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The Publishers feel much pleasure in being able to assure their friends that in this first collected edition of the works of William Bridge, there is contained in it, without doubt, the whole he ever published.

When at the particular request of several respected individuals they first devoted their attention to the work, although by their business they are much acquainted with the publications of the Puritans, they had the idea that the two generally known quarto volumes, entitled, “ The Works of the Rev. William Bridge;" contained nearly all he had written: and there not being in existence any authentic list of his writings, they much fear that this edition would have been far from complete, had it not been for the very valuable assistance rendered throughout the publication by their esteemed friend Frederick Silver, Esq., who certainly possessed the most complete collection of the original editions, and who voluntarily surrendered them all for the purpose of reprinting herein.

Several other friends have also kindly aided the work in its progress; amongst whom they are permitted to mention the Rev. Dr. Bliss, the Rev. Prebendary Horne, Joshua Wilson, Esq., Thomas Jolley, Esq., A. Hanbury, Esq., W. Pickering, Esq. The Trustees also of the British Museum, and the Trustees of Dr. Williams's Library in Red Cross Street.

To his Grace the Duke of Manchester they were indebted,

also, for the information as well as the loan of two single Sermons which could not otherwise have been obtained.

The Publishers beg thus openly, both for themselves and on the part of their readers, to express their grateful acknowledgments of the valuable assistance which was thus kindly rendered, and which has thus made the edition in every respect complete.

It will doubtless be observed, that there is not included a work under the specific title of “ Seven Sermons on Faith," which was first sent out with that designation by the Countess of Huntingdon, and which has since become a very popular book. This volume was made up of the first and last sermons of the work entitled, “A Lifting up for the Downcast," accompanied with the three smaller pieces on the same subject which follow that work in this edition. It may be presumed, that as in that disjointed state it obtained so much approbation, the whole of the work, and indeed the whole of the author's works, of which it may be regarded as a speci-' men, will gain a still greater share of esteem.

The “ Word to the Aged” was published anonymously, and was also privately printed. Independently of the similarity of style and the circumstance of one or two similes being repeated in this work which the author had employed in his earlier writings, and which would be sufficient proof that it is a genuine production of William Bridge, it may be added, that in one brief biographical account of him, it is assigned to him without any doubt.

A sermon entitled, “ Joab's Counsel and King David's Seasonable Hearing of it," was published in 1643, with the name,

W. Bridges, Preacher of the Gospel at Dunstan's in the East," as the author of it. Although the Publishers could not discover that William Bridge was ever connected with that parish, and although the name also was spelt differ

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