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19-LORD, when we bend before thy throne,

And our confessions pour;
Teach us to feel the sins we own,

And shun what we deplore.

Our contrite spirits pitying see ;

True penitence impart ;
And let a healing ray from thee,

Beam hope on ev'ry heart.

In meek submission to thy will,

Let ev'ry pray'r arise ;
And teach us, Lord, 'tis goodness still,

That grants it, or denies.

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20—THERE is a land of pure delight,

Where saints immortal reign ;
Eternal day excludes the night,

And pleasures banish pain.
There everlasting spring abides,

And never fading flow'rs;
Death, like a narrow sea, divides

That heav'nly land from ours.

Oh could we all our doubts remove,

Those gloomy doubts that rise ;
And see the Canaan that we love,

With faith’s unclouded eyes :
Could we but stand where Moses stood,

And view the landscape o'er,
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood,

Should fright us from the shore.

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21-MIGHTY God! the Holy One,

Dwelling in eternity;
How shall we approach thy throne ?
How may sinners come to thee?
Where thine awful glories blaze,
Scarce can holy Angels gaze.
Yet, though high thy dwelling place,
All our thoughts and praise above,
Humble souls may seek thy face,
God of glory, God of love,-
Love, that comes a heav'nly guest,
To the contrite sinner's breast.
Father! hear us when we pray,
Saving grace and strength impart;
Wash our inmost guilt away;
Give a meek and lowly heart :

Thou, our everlasting friend,
Guide and bless us to the end.

For the Holy Communion. (L. M.) 22–MY God! and is thy table spread ?

And doth thy cup with love o'erflow?
Thither be all thy children led,
And let them all thy goodness know.
Hail, sacred feast, which Jesus makes,
Rich banquet of his flesh and blood !
Thrice happy he who here partakes,
With lively faith, that heav'nly food.
Let crowds approach with hearts prepar'd,
With thankful hearts let all attend;
Nor, when this sacred feast we've shar'd,
The pleasure or the profit end.

Dismission. (d. 8—7.)
23-WORSHIP, honour, glory, blessing,

Lord, we offer to thy name ;
Young and old, thy praise expressing,

Join their Saviour to proclaim.
As the saints in heav'n adore thee,

We would bow before thy throne;
As thine angels serve before thee,

So on earth thy will be done.
May the grace of Christ our Saviour,

And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favour,

Rest upon us from above.
Thus may we abide in union

With each other and the Lord ;
And possess, in sweet communion,

Joys which earth cannot afford.

Dismission. (8——4.)
24-LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,

Guide us in thy holy ways,
That thy love and joy possessing,
We may ever sing thy praise :

. Hallelujah,
We will ever sing thy praise.

Thanks we give, and adoration,

For the gospel's joyful sound :
May the fruits of thy salvation,
In our hearts and lives abound.

May thy presence
Evermore with us be found.

Evening. (L. m.) 25—GLORY to thee, my God, this night,

For all the blessings of the light;
Keep me, Oh keep me, King of kings,
Beneath thy own almighty wings.
Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son,
The ill, which I this day have done;
That with the world, myself, and Thee,
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow:
Praise him, all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heav'nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Evening. (P. M.)

264-GOD, who madest earth and heav'n,

Darkness and light.
Who the day for toil hast giv'n,

For rest the night!
May thine Angel guard, defend us,
Slumbers sweet thy mercy send us,
Holy dreams and hopes attend us,

The live-long night.
Guard us waking, guard us sleeping,

And when we die,
May we, in thy mighty keeping,

All peaceful lie.
When the last dread trump shall wake us,
Do not thou, O Lord, forsake us,
But to dwell in glory take us,

With thee on high.

Evening. (L. M.)

27-SUN of my soul! thou Saviour dear,

It is not night if thou be near:
Oh! may no earth-born cloud arise
To hide thee from thy servants' eyes,
When the soft dews of kindly sleep
My wearied eyelids gently steep;
Be my last thought, how sweet to rest
For ever on my Saviour's breast.

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