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Faut jus Fr.--A false step.- A mistake, a deviation from rec.

Felo de se.—A felon of himself.
Femme couverte. Fr.--A covered, or married woman.
Femme sole. Fr.-A spinster--woman unmarried.
Fiat --Let it be done.
Fiat lux.--Let there be light.
Fieri Facias.-Cause it to be done.
Fille de chambre. Fr.-A chambermaid.
Finem respice.-Look to the end.
Fort. Fri-Chief excellence.
Fugam fecit.--He has taken to flight.
Functus officio.Discharged of duty.
Gratis.-For nothing.--Free of cost.
Gratis dictum.-Said for nothing.
Habeas corpus.—You may have

the body. . Habeas corpus ad prosequendum.--You may have the body in

order to prosecute. Habeas corpus ad respondendum.—You may have the body to

answer. Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum.--You may have the body to

satisfy. Habere facias possessionem. - You shall cause to take possession. Habere facias visum.--You shall cause a view to be taken. Hors de combat. Fr.-Out of condition to fight. [bidem.-Ibid. In the same place.-A note of reference. I. E. an abbreviation of id est.--That is. Ignis fatuus.--A foolish fire.-Will o' the Wisp. Ignoramus.-We are ignorant.--An uninformed blockhead. Ignorantia facti excusat.- Ignorance of the fact excuses. I. H. S.--An abbreviation of Jesus Hominum Salvator. Jesus

the Saviour of mankind. Imperium in imperio.-A government existing within another

government—as Pennsylvania within the general government

of the United States. Imprimatur.-Let it be printed. Impromptu.-In readiness.-A witticism made out of hand. In capite.--In the head. Incognito.Unknown.-In disguise. In curia.-In the court. In dubiis.-In matters of doubt.-In cases of uncertainty In equilibrio.-In an even poise. In esse.-In being.--In existence. In extenso.--At large-_in full. In foro conscientia.-Before the tribunal of conscience. In futuro.-In future. Henceforth. In loco.-In the place.--In the proper place.-Upon the spot. Innuendo.—By signifying.–Thereby intimating. In presenti.-At the present time.

In presenti.–At the present time.
In rerum natura.--In the nature of things.
Instar omnium.–Like all the rest.
In statu quo.In the state in which it was.
Interregnum.—The interval between the death of one king, and

the succession of another.
In terrorem.-In terror.--As a warning.
In toto. In the whole—altogether-entirely.
In transitu.-On the passage.
Ipse dixit. He said it himself.—On his ipse dixit-on his mere

Ipsisima verba.--The very words——the literal meaning.
Ipso facto. In the fact itself.
Ipso jure.-By the law itself.
Ita lex scripta est.-Thus the law is written.
Judicium Dei.-The judgment of God.
Judicium parium, aut leges terræ.-The judgment of our peers,

or the law of the land.
Jure humaro.-By human law.
Jure divino.-By divine law.
Jus civile. --The civil law.

Jus gentium.-The law of nations.
Lapsus lingua. A slip of the tongue.
Latital.--He lurks.
Levari facias.--Cause a levy to be made.
Lex loci.--The law, or custom of the place.
Lex neminem cogit ad impossibilia.-The law compels no man

to impossibilities.
Lex non scripta.—The unwritten law.
Ler scripla.--The written or statute law.
Lex talionis.--The law of retaliation.
Lex terre.-The law of the land.
Litera scripta manet.—The written letter remains.
Lileralim.s-Letter by letter.
Locum tenens.—One who holds the place of another.
Locus sigilli.-The place of the seal—denoted by L. S.
Lusus naturæ.-A play or freak of nature.
Magna Charla.--The great Charter.
Magna est verilas et prævalebit.-Truth is most powerful, and

will ultimately prevail.
Maia fide.--In bad faith. With a design to deceive.
Malum in se. A thing evil in itself.
Mandamus.--We order.
Mauvaise honte. Fr.-False shame.
Maximum.—The greatest possible.
Mediocria firma. The middle station is the safest.
Memento mori.--Remember death.
Memoria in æterna.-In eternal remembranco.

Minimum.- The smallest possible.
Minuti.-Trifles.-To enter into minutia.
Mirabile dictu ! - Wonderful to tell!
Mirabile visu!--Wonderful to behold!
Mirum in modum.--In a wonderful manner.
Misnomer. Fr.-The mistake of a name; or using one name for

another. Modus operandi.--The method or manner of operating Multum in parvo.—Much in little. A great deal said in a few

words. Necessitas non habet legem. Necessity has no law. Ne exeat. Let him not go out. Nem. con. for nemine contradicente, and, Nem. diss. for nemine dissentiente.--No person opposing or disa

greeing.–These two phrases are synonymous. Ne plus ultra.-Nothing more beyond. Nil debet.-He owes nothing. The usual plea in an action of

debt. Nil dicit. He says nothing. Nisi prius.--Unless before. Nolens, volens.-Willing or unwilling. Noli me tangere. Do not touch me. Nolle prosequi.-To be unwilling to proceed. Non assumpsit.-He did not assume, or take to himself. Non compos mentis.-Not of sound mind.-In a delirium of lu.

Non conscire sibi.-Conscious of no fault.
Non constat.--It does not appear.
Non est inventus. He has not been found.
Non nobis solum.-Not merely for ourselves.
Non obstante..-Notwithstanding.
Non sequitur.-It does not follow.
Nosce teipsum.-Know thyself.
Nota bene.--Mark well.
Nucleus.-The kernel.
Nudum pactum. A naked agreement.
Nulla bona.—No goods.
Nunc aut nunquam.--Now or never.
On dit. Fr.-It is said. It is an on dit.--It is merely a loose re-

Onus probandi.The burden of proving.
Opere pretium est.--" It is worth while" to hear or to attend.
Ore tenus. From the mouth.-The testimony was ore tenus.
O tempora! O mores !-Oh the times and the manners.
Pacta conventa.--Conditions agreed upon.
Panarea. From the Greek.--A remedy for all diseases.
Pur Excellence. Fr.--By way of eminence.
Pari passu.—With an equal pace.--By a similar gradation

Paritur pax bello. Corn. NEP.-Peace is produced by war.
Particeps criminis.--A partaker in the crime-an accessáry.
Passim. Every where.--In various places.
Pater noster. Our father.
Pater patriæ.—The father of his country.
Penchant. Fr.-Propensity, inclination, desire.
Per annum.--Per diem.--By the year--by the day.
Per se.—By itself-No man likes mustard per se.
Perseverando.-By perseverance.
Pluries.--At several times.
Posse comitatus.-- The power of the county:
Posse videor.--The appearance of being able.
Post factum, nullum consilium.--After the deed is done, there is

no use in consultation.
Post mortem.-After death.
Postulata.—Things required.
Primum mobile. The first cause of motion.
Primus inter pares.—The

first amongst his equals.
Principia non homines.- Principles-not Men.
Pro bono publico.- For the public good.
Pro confesso.--As if conceded.
Pro et con.--For and against.
Pro hac vice.--For this turn.
Pro libertate patriæ.--For the liberty of my country.
Pro patria.-For my country.
Promenade. Fr.-A walk--a fashionable place for walking.
Pro tempore.-For the time.
Quantum.-How much.-The quantum.—The due proportion
Quantum libet.--As much as you please.
Quantum meruit.-As much as he has deserved.
Quantum sufficit.A sufficient quantity.
Quid nunc.-What now?—What is the news at present?
Quid pro quo.-What for what.-An equivalent.
Qui facit per alium, facit per se.—What a man does by another,
he does by or through himself

. Qui non negat, fatetur.--He who does not deny, virtually con

fesses. Qui non proficit, deficit.He who does not advance, goes back.

ward. Qui prior est tempore, potior est jure-He who is first in point

of time, has the advantage in point of law. Qui tam.--Who as well. Quoad hoc.—As far as this.-Or, as relates to this matter. Quo animo ?--With what mind? Quo jure.-By what right. Quorum.--Of whom, or—a sufficient number to proceed in busi


Quorum pars fui.-Of whom I was one.-In which I have par

ticipated. Quota. How much-how many. Quo warranto.-By what warrant. Respondeat superior.--Let the principal answer. Respublica.--The common-weal.-The general interest. Salvo jure.--Saving the right.-A clause of exception. Sanctum Sanctorum.—The Holy of Holies. Sang froid. Fr. Cold blood.- Indifference, apathy. Sans changer. Fr.-Without changing. Scire facias.-Cause it to be known. Secundum artem.--According to art. Secundum formam statuti.—According to the form of the statute. Seriatim.--In order.--According to place or seniority. Sic transit gloria mundi.—Thus fades the glory of this world. Sicut ante. --As before. Sine cura.-Without charge.—A sinecure. Sine die.-Without a day. The business was deferred sine die. Sine dubio.-Without doubt;-assuredly. Sine invidia.-Without envy.—Not speaking invidiously. Sine odio.--Without hatred.--I speak sine odio. Sine

qua non.--A thing without which another cannot be. Soi-disant. Fr.-Self-called. Sola nobilitas virtus.–Virtue alone is true nobility. Sub poena.—Under a penalty. Sub silentio. In silence. Succedaneum. A substitute. A matter substituted. Sui generis.—Of its own kind. Summum bonum.—The chief good. Supersedeas.--You may remove or set aside. Super subjectam materiam.-On the matter submitted. Super visum corporis.—Upon a view of the body. Tant mieux. Fr.-So much the better. Tant pis. Fr.-So much the worse. Te Deum (laudamus.) --Thee, Lord, (we praise.) Tempus omnia revelat.-Time reveals all things. Terra incognita.—An unknown land or country. Tele a tete. Fr.--Head to head. In close conversation. Tout bien ou rien. Fr.-The whole or nothing. Tout ensemble. Fr.-The whole taken together. Tuebor.-I will defend. Ubi jus incertum, ibi jus nullum.—Where the law is uncertain,

there is no law. Ubi libertas, ibi patria.-Where liberty dwells, there is my coun.

Ult-ultimus.-The last.
Unique. Fr.--Sole, singular, extraordinary.
Vade mecum.-Go with me.
Vedettes. Fr.-Sentinels on horseback.

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