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wast my chief representative upon earth. Behold the peoples who have come to me through thee."

"Me? Jesus! 19"

“Thou. Hast thou not borne for me more than the mere wood upon the hill ? been also Abraham, not solely Isaac, unto me? acceptable priest, as well as perpetual (and perpetually belovéd) sacrifice? Even in thine idolatries thou taughtest the peoples me-although thou knewest it not. I am thine Adonai, whom thou lovest. See! unto thee come I.

And Simon, the Jew, with his heart aflame, because, after his long life of so much bitterness, he had found the friend of all friendseven Jehovah-Jesus-dropped straightway at the Savior's feet, cry. ing with all his heart and soul and strength of mind, even as the Lord himself had predicted : “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of Adonai!"



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