Called, Appointed, Annointed

Harrison House Publishers, 1985 - 114 páginas

Called, Appointed, Anointed! Prepare Your Life to be a Vessel for the Anointing & Glory of God!

God has a call on your life. When you are called and appointed to the service God has for you, you become a candidate to receive the anointing of God. But the anointing just doesn't happen. You must be ready.

In this powerful book, Janny Grein gives you break-through keys on preparing yourself for the calling God has for you. She will teach you how to follow God's calling and be ready for His appointment and anointing.

What you'll learn:

  • The importance of preparing for God's calling
  • The steps to take so that you are ready for God's anointing
  • Why you must prepare, obey and be faithful to God
  • What role discipleship and apprenticeship plays in your preparation

When you fully prepare to be a vessel for God's anointing, you will move moment by moment in God's glory, and the power of God will be with all that you do.

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Crítica de los usuarios  - Andrea Snow -

I loved this book! It is truly inspiring. It is especially geared for the worshiper in church, but emphasizes the need to be a worshiper outside the church building first. I've read it three times. I lost my copy so I am buying it again. Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

There are often times that people look inside for way to long.Maybe for no other answer than questions of who they are or were they come from,and for what reason they exist.I once asked God who he thought that he was to create me and what right they had to give me this conscious state.My heart was so hard that it took 10 more years for me to hear his answer.He said who did you think that you were to create life?,.Being my children.I said that i wanted something that would love me unconditionally forever,something i had never found or felt before.He said that he had that very same right to want what i had found,and now he is my friend of absolute truth! I personaly know and have experienced knowing this author and the ministries that have been touched by this life and am very grateful to have been blessed by their gift.By all means,read this and it will bless your life.You have been more of a blessing to me than you will know here.Bill. 

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