ab! see he dies ! - Ah! perit !


Yet ev'o in death Eurydice he suug, Eurydicen tamen extremâ cum voce profundit,

Eurydice still trembled on his tongue, Eurydicen tremulo murmure lingua canit,

Eurydice the woods,
Furydicen nemus,

Eurydice the foods,
Eurydicen aquæ,

Eurydice the rocks and hollow mountains rung. Eurydicen montes, gemebundaque saxa retor

Luctus Musica temperat feroces,

Music the fiercest grief can charm,
Et fati levat ingruentis ictus:

And fate's severest rage disarın :
Dulcis musica mollitèr dolorem

Music can soften pain to ease,
Mutat lætitia ; sonante plectro

And make despair and madness please :
Spes aversa redit, Furor recumbit :

Our joys below it can improve,
Nobis illa eadem breves adauget

And antedate the bliss above.
Terra delicias, opesque cæli

This the divine Cecilia found,
Presentire docet remotiores.

And to her Maker's praise confin'd the sound. Hinc solum cecinit Numen, memor, unde beatam When the full organ joins the tuneful quire, Ceperat harınoniam et modulamina, non sua, Vir- Th’immortal pow'rs incline their car, Organa plena choris ubi magnifico concentu (go. Borne on the swelling notes our souls aspire,

Miscentur, aurem ætherei inclinant incolæ ; While solemn airs improve the sacred fire; Terrestres animæ tolluntur in astra tumenti

And angels lean from Heav'n to hear. Carmine, divinoque alitur sacra flamma furore; Of Orpheus now na more let poets tell, Dum prona Cælo pendet angelûm cohors. To bright Cecilia greater pow'r is giv'n; Orpheum jam taceant Pierides suum,

His numbers rais'd a shade from Hell,
Majur Cæciliæ vis datur inclytæ.

Her's lift the soul to Heav'n.
Ille vix umbram revocavit Orco ;
Illa sublatas super astra mentes
Juserit Cælo, superi:que miscet

Carmine Divis.

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Χρυσεα χαλκειων, εκατομβοι εννεαβοιω». Hox.
Procul hinc, O procul esto informis Agrimonia, Hexce, loathed Melancholy,
Quam janitori Obscuritas nigerrima Of Cerberus, and blackest Midnight born,
Suscepit olim Cerbero,

In Stygian cave forlorn,
Desertam in caveâ Stygis profundâ, 'Mongst horrid shapes, and shrieks, and sights un.
Horribiles inter formas, visusque profanos,

Obscenosque ululatus,

Find out some uncouth cell,
Incultain licet invenire sedem,

Where brooding Darkness spreads his jealous
Nox ubi parturiens

wings, Zelotypis furtim nido superincubat alis

And the night-raven sings;
Queriturque tristis noctua,

There under ebon shades, and low-brow'd rocks, Sub densis illic ebenis scopulisque cavatis,

As ragged as thy locks,
Vestri rugosis more supercilii,

In dark Ciminerian desert ever dwell.
Eternùm maneas Cimmeriâ in domo.

But come thou goddess fair and free,
Sed huc propinquet comis et pulcherrima, lo Heav'n yclep'd Euphrosyne,
Quæ nympha divis audit Euphrosyne choris, And by men, beart-easing Mirth,
Patiens tamen vocatur à mortalibus

Whom lovely Venus at a birth
Medicina cordis hilaritas, quam candida

With two sister Graces more
Venus duabus insuper cum Gratiis

To ivy-crowned Bacchus bore ;
Dias Lyæo patri in auras edidit:

Or whether (as some sages sing)
Sive ille ventus (cateri ut Mystæ canunt) The frolic wind, that breathes the spring,
Jocundus aurâ qui ver implet melleâ.

Zephyr, with Aurora playing,
Zephyrus puellam amplexus est Tithoniam As he met her once a maying,
Quiondam calendis feriatam Maiis,

There on beds of violets blue,
Tunc pallidis genuit super violariis,

And fresh blown roses wash'd in dew,
Super et rosaruni roscidâ lanugine,

Fill'd her with thee a daughter fair,
Alacrem, beatam, vividamque filiam.

So buxom, blith, and debonaire ;
Agedum puella, quin pari vadant gradu

Haste thee, nymph, and bring with thee
Jocus et Juventas, Scommata et Protervitas, Jest and youthful Jollity,
Dolusque duplex, nutus et nictatio,

Quips and Cranks and wanton Wiles,
Tenuisque risus huc et huc contortilis;

Nods and Becks, and wreathed Smiles,
Qualis venust pendent Hebes in genâ,

Such as hang on Hebe's cheek,
Amatquc jungi lævibus gelasinis;

And love to live in dimple sleek ;
Curæ sequatur Ludus infestus nigræ, et

Sport, that wrinkled Care derides,
Lateruin Cachinnus pinguium frustra tenax. Aud Laughter holding both his sides;
Agite eaterva ludat exnitim levis,

Coine, and trip it as you go,
Pedesque dulcis sublevet lascivia;

On the light fantastic toe;
Dextrumque claudit alma Libertas latus, And in thy right hand lead with thee
Oreadum palantium suavissima;

The mountain nymph, sweet Liberty;
Et, si tuis honoribus non defui,

And if I give thee honour due,
Me scribe vestræ, læta Virgo, familiæ,

Mirth, armit me of thy crew,
Ut illius simul et tui consortio

To live with her and live with thee,
Liberrimâ juvenemur innocentiâ ;

In unreproved pleasures free;
Ut cum volatus auspicatur concitos;

To hear the lark begin his flight,
Stupidamque alauda voce noctem territat; And singing startle the dull Night,
Levata cælestem in pharon diluculo,

From his watch-tow'r in the skies,
Priùsque gilvum quam rubet crepusculum. Till the dappled dawn doth rise;
Tunc ad fenestras (anxii nolint, velint)

Then to come in spight of sorrow,
Diem precemur prosperam vicinæ,

And at my window bid goodmorrow,
Caput exerentes e rosis sylvestribus,

Thro' the sweet-briar, or the vine,
Seu vite, sive flexili cynosbato,

Or the twisted eglantine:
Dum Martius clamore Gallus vivido

While the cock with lively din
Tenuem lacessit in fugå caliginem,

Scatters the rear of Darkness thin;
Graditurve farris ad struem, vel horreum, And to the stack or the barn-door,
Dominæ præeuns, graduque grandi glorians. Stoutly stiuts his dames before.
Sæpe audiamus ut canes et cornua

Oft listning how the hounds and horn
Sonore læto mane sopitum cient,

Cheerly rouse the slumb'ring Morn,
Dum quá præelti clivus albescit jugi,

From the side of some hoar hill,
Docilis canora reduit Echo murmura.

Thro' the high wood echoing sbrill.
Mox, teste multo, quà virent colles, vager, Sometimes walking not un een
Ulmosque sepes ordinatas impliat,

By edge-row eims, on hillocks green,
Eoa stan: apriciis ante liinina,

Right against the eastern gate,
L'bi sol coruscum magnus instaurat diem Where the great Sun begins his state,

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Vestitus igni, lucidoque succino,

Pob’d in flames, and amber light, Inter micantûm mille formas nubium.

The clouds in thousaod liveries dight. Vicinus agrum dum colonus transmeat,

While the ploughman near at hand, Atque æmulatur ore fistulam rudi,

Whistles o'er the furrow'd land, Mulctramque portat cantitans puellula,

And the milkmaid singeth blithe, Falcique colem messor aptat stridulæ,

And the mower whets his scythe, Suamque pastor quisque garrit tabulam, And every shepherd tells his tale Reclidis in convalle, subicr arbuto.

Under the hawthorn in the dale. Mox illecebras orulus arripuit novas,

Straight mine eye hath caught new pleasures, Dum longus undiquaque prospectus patet,

Whilst the landscape round it measures, Cancm novale, et fusi a salıûs æquora,

Russet lawns, and fallows grey, Quà pecora gramen demetunt vagantia;

Where the nibbling flocks do stray; Sublimium sterilia terga montium,

Mountains, on whose barren breast Qui ponderosa sæpe torquent nubila,

The labouring clouds do often rest; Maculosa vernis prata passim bellibus,

Meadows triin with daisies pied, Amnes vadosi, et latiora fumina. [est

Shallow brooks, and rivers wide: Pinnasque murorum, atque turres cernere

Tow'rs and battlements it sees
Cristata circùm quas coronant robora,

Bosom'd bigh in tufted trees,
Ubi forte quærlam nympha tallit, cui decor Where perhaps some beauty lies
Viciniain (cynosura tanquam) illumivat.

The Cynosure of neighbouring eyes.
Juxta duarum subter limbià quercuum,

llard by, a cottage chimney smokes, Culmis opertâ fumus emicat cusa,

From betwixt two aged oaks,
Quà jam vocati Thyrsis et Corydon sedent, Where Corydon and Thyrsis met,
Famemque cdoro comprinient convivio,

Are at their savory dinner set
Herbis, cibisque rusticis, nitidissima

Of herbs, and other country messes, Quæ sufficit succincta Phillis dexterá :

Which the neat-handed Phillis dresses; Mox Thestyli morein gerens jacen ja

And then in haste her bow'rs she leaves, Aureis caten's cogit ini sasces sala :

With Thestylis to bind the sheaves; Vernisve in horis, sole tostum virgines

Or, if the earlier seas in lead, Fænum recenti pellicit fragrantiâ ;

To the tann'd hay-cock in the mead; Est et screnis quando fæta gaudiis

Sometimes with secure delight Excelsiora pe placent magalia;

The up-land bamlets will invite, ltcunque juxta flumen in numerum sonant When the merry bells ring round, Cainpanæ, et icta dulcè barbitos strepit,

And the jocund rebecs sound
Dum multa nyinpha, multa pobes duritèr To many a youth and many a maid ;
Pellunt trementes ad canorein cespites

Dancing in the chequei'd shade;
Dubias per umbras : qua labore liberi

dod young and old come forth tú play Jurenesque lucunt, et senes promiscui,

On a sun-sbine holy-day, Melius nitente sole propter ferias:

Till the live-long day-light fail : Jam quando ve perascit, omnes allicit

Then to the spicy nut-brown ale, Auro liquenti Bacchus hordiaceus,

With stories told of many a feat, Phyl isque narrat fabulosa facinora,

How fairy Mab the junkets eat ; Lamia u: paratas Mabba consumpsit dapes, She was pinch'd, and pull’d, she sed, Se vapulasse, et essa pressam ab Incubo,

And by the friar's lanthorn led; Fatuoque tritâ ab igne seductam viâ ;

Teils how the drudying goblin swet, Ut et laborem subiit Idolon gravem,

To carn his cream-bowl duly set, Florenique lactis meritus est stipendium; When in one night, ere glimpse of morn, Unius (inquit) ante noctis exitum

His shadowy fail hath thresh'il the c rn, Tut grana frugis fustc trivit veneticus,

That ten day-labourers could not end, Quot expedire rustici nequeunt decem,

Then lies him down the lubbar tiend, Quo jam peracto plumbeuin monstrum cu- And stretch'd out all the chimney's length, Focumque totuin latere longo metiens (bat, Basks at the fire his hairy strength; Cripita membra fessus igne recreat;

And crop.full out of doors be flings, Dein, priusquam gallus, evocat diem,

Ere the first cock his mattin rings. Tandem satur phantasına sese proripit.

Thus done the tales, to bed they creep, Sic absolutis fabulis ineunt turos,

By whispering winds soon lull'd asleep. Alque ad susurros dormiunt favonii.

Tower'd cities please us then, Turrita deinde perplacebunt oppida,

And the busy hum of men, Et gentis occupatæ mixta murmura,

Where throngs of knights and barons bold, Equitumque turba, nobilesque spendidi,

In weeds of peace, high triumph hold, Qui pacis ipsâ vel triumphant in toga,

With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Nurusque, quarum lumen impetus viris Rain influence, and judge the prize Jaculatur acres, præmiumque destinat

Of wit or arms, while both contend
Marti aut Minervæ, quorum uterque nititur To win her grace, whom all commend.

There let Hymeu oft appear,
Nympbæ probari, quæ probatur omnibus :
Hymenzus illic sæpe prætendat facem

In saffron robe, with taper clear,
Clarissimam, croceumque velamen trahat, And pomp, and feast, and reveliy,

With mask and autique pageantry; Spectac'la, mimi, pompa, commissatio,

Veterumque ritu nocte sint convivia, TOL. XVI.


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