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thing less than the translation of the four Gottenburg, 2 in Upsal, and 2 in Norköping. volumes of that work into English, for the In the other towns which have presses, purpose of publication. Though assured there is to be found but one printing office, by good judges, that the warmth of the so that in Sweden there is only one printunrestrained effusions of a glowing imagi- ing office to 90,000 persons, whereas in nation, which marks Bettina's correspond- France and in Germany there is computed ence, so far exceeds the bounds authorized to be one to every forty or forty-five thouby the English laws of decorum, that the sand inhabitants. work faithfully translated, would not be tolerated on the table of any English A word of deep interest to architects, family, she has nevertheless persisted in and the admirers of the architecture of the her design, and employed two Englishmen middle ages, was lately published at to tranlate it under her own inspection, Lund. This was “ Nordens äldsta Metronay, in some degree assisted herself in politnn Kyrka, eller historick och architechthe task, though she has had to learn Eng- tonisk Beskrifning öfver Lunds Domkyrka" lish for the purpose.

(The oldest Metropolitan Church of the

North, or Historicaland Architectural DeThe house of Creuzbauer, of Carlsruhe, scription of the Cathedral of Lund), by C. has commenced the publication of a "Pic- B. Brunius. At length this building, the turesque Tour of the Rhine, from Con- most ancient and unique in its kind, has stance to Cologne, with Excursions to the found a worthy historian. Its foundation Black Forest, the Bergstrasse, and the was laid in the middle of the 11th century, Baths of the Taunus ;" to be completed and it was consecrated in 1145, and the in 16 monthly parts, with 96 views, and Saxon style, as it is called, probably introdescriptive text, by Karl Geil.

duced from England, predominates in the

structure, The first part of “ Sieben Bücher Morgenländischer Sagen und Geschichten,by Friedrich Rückert, has been published by Liesching, of Stuttgart Another part will

RUSSIA. complete the collection.

In May last, the Imperial Academy of Sciences at Petersburg awarded the Demi

doff prizes for the present year. The full ITALY.

prize of 5000 rubles was adjudged to Vice

Admiral von Krusenstern, for the work The French papers mention the death of “Atlas of the South Sea, together with two Charles Botta, after a long and painful ill- volumes of hydrographic Memoirs ;" 2. ness. He had acquired a high reputation to Professor Argelander, of Bonn, formeras an historian, and was a man of virtue, ly of Helsingfors, for the work “DLX high character and talents. His principal stellarum fixarum positiones mediæ in

“ History of the War of In- eunte anno 1830, ex observationibus Aboæ dependence of the United States of Ame- habitis deductæ ;" 3. to Colonel Uschakoff, rica,” “ History of Italy, continued from for the “History of the Campaigns in Guicciardini to 1789,” and “ History of Asiatic Turkey, in the years 1828 & 9." Italy sro 1789 to 1814," reviewed in a The half-prize of 2500 rubles was awarded late number of this journal. He was also to Lieutenant-General Michaelowski-Danithe author of several poetical composi-lewski, for the “Narrative of the Cam. tions of a high order, among which may paign in France, in 1814;" 2. to Majorbe particularly mentioned “The Siege of General Baron von Meden, for his "ReVeji."

view of the most celebrated Rules and Systems of Strategy;" 3. to Colonel Bobinski, for “ Short Instructions in the

Treatment of Horses, and in the Art of SWEDEN.

Riding;" 4. to Professor Schewyreff, of

Moscow, for the "History of Poetry;" 5. Typography is in its infancy in Sweden, to aulic councillor Lemenoff, for the "Ac. and scarcely one of the printing establish- count of Foreign Writers on Russia ;" 6, ments there is in a flourishing condition. to Dr. Faldermann, for the “Fauna entoThe Swedes have mostly old types, which mologica Transcaucasiæ;" 7. to Eristoff, are seldom renewed, and they still follow a clergyman, for the “Historical Diction the fashions, which other countries have ary of the Saints in the Russian Church ;" long relinquished. Cost of the other types and 8. to Mademoiselle Jarzoff, for "Usecome from France. As there are few ful Reading for Children,”. Vice-Admiral works of which large numbers are printed Krusenstern again placed the prize adin Sweden, but little want has been felt of judged to him at the disposal of the Aca. machine-presses; but some of them have demy, with a wish that it might be awardof late been set up. In the whole kingdom ed to some writer worthy of it, agreeably to there are not more than 28 or 30 printing the regulations of the Demidoff competiofices, 10 of which are in Stockholm, 3 in tion,


works were,


The"Memoirs of Mademoiselle Duroff,” | also that of the south-western, whose lately published in two volumes at St. points of development were Kiew and Petersburg, contain a history of the cam-Wlodomir, till Lithuanian and Polish conpaigns of the Russians, from 1812 to 1814. quests alienated south-western from northThe authoress entered in 1806, by the eastern Russia, down to the period of name of Alexandroff, into the Russian Catharine's conquests. military service, and distinguished herself in the campaigns by her intrepidity. When There are in Kasan eight libraries. The her sex was discovered, the Emperor university, that only luminous oint of Alexander granted her an audience, and European science in northern Asia, posconferred on her the cross of St. George. sesses a library of about 26,000 volumes, Her memoirs have attracted considerable and 250 manuscripts in the Slavonian, attention.

Hebrew, Arable, and other languages. It

was founded in 1807, when it consisted of The first volume of a “History of Rus- 4000 volumes, and has increased by donasia," by M. Ustrialow, Professor of Histo- tions and purchases to its present extent. ry at the University of Petersburg, has Besides the former usual allowance of just appeared. The author deviates es- 1000 rubles per annum, the emperor has sentially in the plan of this work from his granted it 2500 rubles a year additional, predecessors, and even from Karamsin and presented it with a capital of 25,000 and Polewoi, inasmuch as he does not rubles. The university possesses another propose to write the history of merely the library for the students, consisting of present mighty and widely-extended Rus-about 750 works; a third belongs to the sian state, but a general history of the gymnasium, and the fourth to the ecclesiRussian nation. He gives, therefore, notastical seminary. The four other libraries only the history of the north-eastern tribe, are private property, and among these whose point of development was first that of Professor Erdmann is particularly Novogorod and afterwards Moscow, but distinguished by its oriental manuscripts.





Rückert, Dr. L. J., Die Briefe Pauli an

die Korinther. 2ter Thl. 8vo. 12s. Histoire des Evêques du Mans. Par Rothensu, Dr., Der Primat des Papstes un Ancien Benedictin de Saint-Maur. 8vo. n allen christl. Jahrhunderten. 2ter Bd. 7s.

8vo. 8s. Bernardin de Picquigny, Explication Reuterdahl, Dr. H., Geschichte d. Schwedes Epitres de Saint Paul. 2 Vols. 12mo. dischen Kirche. 8vo. 4s. 5s.

Ruperti, Dr. O., Predigten. 2 Bde. 8vo. Sénac, Abbé A., Le Chris nisme con- | 10s. sideré dans ses Rapports avec la Civilisa Brenner, Dr. F., System d. kathol. spetion moderne. 2 Vols. 8vo. 15s.

culat. Theologie. 'Ister Bd. 8vo. 12s. Tableau historique et pittoresque de la Rauschenbusch, Dr. A., Das Leben Jesu Grande-Chartreuse et de ses alentours.- in Zusammenhang dargestellt. 8vo. 8s. Par un Religieux du Monastère. 8vo. Dassance, Nouvelle Bibliothèque des

LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE. Predicateurs. Tom. VIII. 8vo. *4s.

De Genoude, Leçons et Modèles de Li Poisson, S. D., Recherches sur la proba. terature Sacrée. Livr. I. 8vo.

bilité des Jugemens en matière criminelle Guillon, Modèles de l'Eloquence Chré et en matière civile. 4to. 11. 5s. tienne en France. Tom. II. 8vo.

Théorie du Code Penal. Par Chaveau Chadenede, Le Christianisme demontré | Adolphe et Faustin Helie. Tom. I. 8vo. 7s. par les traditions catholiques. Tom. I. Annales du Barreau français. Tom. 12mo. 11.

XV. 8vo. 6s. Frayssinous, Evêque d'Hermopolis, De Michelet, Origines du Droit français. fense du Christianisme. 3 Vols. 12mo. 75. 8vo. 8s.

Melancthon Redivivus, oder der ideale Löffler, F. A., Ueber die Gesetzgebung Geist des Christenthums. 8vo. 12s. d. Presse. 1ster Thl. 8vo. 15$.

Tholuck, Dr. A., Predigten. 3te Samm Wittman, Dr. F.M., Bayerische Landeslung. 8vo. 5s.

und Rechts-Geschichte. Isten Bdes, 1ste Weinkopf, Christkatholische kurze Pre- Abthl. 8vo. 5s. digten. 2ter Thl. 8vo. 6s.

Hering, K. L., Ueber die agrarische Augusti, Dr. J. C. W., Beiträge zur Ges-Gesetzgebung in Preussen. 8vo. 8s. chichte und Statistik d. evangelischen Warkönig, L. A.. Flandrische StaatsKirche. Istes Heft. 8vo. 7s.

und Rechts-Geschichte, bis zum Jahr 1305. Erdmann, Dr. J. E., Vorlesungen über 2ten Bdes, 2te Abthl. Øvo. 16s. Glauben and Wissen. 8vo. 8s.

Gaupp, E. T., Recht and Verfassung d. Strauss, Streitschriften zur Vertheidi- alten Sachsen. 8vo. 7s. gung meiner Schrift über das Leben Jesu, Wentzel, A., Das preuissische Strafrecht &c. 2tes Heft. Die Herren Eschenmayer aus den jetzt geltenden gesetzlichen Besund Menzel. 8vo. 6s.

timmungen in fortlaufenden Texte zusamBähr, Dr. K. C., Symbolik d. Mosaischen mengestellt. 8vo. 10s. Cultus. Ister Bd. 8vo. 14s.

Müller, Dr. W., Lehrbuch d. teutschen Jacobson, Dr. H. F., Geschichte d. Quel-gemeinen Criminal processes, mit besonlen d. Kirchenrechts des Preussischen derer Berücksichtigung der teutsch. ParStaats, mit Urkunden und Registern. Ister ticularrechte. 8vo. 14s. Bd. 8vo. 158.

Sell, Dr. C., Die Recuperatio d. Römer.


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Eine rechtshistorische Abhandlung. 8vo. Deguin, M., Cours élémentaire de Phy 14s.

sique. Tom. II. 8vo. Bender, Dr.J., Lehrbuch d. Privatrechts Girardin, Leçons de Chimie élémend. freien Stadt Frankfurt. 2ter Thl. 8vo. taire. 2e Partie. 12mo. 8s. 10s.

Eisenlohr, Dr. Otto, Untersuchungen

über den Einfluss des Windes auf den BaMORAL PHILOSOPHY, METAPHYSICS, EDUCATION, rometerstand, &c. 4to. 8s.

Specz, Dr. R., grundriss d. technischen

Chemie. 8vo. 10s. Alletz, E., De la Democratie nouvelle, Götz, Dr., Lehrbuch d. Physik. Ister ou des Meurs et de la Puissance des Bd. 8vo. s. Classes moyennes en France. 2 Vols. Sommer, Dr. F., Grundriss d. gesamm8vo. 15s.

ten reinen Mathematik. 8vo. 8s. Billiard, A., Essai sur l'Organisation de Kühn, Dr. O. B., Lehrbuch d. Stöchiomocratique de la France. 8vo. 7s. metrie. 8vo. 5s.

Brotonne, F. de, Histoire des Doctrines Bessel, F. W., Bestimmung d. Länge d. morales et politiques des trois derniers einfachen Secundenpenduls für Berlin. Siècles. Tom. III. 8vo. 8s.

4to. 7s. Cousin, Victor, Del’Instruction publique en Hollande. 8vo. 8s.

Bechard, Essai sur la Centralisation administrative. 2 Vols. 8vo. 15s.

Rozet, M., Traité élémentaire de GèoloDelacroix, Dictionnaire historique d’- gie. 2de Partie. Géogènie. 8vo. 8s. Education. Tom. I. 8vo. 8s.

Lorentz, Cours élémentaire de Culture Lorain, Tableau de l'Instruction pri- des Bois.' 8vo. 7s. maire en France, d'après des Documens Hartig, Dr. F., Die Aderflügler Deutschauthentiques. 8vo. 6s.

lands. 1ster Bd. 8vo. 15s. Feuchtersleben, Dr. E., Beiträge zur Meyen, Dr. F.J., Neues System d. PflanLiteratur, Kunst- und Lebens-Theorie. zen Physiologie. 'Ister Bd. 8vo. Mit 6 12nio. 8s.

Kupfert. in 4to. 12s.
Beneke, Dr. F. E., Grundlinien d. natürl. Nees-ab-Esenbeck, Genera Plantarum
Systemes d. praktischen Philosophie.- Florae Germanicae, etc. Fasc. XV. 8vo.
1ster Bd. Allgemeine Sittenlehre. 8vo. 5s.

Reichenbach, Flora Germanica exsic-
Weber, Dr. W. E., Schule und Leben-ca, sive Herbarium normale, etc. Cent.
Vorträge und Abhandlungen pädagogis- XII. Fol. 21.
chen Inhalts. Svo. 8s.

Rüppel, Neue Wirbelthiere zu der Fauna
Michelet, Dr. C. L., Geschichte d. Jetzen von Abyssinien gehörig. 8te and 9te Lief.
Systeme d. Philosophie in Deutschland, Fol. 21. 10s.
von Kant bis Hegel. 1ster Thl. Svo. 15s. Leonhard, V., Geologie oder Naturges.

Fries, Dr. J. F., Die Geschichte d. Phi- chichte d. Erde. 6 Abtheilungen. . 8vo.
losophie dargestellt nach den Fortschrit. 4s.
ten ihrer wissenschaftl. Entwickelung. Meisner, Plantarum vascularium genera,
1ster Bd. 8vo. 15s.

eorumque characteres et affinitates. Fasc. Trentowski, Dr. B. F., Grundlage d. III. Fol. 10s. universellen Philosophie. 8vo. 8s.

Salm-Reifferscheld-Dyck, Jos. Princeps Heinroth, Dr. J., Ueber Erziehung und de, Monographia generum Aloes et MeSelbstbildung. 8vo. 8s.

sembryanthemi. Fasc. II. Fol. 21. Nüsslein, Lehrbuch d. Metaphysik. 2te Perty, Dr. M., Allgemeine NaturgesAbtheil. Geschichte der Philosophe. 8vo. chichte. 1ste Lief. Svo. 5s, 5s.

Grimm, Dr. L. W., Commentar über das Buch d. Weisheit. 8vo. 10s.

Tyro, F.F., Wissenschaftlich-praktische Simon, P., Guérison radicale des Her.
Beurtheilung d. Selbstmords. Svo. 5s. nies. 8vo. 10s.

Feuerbach, L., Geschichte d. neuern Traité pratique de la Phthisie laryngée,
Philosophie. 8vo. 8s.

de la Laryngite chronique et des Maladies
Sengler, Dr., Ueber das Wesen und die de la Voix. Par MM. Trousseau et Bel-
Bedeutung d. speculativen Philosophie und loe. 8vo. 7s.
Theologie in d. gegenwärt. Zeit. Svo. 12s.

Compendium de Médecine pratique.
Klenze, Syndikus, Historisch-politischer Par MM. L. de la Berge et E. Monneret.
Versuch, die Lehre v. d. Organismus d. 4ème Livr. 8vo. 4s.
Staatsbaues u. d. Staatsformen u. Re Bayle, Dr., Bibliothèque de Therapeu-
formen zu begründen. Ister Thl. 8vo. tique. Tom. IV. 8vo. 7s.

Rayer, P., Traité des Maladies des

Reins. lre Livr. 4to. Planches. 15s. MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, AND CHEMISTRY. Beauvais, Dr., Clinique homoeopatique,

Recueil de toutes les Observations praLepelletier, P., Essais de Géometrie ap- tiques jusqu'à ce jour. Tom. III. gs. phique. 8vo.' 45.


Turck, S. A., Traité de la Goutte et des Moercenhout, J. A., Voyages aux Iles Maladies goutteuses. 8vo. 8s.

u grand Ocean, contenant des documens Saint-Guilhem, P., Théorie de l'Equilibre nouveaux sur la geographie physique et et du mouvement des Corps. 8vo. politique, la langue, littérature, la religion,

Civiale, Dr., Traité pratique sur les Ma- etc. etc. '2vo. Il. ladies des Organes genito-urinaires. 1re Thomas, A. F. V., Naundorff, ou MèPartie. Maladies de l'Urètre. 8vo. 7s. moire à consulter sur l'intrigue des deux

Simon, L., Mémoire sur les Maladies derniers faux Louis XVII., suivi des scrofuleuses. 8vo. 7s.

jugemens et condamnations d'Ervagault, Velpeau, A., Manuel d'Anatomie chirur- sous le consulat; de Mathurin Bruneau, gicale, générale et topographique. 18mo. sous la Restauration ; et du Baron de Rich7s.

emont, sous le Gouvernment actuel. 8vo. Genzke, J. C., Homöopatische Arzneim- 5s. ittellehere für Thierarzte. 8vo. 12s.

La Revolution telle qu'elle est, ou CorGötz, Dr. J., Lehrbuch d. Physik. 1ster respondance inédite du Comité de Salut Bd. 8vo. 8s.

public, avec les généraux et représentans Hallmann, E., Die vergleichende Oste- du peuple en mission près les armées et ologie d. Schläfenbeins. Mit 4 Kupfertaf. dans les departemens pendant les aunées 4to. 18s.

1793, 1794 et 1795. Mises en ordre par Leupoldt, Dr. J., Lehrbuch des Psychia- M. Legros. ? Vols. 8vo. 15s. trie. 8vo. 10s.

Renouard de Bussierre, Baron T., VoyRust, Dr. J., Helkologie. 1stes Heft. age en Sicile. 8vo. 12s. Fol. 10s.

Le Livre du très-chevalereux Comte Ritgen, F. A., Leitfaden für die Erkennt- de Boulogne. Publié d'après les Manuniss und Behandlung d. Persönlichkeits- scrits et pour la première fois. 4to. 11. Krankheiten. 1ster Bd. 1ste Abtheilung. 10s. 8s.

Lubis, F., Histoire de la Restauration Bischoff, Dr. J. R., Grundzüge d. Na- 1914–1830. Tom. II. 8vo. 8s. turlehre d. Menschen von seinem Werden Raguse, le Maréchal Duc de, Voyage bis zum Tode. 1ste Abthl. 8yo. 5s. en Hongrie, en Transylvanie, dans la Rus

Müller, J., Ueber die organ. Nerven d. sie meridionale, en Crimée, etc. à Con. erectiten männl. Geschlechtsorganen d. stantinople, en Syrie, en Palestine et en Menschen und d. Säugethiere. Fol. 18s. Egypte. Tomes III. & IV. 8vo. 16.

Dounadieu, Général, De la vieille Europe, HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, TRAVELS, &c. des Rois et des Peuples de notre epoque.

Svo. 7s. Sequin, A., Les Actes du Martyre de Valery, Voyages en Corse, à l'Ile d'Elbe Louis XVI., Roi de France et Navarre. et en Sardaigne. Tom. I. 8vo. 8s. 8vo. 6s.

Examen critique des Revolutions d'EsNouvelle Collection des Mémoires pour pagne de 1820 à 1823 et de 1836. 2 Vols. servir à l'Histoire de France depuis le 8vo. 15s. treizième Siècle, jusqu'à la fin du dix-hui Brissot A., Voyage au Guazacoalcos, tième. Par MM. Michaud et Poujoulet aux Antilles et aux États-Unis. 8vo. 8s. 12me Livr. 2me Serie. Tom. I. Pre Vicence, Duc de, Souvenirs du, recueillis mière Parte. 8vo. 6s.

et publiés par Charlotte de Sor. Tomes D'Haussez, Baron, Alpes et Danube, ou I. & II. 8vo. 15s. Voyage en Suisse, Styrie, Hongrie et Geraud, H., Paris sous Phillippe-le bel, Transylvanie. 2 Vols. 8vo. 15s. d'après des documens originaux. 4to.

Duquesnel, A., Histoire des Lettres Raschid-Eldin, Histoire des Mongols de avant le Christianisme. 2 Vols. 8vo. la Perse, écrite en Persan. Publiée, tra16s.

duite en Français par M. Quatremere. Guilhe, H. C., Histoire du Pays de Tou- Tom. I. Fol. louse et de Lauraguais, depuis les pre Souvenirs des derniers Expeditions miers tems jusqu'à la Revolution Fran- Russes contre les Circassiens, precédées çaise. 8vo. 6s.

d'une esquisse rapide des Meurs de ce Delavigne, A., Manuel de l'Histoire du peuple. 8vo. Moyen Age. 18mo. 6s.

D'Abrantes, la Duchesse, Histoire des Correspondence de Napoleon avec le salons de Paris. Tomes I. & II. 8vo. Ministre de la Marine, depuis 1804 jus- 16s. qu'en Avril 1815. 2 Vols. 8vo. 155. Decluse, Florence et ses Vicissitudes,

Capefique, M., Louis XIV., son Gou- 1215—1790. 2 Vo!s. 8vo. 16s. vernment et ses Relations diplomatiques Bauermann, E., Ludwig Börne als avec l'Europe. Tomes III. et IV. 2 Vols. Charakter und in der Literatur. 8vo. 5s. 8vo. 15s.

Memoiren aus Algier, oder Tagebuch Champrobert, P. de, Le Comte d'Artois eines deutschen Studenten in französ. et l'Emigration. Histoire impartiale. 8vo. Diensten, von Herman H. 8vo. 5s. 8s.

Canstein, Baron von, Blicke auf die Lottin, D., Recherches historiques sur la östl. Alpen und das Land um die Nordla Ville d'Orleans, depuis Aurelien, l'an küste d. adriat. Meeres. 8vo. 12s. 274, jusqu'en 1789. 2 Vols. 8vo. 128.

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