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Premier Siecle de la Calcographie, ou Ca Fouque's Undine has been translated into tal gue raisonnée du Cabinet Cicognara. Russian hexameters by Tulkowsky, and -This a collection of the earliest siyle of printed in a beautiful style, and illustrated engraving, and exhibiting the most approved with many engravings. good taste in the selection of the scarce proofs it contains, will be shortly sold. We need not add our confident trust that the

SERVIA. British Museum will secure from its treas. ures some still rarer varieties of Mark Anto. Accounts from Servia announce, that a nio and the early school than even its own monk of the order of St Basil has just dis. fine collection, of which the English public covered a collection of historical manuis scarcely cognizant, possesses. The pub- scripts in the monastery of Monte-Negro. lished catalogue, which follows the Chrono- | Being ordered to inspect the vaults which logical Order of Art, is a work of considera- extend in different directions under the ble research, and reflects great credit on the church of the convent, he found that the nulaborious investigations of Signor; Zanetii. merous coffins deposited there were all de. The whole collection will be sold in the cayed or broken to pieces, except one, which course of a few months, and we simply ring remained entire. When this report was rethis note of preparation in order that it may ceived by the superior, he consulted with not be lost to us equally with the splendid his brethren, and it was resolved to open the library of Heber, and the unique collection coffin. This was done with due solemnity of Athanasi, unequalled in variety or antiqui. and their astonishment may be imagined, ty by any other extant, and which has been when it was found that this coffin, which recently declined, both in Paris and Rome, was of lead, was filled with bundles of paas well as by the British Museum, on ac- pers, in a very good state of preservation, count of the sum demanded for it.

each wrapped up in oiled cloth. On a general examination, they were discovered to be

chronicles, written in the different SclavoniSWITZERLAND.

an languages, and to extend from the first ZURICH.-The seventh and eighth volu- invasion by the Sclavonians, of the countries mes of Orell's edition of Cicero, containing watered by the Danube, to the year 1721. the second and third of the “Onomasticon These chronicles contain the history of Tullianum" has just been published, and Wallachia, Moldavia, Servia, and Bulgaria, completes the edition, the price of which, and numerous details relative to the cru. entire is 51. 188. 6d.

sades, the empire of the East, the wars of Po. land and Hungary against the Ottomans;

the whole written and composed by eye. RUSSIA.

witnesses. Prince Milosch has purchased In the year 1836, 674 original works, and this precious collection of manuscripts for 124 translations, were published in Russia, 5000 ducats, and has commissioned his pri. not including, 46 periodicals. The govern vate secretary, Mr. Wouk Woukanowitch, ment seems desirous of preventing the pub. and twenty-four learned Servians, immedi. lication of any new periodical, at least it will ately to examine, and to class them accornot licence a private person to put forth any. ding to their dates; and these documents The number of books published in 1836 will be forthwith published at the expence greatly exceeds that of 1835. Scientific of the Prince.-Atheneum, March 101h, works, dramas, and school-books, scem to

1838. have increased, and on the other hand novels and romances decreased, both in number and bulk. 350,000 volumes of foreign books

GREECE. were imported into Russia in that year, full one half of which were bought at St. Peters. ATHENS, Dec.--The new press-law has burg.

passed through the Cabinet, and will be

printed shortly. We understand that it will The Imperial Russian Akademie at Peters. in some degree impede the publication of po. burg, consisted, in January, 1838, of 55 or- litical newspapers, by raising the capabilities dinary, and 17 honorary, members. The for publishing them, but even then it will be institution has a library of 4340 volumes, and more liberal than England with its newspa. 123 manuscripts. The academy is about to per stamps. The licentiousness has been, in publish a Journal under the title “ Wissen. fact, too great. Hitherto every editor who schaftliche Arbeiten d. Kais. Russ. Acade. could deposit 5000 drachms in the state trea. mie." The Imperial Academy of Science sury, for which he received six per cent. in. which must not be confounded with the terest, was licensed to publish a newspaper. above, read during the sessions of 1836, 86 The next step was to make his cook, or any manuscript works, memoirs and criticisms. other servani, sign the manuscript. If the

paper was ever condemned, the domestic The public library at St. Petersburg re nt to prison, and the paper went on, the ceived an addition of 27,000 volumes during manuscript being always taken to the prison the year 1836. It now contains 423, 150 to be signed. The new law will enforce the volumes and 17,234 manuscripts.

following restrictions. The deposite of 5000

drachms will remain ; besides this the edi-discoveries among the Kuneiform or arrow. tor must show that he has landed property to headed Inscriptions there; and has addressed the same amount, that he is a citizen of the a letter to the Asiatic Society, stating that country, that he has sworn the oath of alle. these will shortly be brought before the pubgiance, and has had a scientific education, i. lic, and promising to send the results of all e. a knowledge of ancient and modern his labours on this head, if they should be Greek. This may seem ridiculous, but is not found to interest the people of England. so here, as we have editors who, only for this Having ourselves directed notice to the purpose, had learnt to sign their names. Continental discoveries of Grotefend, and af. Fredom of speech is unlimited as ever, and ter him St. Martin, Burnouf, and Lassen, in the liberty of the press as great as in any a recent Number of this Review, and given, other country in Europe.

amongst others, the decypherment of that most important tablet which goes far to confirm the Persian Satrapies of Herodotus, we

are the more desirous to call public attention EGYPT.

to this subject, which hitherto appears to have

attracted no notice whatever in England. Letters from Dr. Lowe, received since our We shall return shortly to the consideration last, and dated from September to the end of of this question in a distinct Article. November, mention successively his arrival at the tombs of the Pharaohs; and his delight at the scene, and still more at the exactness and clearness of the Inscriptions. This ami

INDIA. able and intelligent traveller mentions some interesting discoveries which he had made at

RAJPOOTANA.— The poems of Chund, the Malta, but gives no details at present. The Rajpoot poet, are appearing in successive Pacha, he states, had received him most kind. Numbers of the Asiatic Journal. They are ly, and set him to translate some hierogly- extremely warlike and spirited, almost de. phics; on performing which he immediately serving the name of Epic, and though tinctu. received a firman to iravel through all Upper red with Oriental faults bear a considerable Egypt, with boats , comels, horses, and every They are equally curious, beautiful and in.

resemblance to the compositions of the West! thing he required, with or without money.He was engaged in translating an Obelisk, at teresting, and are elucidated by the valuablo Heliopolis, for the Pacha, at the time (Sept. remarks of the learned, judicious, and able 20) of writing this letter, which is dated from

editor. the Pyramid farm-yard of the great Pyramid of Geeza. He was expecting to be presented to Ibrahim Pacha. In the mean time he was taking four lessons a day in Arabic, Persian,

ASSAM. . and Turkish, These continued for two months, and, of course, far greater advances extensive tracts of the tea-plant, in the recent

The hopes first excited by the discovery of can be made on the spot where these lan- ly ceded province of Assam, have been conguages are spoken than in Europe.

We subsequently find the traveller at Mem. siderably checked by finding its utter uselessphis, (151h November), delighted with every

ness, or rather deleterious qualities, in its thing, and intending to proceed one and a halt present uncultivated state. It is not however

doubted but that assiduous care, and the reday's journey beyond Wady Halfa, in the sults of our horticultural skill, united to the Desert. He was journeying with six Nubian sailors and an Arab servant, and thinking of practice generally observed by the Chinese

under somewhat similar circumstances, though proceeding to Meroë and Gebel Barkal. His

never known to the same degree as in our furniture was all Turkish, and his tent, instead of books, fully supplied with guns, tish colonial) production.

new possession, will in time render tea a Bri. swords, and pistols, and also a prayer carpet. The wind was extremely favourable for proceeding. On the 281h of November he was at Dende.

CHILE. ra, panting to reach Thebes and go on to Up. per Egypt and Nubia, from whence he was

The height of some of the Cordilleras in to return to Cairo ; and proceed, after a Chile have been recently measured by Mr. month's stay there, to Constantinople; from Pentland, sometime British Consul. The thence to return in the course of six months, peak of Aconcagua above the level of the sea through Rome and Turin, once more to Eng- has been ascertained by the theodolite as land.

23,944 feet; 197 feet less than the results of observations by Captain Fitzroy and Beechey.

The same gentleman found also that in the

most violent storms encountered by the Stag PERSIA.

frigate in the Pacific Ocean the waves never ARROW-HEADED INSCRIPTIONS OF ANCIENT rose higher than 20 feet above the level of the PERSIA.—Major Rawlinson, who is carrying sea; the measured height of waves above the on researches in Persia, has made material deck did not exceed 18 feet.

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12mo. 2d


AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Exposé de la Réligion des Druzés, par de Abrégé du Dictionaire de l'Academie Fran. Sacy. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 5s.

çaise, par Lorain. 2 Vols. 8vo. Histoire des Saints d'Alsace, par Hunkler. Andrieux, Preceptes d'Eloquence. 23 Edi8vo. 6s.

tion. 8vo. Paris 7s. Histoire d'Innocent III., par St. Chéron et Gumal et Lina, par Lossius, traduit par

Du. Hiber. 8vo.

3 vols. 6s. Sainte Bible, la Traduction, par Genoude. Livre des Enfans, par Voiart et Tastu. 5 Vol. I. 8vo. 1s.

Vols. 16ıno. 2s, each Volume. Alt, Predigten über die Sonn-und Festtags Vinet, Essais philosophie Morale, etc. 8vo. Episteln. 8vo. Hamburg. 3s.

Paris, 6s. Augusti, Beiträge zur Geschichte und Sta.

Becker, Ausführ). deutsche Grammatik. tistik der Evangelischen Kirche. 8vo. Leip. 2te Abthl. 8vo. Frankfurt. 8s. 6d. zig. 4s. 6d.

Kants, Immanuel, Werke,

1st Part. 8vo. Betrachtungen eines Laien aber Strauss' Leipzig. 25. 6d. Leben Jesui. 12mo. Göttingen. 5s.

Ramshorn's griechisch-deutsches HandwörClaudius, Werke. 4 Vols. 8vo. 5th Edi- terbuch. Part I. to IV. Each 1s. 6d. tion. Hamburg. 11 4s. 6d.

Novalis Schriften. 2 Vols. Das Buch Koheleth übersetzt, mit einem Edition. Berlin. 8s. 6d. hebräischen Commentar. 8vo. Breslau. Marbach, Ueber moderne Literatur. Part 3s. 6d.

III. Svo. Leipzig. 3s. Kranold, De anno Hebraeoram jubilaeo. Wackernagel, Handbuch der deutschen 4to. Gottingæ. 4s. 6d.

Prosa. 8vo. Berlin. Ss. 60. Neander, Leben Jesu. 2d Edition. 8vo. Weber, Deutsches Handwörterbuch. In Hamburg. 13s. 6d.

Parts. Part III. 1s. 6d. Olshausen, Biblischer Commentar. Vol.l.

Ziemanı, Mittelhochdeutsches Wörterbuch. New Euition. Königsberg. 8vo. 158. Part II. 8vo. Quedlinburg. 7s.

Stillings sämmtliche Schriften. Complete in 13 Volumes. 31 7s 6d.

NATURAL SCIENCES, MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, AND Tholuck, Commentatio de vi quam, etc. 4to. Hamburg. 23. Wette, de, Kurz gefasstes exegetisches

Album du Jardin de Plantes de Paris, par Handbuch zum neuen Testament. 8vo. Vol.

Acarie Baron. 410. 15s. II. Part I. Leipzig. 3s. 6d.

De Lamarch, Histoire naturelle d'Animaux sans Vertébres. Vol. V. 8vo. Paris, 8s.

Lemaire, Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux d’Europe.' Livrais II. 1o XX. 8vo. Paris

ls, each ; or coloured, 2s. Corpus Juris Canonici, Richter. Faso. I. (Euvres choisies de Buffon. 6 Vols. 850. to IX. Each 4s 6d.

18. Lehrbuch des Handelsrechts, von Schiebe Tollard, Traité des Végétaux qui compo. und Mittermaier. Vol. I. Part 1. 8vo. 3s. seni l'Agriculture. 12mo. Paris. 6s.



Annalen des Wiener Museums der Natur. | HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, TRAVELS, &c. geschichte. Vol II Part I. 4to Wien, 1837 18s.

Abrantes, Souvenirs d'une Ambassade et Berghaus, Physikalischer Atlas. Part I. d'un Séjour en Espagne et en Portugal 2 Folio. Gotha. 10s.

Vols 18mo Bruxelles Ils 6d. Botanisches Archiv der Gartenbau-Gesell. Angleterre, l'Irlande et l'Ecosse, voyage schaft. Part II 410 Wien 10s.

pittoresque. 8vo 12s Bryologia Europaea,—Bruch und Schim Bignon, Histoire de France, sous Napoléon. per. Paris II & III 4to Stuttgart 11 5s. Vol VII Svo Paris 8s.

Burmeister, Prof Dr H Genera Insectorum Cailliaud, Recherches sur les Arts et Méicon. et descript. illustravit. Voll Part I. tiers, etc. d'Egypte. Parts XV XVI XVII, 4s 6d.

(last.) 4to Paris Each 8s.

Zur Geschichte der Didier, Une Année en Espagne. 2 Vols Gattung Calanora. 4s 6d.

8vo Paris 15s. Boliger, Dr. R., Beiträge zur Physik und Dumount, Histoire Romaine. 8vo Paris Chemie. 8vo. Frankfurt 3s 6d.

6s. Endlicher, Genera Plantarum. Part IV 4to

Précis l'Histoire des Empereurs. Vindabonæ 4s 6d.

Romains. 8vo. Paris. 7s. Iconographia generum Planta. Histoire de France, par Martin. Vol. I. rum. Nol 410 Vindabonæ 8s.

8vo. 1s. Flora Germanica exsiccata. Small Folio. Histoire de Napoléon, par Norvins. 4 Lipsiæ 2s.

Vols. 8vo. 11. 5s. Geiger, Handbuch der Pharmacie. Vol I Laborde, Voyage en Orient. lere Livrai. Part V 8vo Heidelberg 4s 6d.

son. 5 Plates. Folio. Paris. 12s. Gruithuisen, Fr. P. von, Kritik der neuesten Mémoires sur la Reine Hortense, par CoTheorien der Erde, und lieg der Natur über chelet. 8vo. 16s. dieselben, fur Geologen, Physiker und Astro. Ruines de Pompei,par Mazois et Gav. Livr. nomen 8vo Munich 1s 6d.

XXXVI. & XXXVII. (last.) Each 11. Krause, Abbildung und Beschreibung aller Siebold, Voyage au Japan. Vol. I. Part I. Getreidearten. Part VIII Folio Leipzig Edition Franc. redigee par Montry et Frais. 10s.

sinet, accompanied by an Atlas. Paris. Link, Elementa Philosophiae Botanicae Each Part 14s. Vol II 8vo Berlin 9s.

Simonde du Sismondi, Etudes sur l'EconoIcones anatcm. botanicae. Fasc. II. mie Politique. 8vo. Paris. 7s. 6d. Folio Berlin 13s 6d.

Souvenir du Rigi, avec Texte explicat. par Magendie, Vorlesungen über die physika- / Wirzwidmer. 8vo. Gürich. 8s. lische Erscheinungen des Lebens. Svo. Souvenirs de la Vie privée de Napoléon. Köln 4s.

2 Vols. 8vo. 15s. Martius, T W C., Lehrbuch der pharma.

Tableau des Guerres de la Revolution. ceutischen Zoologie. 8vo Stuttgart 4s 6d. 8vo. 12s.

Runker, Ueber die Berechnungen der Son Voyage de la Syrie, par Laborde. Livir. I. nentinsterniss. 4to Hamburg 4s 6d. Folio. Paris. 12s.

Schoenherr, Genera et Species Curculion Beamisch, Geschichte der königlichen Leidum. Vol IV Parts I & II Svo Paris 18s. gion. 2d Part. 8vo. Hannover. 10s.

Wohler, Grundriss der Chemie, 8vo Ber Drumann, Geschichte Roms. Vol. III. lin 3s 6d.

17s. Zetterstedt, Insecta Laponica, etc. Fasc. Genealogische-historische statistische Al. II. 410 Lipsiæ. 8s.

manack. 15ter Jahrgang, für dem Jahre 1838 Weimer. 9s.

Geschichte der Kriege in Europe. Vol. VI. Part I. 8vo. Berlin. 9s.

Grosshoffinger, Leben-und RegierungsConsideration Pratique sur l’Urètre, par Geschichte Josephs des Gweiten. 5 Vols. Bermond. 8vo 3s. Alalgaigne, Traité d'Anatomie Chirurgic.

8vo. Stuttgart. 11. 11s. 6d. 2 Vols Svo Paris 14s

Krafi, F. C., Vita C. Davidis Ilgenii. 8vo. Mémoire de l'Academie royale deChirurgie,

Altenburgi. 8s.

Mirchond's Geschichte der Seldschuken, par Fossone, Vol IV Svo' 7s Nouvenux Eléments d'Hygière, par


aus llem Persischen von Vullers. 8vo. Gies.

6s. Voll 8vo 12s.

Mirchondi Historia Seldschukidarum, etc., Analekten für Frauenkrankheiten. Voll

Arabic., ed. Vullers. 8vo. Gissæ. 15s. Parts I to IV. 8vo. Leipzig. Each 3s 6d. Fritzche, Dr. S., Ueber die Pollen. Mit

Nagler's neues allgemeine, Künstler-Lexi.

Vol. V. Parts III. to VI. 8vo. Mün12 colorirten Steindruck. 410 St. Peters

chen. 7s. burg 113s. Handwörterbuch der gesammten Chirurgie, Rom. reg. von Chomel. 4to.

Kegesta chronog-diplom. Friederici IV.

Wien. 11. von Blasius. Part I vo Berlin 8s.

Zeitschrift für die Kunde des MorgenSobernheim, Handbuch der praktischen

landes. Parts I. to JII. 8vo. Göttingen. Arzneimittellehre. Part I Royal 4to. Ber.

4s. 6. Jin 6s.






Bode, Geschichte der hellenische Dicht. Chateaubriand, Vicomte de, Euvres. 20 kunst. Vol I 8vo Leipzig. 10s 6d. Vols. 18mo. Paris. 21, 16s.

Ciceronis Oratio pro Sex. Roscio. Atheri.

CEuvres. 400 cuts no, ed. Orell. 4to "Turici 2s. Part I. & II. 8vo. Paris. ls. 6d.

Fürst, Concordantiae. Sect IV Imperial Dumas, A., Caligula. Tragédie. 8vo. 4to Lipsiæ 7s. Paris. 5s.

Greith, Spicilegium Vaticanum. FrauenLarmartine, Euvres completes. 8vo. Paris. feld 9s. Each Part Is.

Greverus, Euripidis (phigenia, dissert 410 Saint-Hilaire, Les Larmes du Poète.

1s 6d Oldenburg. 18m Paris 5s

Hesiod, Theogonia, etc., ed. Orell. 4to Tasse, Jerusalem delivrée, par Mazuy 29 Turici. 2s Livraisons 8vo Paris 7s 60.

Homeri Iliadis, primi duo libri, edidit TF Vigny, Poémes Antiques et Modernes. Freytag: Petropoli 8vo 15s. Vol. I Вvo (To be complete in 7 Vols.)

Horatius' Flaccus' Werke. Latin and Ger. Paris Each ls.

man. Vol II 16mo Leipzig 4s 6d. Ghasali, O Kind ! Arabic and German,

Lucianus, ex recens. Caroli Jacobi. Svo by Hammer 12mo Wein 4s.

Lipsiæ 12s. Grun, Derletzte Ritter 2d Edition. 4to Nitzsch, de, Histor. Homer. Parts II to

IV Hannover 7s 6d. Stuttgart 7s 6d.

Korner, Theodor, Sammtliche Werke. In Plauti, Comoedia et comoediae fragment. einem Bande. Part I. - (To be completed in Bro Quiedlingburg 10s 6d 2 Parts) 15s.

Schoemann, Antiquitates juris publici Grae. -. In 4 Bande. 12mo corum. 8vo Gryphiswaldiæ 12s 6d. Vol I and II. (To be completed in 4 Parts) Vol III Part IV Svo Lipsie 11 2s 6d.

Thucydides de Bello Pelopon., ed. Poppo. 15s. Rechts-Lexicon fur Juristen aller deutschen

Wurm, Actus Solennes in Gymnas. regio Staaten 1st Part. 8vo Leipzig 3s 6d.

Curiensi, etc etc 410 ls 6d.
Ruckert, Arba ul. und beschaul. aus dem
Morgenlande. Part II. 16mo Berlin. 3s.

Gesammelte Gedichte Vol IV 8vo Erlangen 10s.

Abbé de la Mennais devant la Tribune du Shakspeare's dramatische Werke. 37 Vols Peuple, par Caillot. 8vo7s 6d. 18mo. The whole in an 8vo case Leipzig

Aide. Mémoire de Mécanique pratique, par 11 13s 6d; or separate plays ls 6d each.

Morin 8vo 65 60.

Ancelot, Euvres completes evo Paris

12s. Abrantes, Duchesse de, L'Exile

Chaudoir, Baron S de, Aperç sur les Mon.

2 Vols noies Russes et Etrangères qui ont eu Cours 8vo Paris 15s. Arnaud, Espagnoles et Français 2 Vols for 2 Vols, 4s.

en Russie. 1st Part 8vo Petersburg. Price 8vo Paris 15. Bodin, Madame, Stenia.2 Vols.8vo. Paris 155

Dictionnaire de l'Industrie. Vol IV. 8vo Ss. De Balzac, Histoire de la Grandeur et de Musiciens, ou Bibliographie générale de la

Fétis, F J, Bibliographie universelle des Décadencs de C. Biroitean Parfumeur, etc. etc. 2 Vols 8vo Paris 15s.

Musique. Vol IV 8vo Antwerp 12s. Indiana, par G. Sand. 2 Vols 8vo. 12s

Guido Reni et Quentin Metsys 12mo 4s 6d.
Histoire de la Peinture sur Verre, par

Euvres complets de Victor Hugo. Vol IV
Svo Paris 4s 6d.

legrie. Livr I Folio. Soulie, La Lanterne Magique 8vo Paris 8vo Gottengue 11.

Martens, Nouveau Recueil des Traités 3s 6d. Sue, Eugéne, Latréaumont 2 Vols 8vo Traités 1st Part svo Gottingue 9s.

Table générale du Recueli des Paris 15s. Vigny, Cinqmars 6th Edition 2 Vols siæ 8s 6d.

Regesta sive Rerum Boicarum 4to Lip8vo Paris 16s. Birch-Pfeiffer, Burton Castle. Romance

Allmeine Bauzeitung, herausgegeben von 2d Edition. 8vo Munchen 11s 6d.

Ludwig Forster, fur 1838 52 Nummern Foë, Robinson Crusoes Leben und Aben.

Splendid Edition 5l per annum. theur 8vo Stuttgart 9s

An Edition on infe. Mundt, Th., Spaziergange und Weltfahr

rior Paper, 31 6s. per annum.

An Edition on comten 8vo Altona 9s. Lyser, Abenlandische tausend und eine

mon Paper, 21. 133. per aunum. Nacht Vol I Parts I to IV 16mo Meis.

D'Escury, Baron, Collol. Hollannds Roem

in Kunsten 1s. 6d each.

on Wetenschappen, &c. 9de Rellstah, Neue empfindsame Reisen. 2

Deelen Met Register. 4. 10s. Vols. 12mo Leipsig 15s.

Erzbischof von Koln in Opposition mit dem preussischen Staatsoberhaupte, &c. Carls.


Gellert's Fabelh und Erzahlungen. Illus. Platon, Euvres, par Cousin. Vols IX 10|trated by G. Osterwald. 1 Vol Royal 8vo XI Each 9s.




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