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14 That our oxen may be strong to labour, that there be no decay: no leading into captivity, and no complaining in our streets,

15 Happy are the people that are in such a case : yea, blessed are the people who have the Lord for their God.

Psalm cxlv. Exaltabo te, Deus. I Will magnify thee, O God, my King: and I will

praise thy Name for ever and ever. 2 Every day will I give thanks unto thee : and praise thy Name for ever and ever.

3 Great is the Lord, and marvellous, worthy to be praised : there is no end of his greatness.

4 One generation shall praise thy works unto another : and declare thy power.

5 As for me, I will be talking of thy worship : thy glory, thy praise, and wondrous works ;

6 So that men shall speak of the might of thy marvellous acts: and I will also tell of thy greatness.

7 The memorial of thine abundant kindness shall be Thewed : and men shall sing of thy righteousness.

8 The Lord is gracious and merciful : long-suffering, and of great goodness.

9 The Lord is loving unto every man : and his mercy is over all his works.

10 All thy works praise thee, O Lord : and thy saints give thanks unto thee.

1 They shew the glory of thy kingdom : and talk of thy power ;

12 That thy power, thy glory, and mightiness of thy kingdom: might be known unto men.

13 Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom ; and thy dominion endureth throughout all ages.

Pfalm cxlv.] Hitherto in this divine book we have been presented with checkered scenes of danger and deliverance, distress and mercy. The voice of complaint has sometimes been succeeded by that of thanklgiving; and praise at other times has termiņated in prayer. But now, as if the days of mourning in Zion were ended, henceforth we seem not to be upon earth, but in heaven, mingling with celestial spirits around the throne, and finging as in the following hymn.

14 The Lord upholdeth all such as fall: and lifteth up all those that are down.

15 The eyes of all wait upon thee, O Lord : and thou givelt them their meat in due season.

16 Thou openelt thine hand : and fillest all things living with plenteousness.

17 The Lord is righteous in all his ways: and holy in all his works.

18 The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him: yea, all such as call upon him faithfully.

19 He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he alio will hear their cry, and will help them.

20 The Lord preserverh all them that love him : but feattereth abroad all the ungodly.

21 My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord : and les a'l fieth give thanks unto his holy Name for ever and ever.

Psalm cxlvi. Lauda, anima mea.
RAISE the Lord, O my soul; while I live will I

praise the Lord: yea, as long as I have any being, I will tirg praises unto my God.

: 0 put not your trust in princes, nor in any child of man: for there is no help in them.

3 For when the breath of man goeth forth, he shall turn again to his earth : and then all his thoughts perith.

4 Blessed is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help: and whose hope is in the Lord his God;

Ś Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that therein is : who keeperh his promise for ever;

6 Who helpeth them to right that suffer wrong: who feedeth the hungry.

Is The eyes of all This figure is the same as that which is employed in piilm cxxiii. Behold, as the eyes of servapts look unto the hands of their matters, &c.

18 Faithfully) It fignifies the conftancy of the address, not giving up the petition when it is not immediately granted, but enforcing it with importunity.

Palm cxlvi.] This is another folemn form of prafing God, his great power and nxercy, his patronage to all that are in distress, bis judgments, and the eternity of his kingdom. It is thought to bave been composed at the return from the captivity


7 The Lord looseth men out of prison : the Lord giveth sight to the blind.

8 The Lord helpeth them that are fallen : the Lord careth for the righteous.

9 The Lord careth for the strangers; he defendeth the fatherless and widow: as for the way of the ungodly, he turneth it upside down.

10 The Lord thy God, O Sion, shall be King for evermore : and throughout all generations.



Psalm cxlvii. ' Laudate Dominum.
Praise the Lord, for it is a good thing to sing

prases unto our God: yea, a joyful and pleasant thing it is to be thankful.

2 The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: and gather together the cutcasts of Israel.

3 He healeth those that are broken in heart: and giveth medicine to heal their fickness.

4. He telleth the number of the stars : and calleth them all by their names.

5 Great is our Lord, and great is his power : yea, and his wisdom is infinite.

6 The Lord setteth up the meek : and bringeth the ungodly down to the ground.

7 O sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving : fing praises upon the harp unto our God;

8 Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth : and maketh the grass to grow upon the mountains, and herb for the use of men.

7] It is remarkable that one of the spiritual characteristics of the Meffiah is drawn here from his protection of the oppressed against a corrupt judicature. I see the idea confirmed by numberless paslages, that the perverfion of justice was a national sin among the Jews, and pone can support it more strongly than those where the opposition to such a court and such judges is not literally designed, but is used to express generally the blessings of our Saviour's advent.

Psalm cxlvii.] It has been conjectured from ver. 2, that this pfalm was written to celebrate the return of Israel from Babylon, when Jerusalem and the temple were rebuilt. It is a solemn form of magnifying God in his works of power and mercy.

9 Who giveth fodder unto the cattle : and feedeth the young ravens that call upon him.

10 He hath no pleasure in the strength of an horse : neitlier delighteth he in any man's legs.

11 But the Lord's delight is in them that fear him: and put their trust in his mercy.

12 Praife the Lord, Jerusalem : praise thy God, O Sion.

13 For he had made fast the bars of thy gates : and hath blessed thy children within thee.

14 He maketh peace in thy borders : and filleth shee with the flour of wheat.

15 He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: and his word runneth very swiftly.

16 He giveth snow like wool : and scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes.

17 He casteth forth his ice like morsels : who is able to abide his frost?

18 He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he bloweth with his wind, and the waters flow.

11 He sheweth his word unto Jacob : his statutes and ordinances unto Israel.

20 He hath not dealt so with any nation: neither have the heathen knowledge of his laws.

Psalm cxlviii. Laudate Dominum,
Praise the Lord of heaven : praise him in the

height. 2 Praise him, all ye angels of his: praise him, all his host. 9] “He giveth to the beast his food, and to the young ravens that cry," Bib. transl. It may be worth observing, that the circumstances contine the word tranlated beast to such as are wild. Beasts that live among men are taken care of by men; but the wild beasts that live upon the mountains, in woods and desert places, are fed only from heaven. He is faid to provide for the young ravens. An ancient philosopher, in his history of animals says, the raven exposes her young ones when they are not able to help themselves, and must certainly perish, if God by his special care did not provide for them.

Palm cxlvü.] All the creatures in the invisible and visible world, are called upon by the psalmist to unite in a grand chorus of praise and thanksgiving. The various parts are performed by the angelic hofts, the material heavens, and the lumiparies placed in them; the ocean with its inhabitants; the meteors of the air; the earth, as divided into hills and

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3 Praise him, sun and moon : praise him, all ye

stars and light.

4 Praise him, all ye heavens : and ye waters that are above the heavens.

5 Let them praise the Name of the Lord : for he spake the word, and they were made; he commanded, and they were created.

6 He hath made them falt for ever and ever : he hath given them a law which thall not be broken.

7 Praise the Lord upon earth: yedragons, and all deeps; 8 Fire and hail, snow and vapours: wind and storm, fulfilling his word;

9 Mountains and all hills : fruitful trees and all cedars; 10 Beasts and all catile : worms and feathered fowls ;

11 Kings of the earth and all people : princes and all judges of the world;

12 Young men and maidens, old men and children : praise the Name of the Lord : for his Name only is excellent, and his praise above heaven and earth.

13 He shall exalt the horn of his people ; all his faints shall praise him : even the children of Israel, even the people that serveth him.

Pfalm cxlix. Cantate Domino.
Sing unto the Lord a new song : let the congre-

gation of saints praise him. 2 Let Israel rejoice in hin that made him: and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King.

3 Let them praise his Name in the dance : let them sing praises unto him with tabret and harp.

4 For the Lord hath pleasure in his people : an helpeth the meek-hearted.

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vallies, with the vegetables that grow out of it, and the animals that move upon or about it; the human race of every degree, of each fex, and of every age, more especially the church of God. The paraphrase of this psalm, composed by Dr. Ogilvie, is truly sublime; Dr. Horne has it in his commentary on the psalms.

Psalm cxlix.] This is a thanksgiving for some great victory afforded to the people of God. It myftically expresies the eminent favour of God to his church, and the conquest of the Christian faith over the heathco potentates.

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