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1 TROM Greenland's icy mountains,

T From India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sand ;
From many an ancient river,

From many a palmy plain,
They call us to deliver

Their land from error's chain.

2 What though the spicy breezes

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle ;
Though every prospect pleases,

And only man is vile :
In vain with lavish kindness

The gifts of God are strewn ;
The heathen in his blindness

Bows down to wood and stone.

3 Can we, whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high, Can we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny ?
Salvation ! 'O salvation !

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till each remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's Name !

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,

And you, ye waters, roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole ;

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I THOU, whose Almighty word
1 Chaos and darkness heard,

And took their flight;
Hear us, we humbly pray;
And where the Gospel-day
Sheds not its glorious ray,

Let there be light !
2 Thou, who didst come to bring
On Thy redeeming wing,

Healing and sight;
Health to the sick in mind,
Sight to the inly blind,
O now to all mankind,

Let there be light !
3 Spirit of truth and love,
Life-giving, Holy Dove,

Speed forth Thy flight !
Move on the waters' face,
Bearing the lamp of grace,
And in earth's darkest place

Let there be light!

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SPIRIT of the living God!

In all the fulness of Thy grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,

Descend on our apostate race.

2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love,

To preach the reconciling word ;
Give power and unction from above,

Whene'er the joyful sound is heard. 3 Be darkness, at Thy coming, light;

Confusion, order in Thy path ;
Souls without strength inspire with might;

Bid mercy triumph over wrath. 4 Baptize the nations far and nigh;

The triumphs of the Cross record ;
The Name of Jesus glorify,

Till every kindred call Him Lord.


C. M.
W HEN Jesus left His Father's throne,

VV He chose an humble birth;
Like us, unhonoured and unknown,

He came to dwell on earth.
2 Like Him, may we be found below

In wisdom's paths of peace;
Like Him, in peace and knowledge grow,

As years and strength increase. 3 Jesus passed by the rich and great

For men of low degree;
He sanctified our parents' state,

For poor like them was He.

4 Sweet were His words, and kind His look,

When mothers round Him prest ;
Their infants in His arms He took,

And on His bosom blest.
5 Safe from the world's alluring harms,

Beneath His watchful eye,
Thus in the circle of His arms

May we for ever lie.

C. M.

1 HAPPY the child whose tender years

II Receive instruction well,
Who hates the sinner's path, and fears

The road that leads to hell.
2 When we devote our youth to God,

'Tis pleasing in His eyes ;
A flower when offered in the bud

Is no vain sacrifice.
3 'Twill save us from a thousand snares,

To mind religion young;
Grace will preserve our following years,

And make our virtue strong.
4 To Thee, Almighty God, to Thee

Our childhood we resign;
'Twill please us to look back and see

That our whole lives were Thine.
5 Let the sweet work of prayer and praise

Employ our youngest breath ;
Thus we're prepared for longer days,

Or fit for early death.

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C. M. 1 CHEPHERD of Israel, from above

D Thy feeble flock behold;
And let us never lose Thy love,

Nor wander from Thy fold.
2 Thou wilt not cast Thy lambs away ;

Thy hand is ever near,
To guide them lest they go astray,

And keep them safe from fear.
3 We want Thy help, for we are frail ;

Thy light, for we are blind :
Let grace o'er all our doubts prevail,

To prove that Thou art kind.
4 Teach us the things we ought to know,

And may we find them true;
And still, in stature as we grow,

Increase in wisdom too.
5 Guide us through life ; and, when at last

We enter into rest,
Thy tender arms around us cast,

And fold us to Thy breast.

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C. M. 1 REMARK, my soul, the narrow bounds

1 Of each revolving year,
How swift the weeks complete their rounds,

How short the months appear !

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