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PSALM XVIII. (c. m.)

THE Lord descended from above

And bow'd the heavens high ; And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky.
On Cherubim and Seraphim

Full royally he rode,
And on the wings of mighty winds

Came flying all abroad.

When thou, O Lord, with great rebuke,

Thy anger dost declare,
The springs and the foundations of

The world discover'd are.
For who is God, except the Lord ?

For other there is none;
Or else, who is omnipotent,

Saving our God alone?

PSALM XXIII. (6—8s.)
THE Lord my pasture shall prepare,
And feed me with a shepherd's care;
His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye;
My noon-day walks he shall attend,
And all my midnight hours defend.
When in the sultry glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty mountain pant,
To fertile vales and dewy meads
My weary wand'ring steps he leads;
Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,
Amid the verdant landscape flow.
Though in the paths of death I tread,
With gloomy horrors overspread,
My steadfast heart shall fear no ill,
For thou, O Lord, art with me still ;
Thy rod and staff shall give me aid,
And guide me through the dreadful shade.

PSALM XXIII. (4-11s.)
THE Lord is my shepherd, no want shall I know;
I feed in green pastures, safe folded I rest; ,
He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
Restores me when wand'ring, redeems when opprest.
Through the valley and shadow of death though I stray,
Since thou art my guardian, no evil I fear;
Thy rod shall defend me, thy staff be my stay,
No harm can befall with my Comforter near.

I feed in green pas where the still wate when opprest.

Through the when wanase the still was

In the midst of affliction my table is spread ;
With blessings unmeasured my cup runneth o'er;
With perfume and oil thou anointest my head;
Oh what shall I ask of thy Providence more!
Let goodness and mercy, my bountiful God,
Still follow my steps till I meet thee above;
I seek—by the path which my forefathers trod
Through the land of their sojourn—thy kingdom of love.

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EARTH with all her plenteous store,
Earth is God's for evermore;
And to Him the countless throng
Of her peopl’d climes belong.
Far within the ocean waste,
He her firm foundation plac'd;
High o'er floods of waters wild,
He the mighty fabric pild.
Holy Father, holy Son,
Holy Spirit, three in One;
Glory, as of old, to thee,
Now and evermore shall be.


WHO shall fix his blest abode
On the holy hill of God?
Who within his hallow'd shrine,
Stand before the King Divine ?

He, whose hands are free from sin,
He, whose soul is pure within ;
Clear from falsehood wild and vain ;
Clear from perjur'd oaths profane.
Mercies shall to him be giv'n;
All the choicest gifts of Heav'n.
Him JEHOVAH'S love shall bless,
With his own pure holiness.


LORD, my strength, to thee I pray,
Turn not thou thine ear away;
Gracious to my vows attend,
While the humble knee I bend:
Thou my shield, my fortress art;
Thou, the refuge of my heart.
On thy long expected aid
See my hope for ever stay'd;
Grant me, Lord, thy love to share ;
Feed me with a shepherd's care;
Save thy people from distress,
And thy fold for ever bless.

PSALM XXIX. (4-11s.) GIVE Glory to God in the highest, give praise, Ye noble, ye mighty, with joyful accord ; All wise are his counsels, all perfect his ways : In the beauty of holiness worship the Lord.

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